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Total DramaRama Overview and Episode 1 Review

Yayyy! Our favorite Total Drama characters are babies!!! Ok, I can't sit here and just mindlessly bash the new direction the crew decided to take this show in, but I will say that while the first episode showed some potential, I'd still much rather have my favorite characters go head to head in a classic competition season of Total Drama. Though, this series kind of puts that in jeopardy for the future. I'm left to believe that if Total DramaRama (formerly known as Total Drama Daycare) fails, then Total Drama will be cancelled all together. If it succeeds, then I'm assuming another season will be picked up! As babies once again....

I actually really like the idea of having our characters in a different environment and setting, and having them as babies seems like one of the best options to initially do. Though, the problem for me personally comes when we get a renewal of Total Drama after years of its future being completely up in the air leaving us fans fishing for new content. After years of being in the air, we get news that there'll be a new season, and it's exactly advertised as that. No specific signs that it's going to be a spin-off, so it was understandably a bit disappointing finding out this information. Like I said above, it's a great idea having our characters in different environments and what not (I'd honestly take a million Total Drama spin-offs I love it so much) but it came at the expense of another traditional Total Drama season. This could've made for a great web series while a traditional season plays or even as a small reboot for the show AFTER the original show has ran its course (which should be never please let Total Drama go on for as long as possible). But putting all of that aside, this is what we have, and we have to be content with it. I respect the decision of the crew to make this change, and I can still honestly see myself watching this spin-off for the sake of supporting the franchise because I love it so much.

The first episode was leaked online and I managed to watch it of course, as it's been over a year of waiting since they announced something new Total Drama related. I actually... enjoyed it, to an extent. Admittedly, it wasn't outstanding, but it showed very good potential. I have faith that other episodes will impress even more than this one, but so far this is all we've got.

I actually really like the designs of each character as a baby. They're all really cute and it's very funny because we're so used to seeing all these characters in their teenage forms, but now we get to see them in a different world, while retaining their core personality traits which is cool. This episode gave us a small dose of each character, but mainly Owen and Duncan. I thought they were setting up Duncan to be a simple good guy but of course, he was just trying to escape the daycare. I was glad that happened. Owen was also really his original self, but more child-like. They successfully managed to make them feel like their old characters, though I've seen some people say Gwen is a little too goth-like and dark. I can see that, but I don't really mind as long as she gets to shine in other ways as well.

The plot was silly, but admittedly, it got me chuckling at some parts. Them getting Owen to bounce the ball just once and all of a sudden chaos was very amusing. I also loved Noah's involvement with Chef telling him all the things he's bad at and struggling to find any positive qualities. If the show keeps it up with this kind of humor, it'll be entertaining watching. Mix the humor with having some classic Total Drama favorites with their old personalities as cute baby forms, I think we don't have it so bad after all. I honestly prefer having this than not having anything Total Drama related. I just really hope this spin-off doesn't dictate the future of the original show (or even Ridonculous Race).

I like the addition of the confessionals even though it's not a competition show. It makes it stand out and adds another layer to the show. I also feel like they did not need to separately pick out only a couple of fan favorites as they could've just used all 22 from the original cast and made it work having different characters with different stories each episode. I mean, if there's ever a show that can manage having 22 main characters and be successful, it's definitely Total Drama. But also... WHERE is Heather???

Well anyways, those are my main thoughts on Total DramaRama and its very first episode. I was actually entertained watching and have hopes that this spin-off can succeed in its own right. Looking forward to watching more and seeing how other stories play out with characters like Izzy and Leshawna. I'll be watching closely and will still be on the lookout for some original Total Drama stuff. But for now, I'm just glad the franchise is still breathing.


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