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I am mostly looking at this from the technical perspective. It appears to be a hoverbike of sorts, with a turbine in front and what I a...

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Long ago, there was another world. Quite litterally, another planet. That blue star in the southern sky. It was once our home. We were not content with one planet, though. For we were slowly destroying it.
The world we live on is terraformed. The proof is everywhere. The flora and fauna are extremely limited, and seem to be chosen for a specific purpose. The landscape is extreme and erratic. As one planet died; another is born.
This new world would need to be populated. But who would be selected to go? Would the world work as one, or would nations fight for influence over the new world? Interplanetary politics are a messy affair. I believe this led to a conflict.
Fearing being left behind on the dying homeworld
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I am mostly looking at this from the technical perspective. It appears to be a hoverbike of sorts, with a turbine in front and what I assume exhaust on the other side. I have worked on aircraft engines before, and I can see that the parts between "entrance" and "exit" do not make much sense. For instance, the metal ribbed parts under the fuel tank look like regular piston engine parts - and there doesn't seem to be much connecting the flying parts at all. The air taken in by the turbine has nowhere particular to go, except maybe blow around the now useless piston engine which has no wheels to drive. Also, with this much fuel, it probably wouldn't get very far, even if it was a full-fledged turbojet.

Bonus: how is the steering achieved? The handlebars seem to be fixed solid, with no visible linkage to anything. I assume the meaning was to rotate the front part, like the front wheel on a regular bike, but steering with a jet engine usually happens with the plane's rudder, and sometimes with vectored thrusting, which happens in the back.

Of course, all of that can be explained away with magic, but it seems to attempt at least some technical realism (given that the girl is doing mechanical repairs and not waving some magical implement).

Same with lift generation - this thing needs wings and aerodynamic surfaces, there are so-called lifting bodies - essentially wingless aeroplanes with the fuselage generating lift, but they are fairly complicated and probably do not scale down well. The body is much smoother as well. (BTW, your "engine" does not have a cowling, neither on or off for repairs, that'll give you a lot of drag and waste engine power).

Also, the location seems to be a bit out of nowhere, a concrete wall with walkway seemingly hovering above fields in the distance. Perhaps that is logical in this character's universe, but it looks so unattached.

As for the rest, the idea is great and a jetbike does look cool - would love a more technically proper one, though. Some bits look a bit unfinished - mostly forgotten pencil strokes, as other has pointed out.

That all being said, I do really like the concept.

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