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Atomic Betty Betty Barrett Car Wallpaper by MarkHarrierT99
Atomic Betty Character Car Wallpaper by MarkHarrierT99
Atomic Betty by jt-designs-123
Admiral DeGill by Porygon2z
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Black History Month 2020: Max's Kobe Tribute by AnimeJason2010
Batman 4.0 (Earth-27: 2027) commission by phil-cho
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Danvs - No Sex by Championx91
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Fifi and Hamton by Nafyotoon
A Bluegriff Near a Blue Moon's Tree (Fanfic)It's the Blue Moon's Eve. The cubs are tucked away for the night, the house chores are completed, and Grandpa Gruff has a few minutes to himself before tending to the last preparations for this year's festival... Until a good friend of his decides to pay him a visit.~~~The night was thick and pretty heavy with the touch of a midwinter snow flurry. The winter wind drove snow across the town of Griffinstone, building drifts against fences, berms, and buildings. Inside, however, the Gruff household seemed to be in contrast to the cold weather outside; a warm fire crackled into the fireplace, which was enough to gradually flood the decorated home, all the way towards the kitchen, where an elderly, vulture-like Griffon was tidying up a little around the kitchen while simultaneously preparing himself a snack.Grandpa Gruff poured some warm milk into a mug and gently settled it on a tray with a few —what are those called again?— "triple-decker nut-crazy vanilla cream cookies'' he had baked earlier that day — with a little help from Gilda, of course. The Blue Moon Festival had always been quite a challenge for the poor old Griffon, having to organise the decoration put-up for the big tree in the centre of the city and designs for the special lebkuchen medals Gustave made every year, help his friend, Gruncle Gonsod, come up with a new Blue Moon's song (normally Griffons weren't fans of musical numbers, but considered the holidays an exception), prepare the annual pageant for the festival, set up another scavenger hunt for the cubs and fledglings to find their presents, and make sure each gift he got for each Griffon in town suit every one's needs. Balancing them all was a minor challenge, but it was always worth it to see the looks on his friends and grandchildren's faces when they tore into the packages and discovered those little wonders inside. And later crash him with a big ol' hug tackle. Even if he would never admit it, Gruff always enjoyed the latter.,The elder looked at the clock to see that it was a few minutes before midnight. It was the day before the big holiday, and since the children had been asleep hours ago, tucked away upstairs, Grandpa Gruff had the house to himself, even though he knew he'd have to leave in a bit. Inspired by an old sort-of-tradition involving him bringing gifts to cubs and their families before dawn when he was a young street boy, he went on to leave the presents he had for everygriff under the big tree, when everyone was still asleep. Because of this, somegriffs liked to call him "Santa Claws" as a joke. A few of them had already tried to trick him into revealing what he's got them, but every time, he smiled and lightheartedly told them to be patient like everyone else. Normally, Griffons weren't supposed to have soft spots for cute things for all the elder was concerned, but just watching the cubs or even the adults acting like cubs towards him was pretty much enough to melt his heart.He made his way into the living room with the plate of treats and drink, but halted quickly as he saw a silhouette his size standing by the tree, near the fireplace. He cautiously took a step back, glaring a bit, until a particular scent caught his attention. It smelled like… Carrots?"Gonsod?" He called out.The figure looked up and brought itself into the light, revealing an elderly Griffon with a dark blue fur, lighter-coloured plumage, a wooden prosthetic in the place of his left hind leg, and an eyepatch over the place of his torn/ double-scarred left eye. He wore a crimson holiday hat and fake, snow-white beard that hardly covered his face. He smiled."Oh, hey, Gruffy. Didn't know ya were still here," he greeted his friend.The vulture-like Griffon took his time to answer, "Uh, how did you get in here? I thought you were at your family's home tonight."Gruncle Gonsod couldn't help but chuckle as he held up a pair of keys. "Oh, it was no problem, really. I live here, you forget that I have keys?"Gruff rolled his eyes at his best friend, "Right… I forgot you stepped in to help me with Gallus. But next time, be a dear and knock or at least give a call that you'll drop by, would you? I was just about to throw one of the firewood logs at you." Unbeknownst to Gruff, the volume of his voice had begun to rise a bit. "And don't let me clean up the mess by myself again! I tripped on Gallus and Gabby's toys three times in a row! I keep telling you to be firm and tell 'em to tidy their toys. They're not babies anymo—."Gonsod ran straight to Gruff, silencing him."Gruffy. The kids," he harshly whispered, pointing towards the stairway that led to the top floor. "If you wanna scold me about chores, do so all you want. But do it quietly!"The grey Griffon nodded and used his more 'inner' voice, "Sorry." He flatly narrowed his bushy eyebrows a bit. "Anyways, what did you forget this time, Gons?""I didn't forget anything, bub. I just wanted to lend you a claw with this year's Blue Moon's. You've worked so much I thought you might need it. You know, be like 'Santa Claw's assistant'."Gruff widened his eyes a bit and nodded, now understanding the situation. "And, I wanted to give you this," he said, offering over a box that looked a lot like those Gustave used to pack smaller orders into, wrapped poorly enough in vaguely holiday themed ribbon with a poorly made bow to match. Obviously he had wrapped it himself. "Call it a pre-Blue Moon's gift.""I, uh…" Gruff started, but was more confused than anything. It was Blue Moon's Eve, but he had always assumed that Griffons only gave gifts on that specific day. He looked up to Gonsod with a questioning glance, silently asking if he was sure.The carrot grower gestured towards Grandpa Gruff with a claw, eagerly grinning. "C'mon, open it!"Gruff unwrapped the ribbon and opened the box; inside was a deep honey brown slice of carrot cake decked with a hefty spread of fresh-made frosting on top and a carrot sneaking to the surface."You asked me to save you some of my specialty, so I did. I know how much you like it. And yes, I do remember the way you like it: with some cinnamon in the stash and just a hint on the top of the icing. I saved some for our grandson too. You're welcome."That smug grin Gonsod was wearing was quick to get on Gruff's nerves, although he had a smirk grow on his face, despite trying his best not to smile."You're just spoiling me," he said as he waved a claw. He quickly glared a bit. "Again, do not call Gallus 'our grandson'. He's my grandson."It was then that, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a decoration above the hearth. It seemed to be a… Mistletoe? Gruff didn't remember putting it there. In fact, he didn't remember pulling a mistletoe out the box with the decorations at all. He then remembered that Gallus and Gabby had helped him prepare the house. Had they put it there? The elder supposed it was possible, as the two "twins" still weren't much used to it the first year or two and put up whatever decoration they found on the floor, even if they didn't really know what it was or if it wasn't a decoration at all. Or perhaps they put it there on purpose to tease him again, who knows? For some reason, however, the particular bough didn't bother him. Actually, he could sense a small smirk cracking up his beak (again!). He patted his friend on the shoulder."Thanks, pal," he said. He then pulled Gonsod in and gave him a full, but rather quick, hug which he was happy to return. As they pulled away from each other, the grey Griffon leaned and planted a sudden and swift peck(!?) upon the other Griffon's cheek. All of it may have lasted a second, but it was more than enough to cause both elders to fiercely turn red, a bit more in Gonsod's case. The dark blue Griffon was stunned for a moment before he quickly shook it off. Gruff always considered seeing his best friend becoming this flustered kind of adorable. Something similar occasionally happened to Gallus, which Gruff assumed to be a bluebird thing."Whoa…""Ya gotta pay closer attention to your surroundings."The vulture-like elder pointed at the little bough with the red bow beside their heads for the blue-furred one to see."Oh… I know you're mostly traditional but that was unexpected," Gruncle Gonsod said, unable to prevent his amusement — and his embarrassment. "What gives? I know, I'm charming and generous but ya don't have to be so soft and gooshy.""Pfft! Dream on!" Grandpa Gruff shoved him, though he also seemed amused. "Remember that jolly jingle the kids stayed up singing for half the night last week? By some technicality, I could be safely seen as their mommy."Gonsod blew a raspberry. "C'mon, man! Keeping their eggs warm before they hatch doesn't make you their mommy.""Well, I say it somehow does," Gruff said, proudly. "That's how you and the others came up with that 'Brood Mother' nickname, didn't you?" He heard no answer. It was then that he noticed Gonsod slowly becoming more and more of a cranberry rather than remaining a blueberry. He moved forward."Hey, relax. There's no reason to be embarrassed, we've been best friends for literally decades." He threw an arm over his fellow Griffon, who seemed to be comforted by that. He then shrugged his shoulders, "Well, since I have you here…"He picked up the plate and milk. "Here you go."Gonsod gladly accepted the gesture, taking a cookie and the glass of milk. "Cheers!" They chorused as they held up their treats. A sweet bite before the final preparation for tomorrow's festival was just what they needed. And the company of one another made the moment even better. When they finished, Grandpa Gruff got up, grabbed his scarf and earmuffs from the coat rack, and loaded his saddlebags."Come, Gonny-boy, gotta dash through the spirit!"Gruncle Gonsod rolled his eyes at his best friend's pun, until something seemed to occur to him. "Uh, Gruff? What about the kids?""Don't worry, Pirate Parrot. Gilda's here too if they need anything. Besides, we won't be gone for long."The blueberry-colored-plumaged/ furred let out another chuckle. "Alrighty, then. Lead the way, Beak-Bough," he said, slyly, which only made the other Griffon's fur crawl. Before any flies could enter, his mouth closed and he quickly turned away."J-j-ju-just don't," he stammered in embarrassment, trying his best to ignore whatever made his wings twitch like being into hummingbird mode; a sign of Gruff not telling the truth that Gonsod was very well-aware of and only made it harder for him to control his laughter. "Hey, like you said, there's no reason to be embarrassed. We've been best friends forever.""I swear, if this leaves the room, I'll destroy you."The blue elder chuckled again, "Then don't call me 'Pirate Parrot'." He got up and approached his best friend. "Come on, bub," he said, picking up his own share of saddlebags. "We've got work to do."Little did the elders know that two pairs of bright blue eyes belonging to two little, blueish fluff balls had been watching them from the stairs, squealing to themselves. Boy, was their grandpa never gonna hear the end of it tomorrow…,
Fraggle Rock


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