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The Apple Seedling Logo! by hubworld23 The Apple Seedling Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Fanmade Smash Logo! by hubworld23 Fanmade Smash Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 DA's BirthDay Cake! by hubworld23 DA's BirthDay Cake! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 Rolly Polly Bubsy 2 Logo by hubworld23 Rolly Polly Bubsy 2 Logo :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 The Finn Creeper! by hubworld23 The Finn Creeper! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Christitan 16's New Logo! (2018) by hubworld23 Christitan 16's New Logo! (2018) :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 2 3 Daisy's Gun! by hubworld23 Daisy's Gun! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 Christitan 16's username Logo! by hubworld23 Christitan 16's username Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 5
Pt.2 The Game Show/And the Final Battle!
*After Opening!*
Last time on Connie Lucky & Shantae: A quest to save uncle Mimic! Our 3 hereos...
Shantae Connie & Risky boots had the last Crystal to save Mimic! Shantae felt alittle guilty....
Find out in this Last Episode!
*It starts where the girls are on Wreach flying back to scuttle town!*
Shantae: *Feeling Guilty* Connie do ya think i was being alittle hard on Lucky?
Connie: She's just homesick that's all.... She does wanna help she just misses home that's all...
Shantae: I hope she's ok... *She said Sadly!*
Risky: Look! All: Gasp! *As they made it back they see a dark BIG EVIL Cloud! As they land they heard thunder!*
Shantae: Uh oh... *Then they get electrocuted in a comitic Way!* Connie: *Cough* Man that Burns!
Wreach: *Sreeches Painfuly!* All: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *They then crash! as this happens Wrench turns back to normal!*
Sky: *Gasp!* WREACH!!!!!!! *Runs to him!* What happened?
Shantae: *Shakes her Head!* We were electrocuted! And Wreach got hurt!
Sky: I'll take care
:iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0
Lucky's Choice! P.1
*After Opening*
Last time our heroes were lost while finding the Very last Crystal! 
However Lucky seems to be having trouble.
Find out why in this Episode!
Lucky: ... Connie: Sis?  Lucky: *Shakes her head!* Mmmm.... what happend? She asked as she woke up....
Connie: Your finally Awake! Cuz now where inside my emblem finding the  last crystal. 
So now we are all nice warm and Safe!
Lucky: That's good! Connie: I can't wait to beat some Robotic Butt!
Lucky: Uhh about that... sis i just wanna go home.....
Connie: WHAT??? But we can't give up now.....
Lucky: *Her eyes then turn dark black!: I DON'T CARE I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!!! CONNIE: QUIT BEING SO SELFISH!!!!!>:( Both: *Hissies!!!!* Shantae: Wait is it true Lucky?
Lucky: *Her eyes goes back to normal! Then she lies!* Nononononono! It's not like that well kinda....
Connie: Shantae are you crying?
:iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0
The Race!/The Plan!
*After Opening*
Last episode on Connie, Lucky, & Shantae: A Quest to save Uncle Mimic!
The girls continued on there search to find the last 2 remaining Crystals!
The Mayor was finding that Black Generator to get the chocolates or so he thinks!
Enjoy Today's Episode!
Mayor: *Looks for a black Generator until he sees bolo!*  Mayor's Mind: Oh no it's Bolo! I can't tell him about the Surprise!* Mayor: *Whtles Dance though danger until he gets noticed*
Bolo: Hi Mayor!
Mayor: Oh! Uh.... hi Bolo! *Chuckles nervously*
Bolo: I need your advice i'm trying to ask Sky to be my Girlfriend... And i don't know what to say!
Mayor: Get her some Chocolates! *Sees It* I have found it! Bolo: Found What?
Mayor: Nothing! Bolo: OOOok? Anyway thanks for your advice Mr. mayor! Mayor Scuttlebutt?
Bolo: Hmm i wonder where he went off to? He sure acted strange though Hmm...... *Feeling Suspicious*
*Tranzition* *Lucky Does a backflip!*
Lucky: Wow! We are in Zombie Town! Pretty Nice!
Connie: It's not to Bad! I
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The Cave/SisterLoveTriangale
*After opening Credits*
Last time on Connie Lucky & Shantae a quest to save Uncle Mimic Connie & Lucky were lost in a big cave will they find eachother again?
Find out in this Episode!
*In the cave shantae was rolling down!*
Shantae: *Still rolling* Ow ya eeeee Owch! *Then rolls in a loop! Ahhhhhhh! There they Are! *Rolls Out*
Shantae: *Tummy rumbles!!!* Ugh.... never eating that much meat again.... *Then Vomits!* *Then sees as she Smiles!*
Lucky: *Woozily* Nice to meet ya botsy! *Shakes her head!* 
Lucky: Connie where are you? *Her voice ecos* She got us lost again! Then again it is connnie.... Ive got to find her!
Lucky: *Looks for Connie*
Connie: Luck? Sis where are ya? *Her voice ecos* *Tries to find Lucky!*
Lucky: *Talks about Connie* I wish i was more cool just like my big sis Connie! She's brave bratty and cute??
Lucky: *Her face starts turning cherry red!* I mean i i i love her! *Then music starts and so does connie and lucky's first musical Number!* Ever since i met you *
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Shantae's Meat Problem Pt.2./wBanjoShort!
The jiggy jingle starts playing as the title starts showing!
One day in Spiral Mountain Banjo was about to leave for his sister's birthday Party!
Banjo: *Tries to wake up Kazooie... Get up Kazooie Wake Up! *Sigh* *Then he leaves....*
*Hours Later*
Kazooie: *Then she starts to Wake up... *yawns* hop out of her backpack and does some stretches first*
Kazooie: *Sees Letter* Hm What's this? A Card for Me?
Kazooie: *Reads It* *As she opens the card it plays Tooty's theme!*
Kazooie: Happy Birthday Tooty from your big brother Banjo & your friend Kazooie!.... !!!!!
Kazooie: *Checks the Clock* *Gasp* OH NO I'M LATE!!!!!!!! *Then she Quickly Runs*
Kazooie: *She the leaves the house to go to the party* I can't belive i'm late i guess i must have overslept again.. *Sigh* Whatever as long as i focus i can make it to the party. *She runs past Mumbo's Hut! Untill.... Mumbo called her!
Mumbo: Hey can mumbo see you for a sec... Real Quick!
Kazooie's Mind: Mumbo? I wonder what he wants i guess it w
:iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0
Boat Trouble! Pt 1
After intro the title pops up!
Previously on Connie lucky & Shantae the Quest to save uncle Mimic!
Last time our 3 heroes find out the town is now deserted and was ordered by the Thunder Queen to get the Crystals to save Mimic! Who are now at the docs...
*Ahem* I said...
The Camaras shows the 3 at the docs!
Thankyou... Anyhoo let's continue!
Lucky: So Shantae is it true that you defeated the Pirate Master without your genie magic?
Shantae: Yep! No genie magic at all! I couldn't have done it without Risky boots!^_^
Connie: Speaking of ol' Risky! I think i see her up ahead!
Then Risky's Theme start Playing!
Risky: Just my luck not only that Rotton Robot stolen everything including my Crew!
Lucky: We found her! Then the 3 girls Stop!
Risky: Shantae! and... Who these 2?
Shantae: There names are Connie & Lucky There here to help me save my Uncle from Vixon! from possibly destroying Scuttle Town!
Lucky: Yeah
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Connie and Lucky Meets Shantae!
One beautiful Morning in KidsLand Connie and her sister Lucky were finding something to do...
We then cut to Connie & Lucky's Treehouse!
Lucky:  *While playing with dolls* "Hi, sis, watcha wanna do?"
Connie: *Lays on the couch due to boredom.*
Connie: I don't know lucky..... 
Connie: I wonder what's on tv today?
Then they hear attacking from the outside!
Lucky: What's that noise?
Connie: I don't know but lets find out come on Luck let's Roll!
Lucky: Right behind ya!
As the 2 Siblings go outside they notice a big Giant Robot in there way!
Connie: Out of our way Metal head!>:(
Lucky: And who are you supposed to be?
???: I'm Vixon! And that will not be happening Connie!
Connie: How do you know our names?
Vixon: Please i know all your names. Well i'm off got places to be stuff to destroy.... See Ya! Then he opens a portal to another dimension!
Both: GET BACK HERE!>:(!!!! Then both Connie and Lucky chase after him!
Vixon: Later Suckers! He said before he went i
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My drawing of the heart from UnderTale! by hubworld23 My drawing of the heart from UnderTale! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0


Sonic Second Chances Page 8 by TheDragonSuperFan Sonic Second Chances Page 8 :iconthedragonsuperfan:TheDragonSuperFan 11 0 Same old routine. by KisiroBelmont Same old routine. :iconkisirobelmont:KisiroBelmont 25 4 Too Much Trolling by KoopaKidDS Too Much Trolling :iconkoopakidds:KoopaKidDS 6 3
Super Mario Oydessy - Claire Reviews
Hello~ my beautiful fairies! This is Claire Aimee with another fantastic review! Since the last review I did was of the worst video game I have ever played (Raving Rabbids), it's about time I review an actually FUN game in this little review series!
Claire Reviews - Episode 7 - Super Mario Oydessy

Wahoo! It's about time to finally review this masterpiece! I've been wanting to talk about this game for forever now. If you guys don't know, Super Mario Odyssey is actually one of my favorite video games of all time, right up there with Rayman 2: The Great Escape, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Beyond Good and Evil. I've been wanting to review this game for while now, and considering the last Claire Reviews episode I did was on Raving Fucking Rabbids, I think I need to play an actually GOOD game to erase the horrible memories of that abomination from my brain. But not just a good game, I'm talking a GREAT game.
:iconclaireaimee:ClaireAimee 5 8
Sign below if you wanna enter my writing contest
I'm going through all this trouble to put together my writing contest, but I'm not sure how many people would really be interested in joining at the end or just who it would attract. This is to help get an idea of the potential amount of participants to see just how big this contest really would end up being. 
Just a reminder of the categories and the prizes (Note; the prizes might be getting updated in the future if I'm doing even better financially in the winter):
Basically you need to write a VS battle featuring my OC Doctor Moo (AFTER his bio is posted with his information on it. Yes, this will also be needed for a non-researched fight for the sake of testing how good you'd be at writing him in character. Even One Minute Melee has the characters it uses act like themselves most of the time and/or tries to represent their fighting styles.)
Prizes for Researched Battles:
1st Place: 100$ (Might be updated to 150$ in the future)
2nd Place: 60$ (Might be updated to 100$ in t
:icondoctormoodb:DoctorMooDB 1 16
Blossom ate someone by GirlsVoreBoys Blossom ate someone :icongirlsvoreboys:GirlsVoreBoys 42 11 We Created A Monster by TheBourgyman We Created A Monster :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 828 123 The Result Is.. by AsylusGoji91 The Result Is.. :iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 52 42 Pikachette by Pikachu0Z Pikachette :iconpikachu0z:Pikachu0Z 13 9 Bowsette?! (i think that's how its spelled?) by CorytheC Bowsette?! (i think that's how its spelled?) :iconcorythec:CorytheC 217 12
Mature content
D.Va's Toxic Tummy Takedown :iconmahsrekciwkcitap:mahsrekciwkcitap 9 5
Amys Permanent Vore Belly Friend (Commission) by MidNightOwlArt Amys Permanent Vore Belly Friend (Commission) :iconmidnightowlart:MidNightOwlArt 69 7 Carbonation Inflation 3: The Final Chapter (5/?) by WarioTheInflator Carbonation Inflation 3: The Final Chapter (5/?) :iconwariotheinflator:WarioTheInflator 31 9 Amy Rose 25 by Erik-the-Okapi Amy Rose 25 :iconerik-the-okapi:Erik-the-Okapi 30 13 Crowning Around by scamwich Crowning Around :iconscamwich:scamwich 886 126 Cream ate someone by GirlsVoreBoys Cream ate someone :icongirlsvoreboys:GirlsVoreBoys 52 6





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