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great place to read

I've been asked if I take part in any type of art, well I'm not sure if it's art, but my wife and I like to make the outside of our house as nice as we can.

This is a flower bed at the bottom of our drive way. This was taken in the midst of our spring cleanup. We have lots of trees, so our flower beds get pounded with leaves.

Of course I couldn't have waited 5 extra minutes to finish getting all the weeds up in between the stones before I took this pciture... idiot.

Suprisingly, that bench is a comfortable place to read the paper and have a morning cup of coffee.

Nikon, Coolpix 7600
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3072x2304px 2.36 MB
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10/2615 second
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15 mm
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Apr 27, 2008, 3:20:04 AM
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oh its beautiful id love to have a place like this at my home. :(...
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thsi is totally art. I made a huge pond at my old house and took great pride in it. so should you. this is beautiful
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thanks, but I still don't see digging in the ground, planting seeds, and laying decorative bricks as art... landscaping, not art. But, I may be being a bit literal at the moment, I think I need a nap...
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its the designs and layout aspect. you could have had a jumbled half dug mess. but instead you planned it out and made a lovely garden.
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well, if you knew my wife, a "jumbled half dug mess" would not be an option... she is the brains behind all our landscaping endeavors, I'm just the muscle behind the shovel.

Thanks again for the kinds words.
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Nice little garden. I wish I had a backyard or something that wasn't just a patch of grass and weeds XD
I like the lovely bright colours in this photo. The only thing that kinda takes away from it is the road in the background, but it's not like you could help that. Very nice :D
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
thanks, and this is not our backyard. It's the bottom of our driveway. I tried to take a pic without getting the road in, but alas I'm not a pro, just someone who likes to fiddle with his camera.
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Oops, sorry, should have read the description better. Still, wish the bottom of my driveway looked like that :D
But it's still a lovely pic, you don't to be a pro :D I like photography too, but my camera is so dodgy, it really isn't worth taking a photo.
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What a lovely place to enjoy a morning or dusk!
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it is nice, my daughter and I have shared manu coffee's and chocolate milks down there.
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Ooh, that seems a lovely way to spend a morning. :)
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it is, thank you... if I were an artist, it's be a better place to bring a sketchbook.
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