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Humbled: Tales of a Broken Alpha [HTTYD Fanfic] by EnvisFury, literature

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i play rise of berk
i play rise of berk
while I love the movies could never get into HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGONS books the films are based on.   I do like DRAGON MASTERS book series that HTTYD  FANS  might enjoy
yo old mates, I found some degenerates on this platform that need a crusade on...
if I get banned for this cause I don't give a shit
as many volunteers as possible
alt accounts reccomended, try ProtonMail and ProtonVPN for identity faking
but it'd be nice if we could noballs and leave some xbox live style criticism
anar-celgrom is my first suggestion
sodiepawp may release a toothless art
concurrent fighting not needed, just drop shit at leisure
tickling degenerates specifically
noballsing reccomended (aka all the balls in the world lmao3d)
reply to post if you wanna let me know of your contribution to the HTTYDPD
search for results, I don't think this platform'll like me linking and neither will the mods calling me a glowie
aw fuck this group is far from active smh3d
I'm a dingus, this group is far from active