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Hi all,

I am passing this info along to any interested, but fandom member Ehrola (SqueakyE) has spearheaded a HTTYD community art project and is looking for volunteer artists.

The project involves designing tarot cards with a HTTYD theme.

Here are the details:

:bulletblue: The sign up deadline is June 25th.

:bulletblue: will need 78 participants. There are 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor.

:bulletblue: Once sign-ups are concluded, she will randomly assign a card to a person to draw, design, etc.

:bulletblue: If sign-ups are short, she'll start assigning multiple cards to people randomly until every card is spoken for.

:bulletblue: She will create a masterpost with every participant’s name in it and their card assignment(s).

:bulletblue: Completion deadline is set at September 31st.

For more information, please see Ehrola's tumblr page about the project.

You can message her Deviant art account if you want to participate or if you have a tumblr you can message her there.
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Safe Out of Sight - Chapter One
"Although how can you know who you are 'till you know what you want which you don't so then which do you pick when you're safe out of sight and yourself but where everything's wrong? Or where everything's right and you know that you'll never belong?" ~ On the Steps of the Palace: Into the Woods
Chapter One
Gods, the air was amazing today. Hiccup closed his eyes and let the wind rush over his skin and through his hair as he and Toothless banked right around a pillar of stone. They only just skimmed the surface of the water below before pulling sharply up out of their dive and ascending once again, further separating themselves from the earth, climbing ever closer to the endless sky.
Hiccup let his eyes flutter open, soaking in the surreal milieu of infinite clouds and light that surrounded him. He would never grow accustomed to the absolute wonder that encased his mind, the weightlessness that penetrated his soul; he was caught in a state of perfect enraptured bliss. Nothing could repla
:iconchofrog09:ChoFrog09 11 7
2: Coming Clean
Coming Clean
"Oh—!" Hiccup swore as suddenly as he fell and so loudly that the nearby Bardison children gasped in horror.  He winced; both from the rough snow against his palms and the scowl the Bardison matriarch sent him from across the grounds.
"Sorry," he muttered more to the ground than the old woman.
With a flushed face Hiccup pushed himself back to his feet and rubbed the snow from his trousers and sleeves.  His hands stung from braking his fall but he knew he should be grateful less weight fell to his knees.  The cold was hard enough on his leg without adding physical trauma.
This was Hiccup's second winter with a prosthetic; he spent the winter of last in indoor therapy with painful nights of cold and fever. This time around proved a little easier on the amputee.  A fully healed wound and newly adjusted prosthetic meant he could move faster, a little more sure-footed.
Hiccup took a moment to scope the remainder of his
:iconavannak:AvannaK 21 34
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This group was originally founded by jfnstuds2go who has since deactivated her account at Deviant Art and made a new one X-kanata-X. Currently, we have seven active and passionate admins that have taken responsibility for it, along with a strong group of contributors that are constantly striving to make a better and more fun HTTYD community. :)

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Double  Trouble lines by Marvolo-san
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