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Prairie Fire

"Prairie Fire" - [ 燎原 ]
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Wow, this is spectacular!
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This is just... La la la la So good!
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Your art is amazing. Is it possible to buy a print of this or the elephant ink art somewhere? :) Thank you!
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Can I have a high-res image of this beautiful art? I want it for my desktop background so bad...
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I love your rough, painterly, splashy style. It's just so distinctive and powerful!
Amazing job, man. Keep it up :)
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I'm speechless... so wonderful !
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This is so pretty! 
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Great sense of action and speed! Its stare remind to firmness and not to rage as usual! This is the thing I like more about this one! The choice of colors is well done! Great!
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Lovely splashing movement.
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W O W! No words.
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I love it! Amazing work!
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Your art never ceases to amaze me. I just cant understand how this would even be possible for anyone to do except for you obviously, be cause you do it. I love the style in which you do this kidn of thing, and its very very pleasing to the eye. Amazing work
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Fantastic work as always. Keep it up C:
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