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If you want to support me

If you want to support me

If you want to support me , come here. the wip folder will be updated daily. thank you Stop sponsorship for a moment. It will be reopened at the end of this month.
I'm taking a rest for a while. I'm very mentally tired. I do not know when it will come back.
man who does not understand the words, pathetic person. Look at this posting to see how poor these people(faytrobertson,xps-fanatic and their dogs)are. After I saw this,That's ridiculous. They seem to have something wrong with their heads.

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혹시 마영전 한복 옷들 릴리즈 해주실 수는 없나요?

(reposting this if you don't agree or get really upset by what I'm about to say I'm truly sorry I don't mean to cause any harm by this but I get bad vibes after what I been seeing I'm sure you've all heard this before cause huchi has been around for sometime now but yeah just wanted to say this again sorry if this causes any drama)

I almost never comment but after seeing your prices and just how you talk/treat your community like they don't even exist.. idk what to say besides this.

Not only are you making this limited so people feel pressured into buying/signing up to your patreon... You really hope that people are going to pay 399? I hope that is a bug or something cause that is so wrong. You're just as bad as these game companies scamming people with crazy dlc prices. I make mods for several different games and always share my stuff without a price tag and I still have a life to keep up with. So seeing stuff like this really rubs me the wrong way & you can complain all you want about sitting staring at a computer but at the end of the day. People go to war for us and other crazy horrific stuff.

Also your W.I.P are super well done I will give you credit but you are all show. Seems to me its more of about money and giving yourself an ego boost then giving back to the DOA community. All in all I just wanted to say I think your hella shady/sketchy and people need to be more aware before just signing up to someones patreon.

(also I know he doesn't owe us anything and people need to take care of themselves buttt... once you start a patreon and then just ignore your fans/supporters or become some kind of flake when your taking peoples money then I have a problem.)

any new patreon slots this month?

i want to get doa5lr wip how

Thank you for making an invisible bass :) Can that method also be used for other male characters? This is not a request, just a question.

i became a patreon but did not get wip link file???

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