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Published: October 30, 2012
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"Sonic 06 is the worst Sonic game ever!", "Sonic 06 shouldn't exist!"

I, myself, am I Sonic fan. I don't have so many Sonic games. I only have Sonic Heroes, and I've played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games(olympic winter games too), SEGA all stars racing(or what is called) and a litle bit of Sonic Colours(borrowed from the library). But I don't have Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3 and Xbox. Everywhere, I hear that Sonic 06 sucks and it's the worst game ever ect. But people hate it for stupid reasons like "Sonic is too tall" or something. I watched reviews of Sonic 06, and most of the players think it sucks. And I'm like "Is the game REALLY that bad!?" I know they have reasons, some are good, some are just stupid. I wish that I had the game so I can see it myself, but I don't have a PS3 or an Xbox.

I don't have Sonic 06 nor have played it, but I know alot about the game. Don't believe me? Well did you know that Metal Sonic was gonna appear in the game? And that every character in the game was gonna have their own story?:)

I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna defend this game like I did with Silver the Hedgehog[link]

If you respect my option, I'll might respect yours as well:icondragonnodplz:

-The Sonic/Silver/Shadow story sucks

Why do you guys complain about the stories? Silver's story was interesting. Shadow's story was good. But I have to agree with people on Sonic's story. Saving a princess 6 times can get a bit annoying.

-The title is unoriginal

Okay, I agree. Did SEGA really needed to copy the original title from Sonic 1? But I guess they did that to celebrate Sonic 15th Anniversary, take Sonic into a new direction. But could they at least have a subtitle like "Sonic the Hedgehog: Furure of Flames", "Sonic the Hedgehog: Iblis' Flames" or something?

-Princess Elise

The biggest complain about the game is Elise, the Princess of Soleanna. That's stupid! You can't hate the just because of ONE character. I've heard rumors that Sally Acorn was gonna be the princess instead. Is that true? But back to Elise. People says she the worst character in Sonic history. NO! In my opinion, she's actually not that bad. People just hate her because she's a princess, in a Sonic game. I don't see the problem of that. Sure, it kinda reminds me of the Super Mario games, but not more.

-The loading times

Okay, the loading times are damn long, I can agree. But hey, the Crash Bandicoot game "Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex" loading times are long as well, but just overlook the load times. Just play with your Iphone or read a book or something while the game loads.

-Sonic is too tall

A stupid reason to hate the game! SEGA wanted to make Sonic look "adult like" in this game. And plus, I can't really see the different between "adult like" Sonic and "small" Sonic. Sonic looks actually the same to me. And why even bother? He's still in the age and not 21 or something. Guys, stop crying(whining)!

-Bugs/Glitches/Slowdown/Bad controls/ect.

The game was rushed. What more can I say? Don't blame the game itself. Blame SEGA.

-The graffics sucks

The graffics looks cool to me. Why are you whining about the graffics. And the reason SEGA made Sonic slow in this game was to show the graffics(I guess).

-Sonic and Elise bonding

To be honest, I found that kinda cute. I'm not afraid to tell that I like SonicxElise. You guys complain about SonicxElise and not ShadowxMaria? But hey, it's not like Sonic and Elise are gonna have sex with each other and have kids. If they manage to do that, then we have a problem....

-The main villain(Mephiles)is a recolor

Maybe SEGA was lazy or was out of ideas? But Mephiles' crystal form was great. But guys, Mephiles
took the form out of Shadow's shadow(XD), so of course he would look like Shadow.

-Silver giving the young Elise a Chaos Emerald

Time Paradox! I would agree. How the hell could Sonic turn super in his previous games without the seven Chaos Emerald. But the game didn't happend, so yeah. But hey, I figured out something. Remember that Silver gave the Chaos Emerald to the young Elise 10 years ago? Sonic was like, 5 years old when it happends. Why haven't anyone figure it out!? But still, the game didn't happend...

-Cheap deaths

Meh, I can't really say anything here...

-Voice acting

Is the 4Kids voice acting really THAT BAD!? But this fandom is never satisfied with the voice acting... -_-

-Sonic dying

This is something people hate the most. But according to me, that scene was kinda cool! Tell me; How often do you see Sonic DIE? And how often do you see ANY main character in movie/comic/tw-show/video game/whatever die? Have you seen Batman die? Have you seen Spiderman die? Hell, have you even seen Spongebob die before? Didn't think so.

-Elise kissed Sonic

You have seen those before, right? You know, the Disney princess kisses(Sleeping Beauty, Snow White)? But the princess kisses the prince, but he had no prince, just a hedgehog? This is also the biggest complain about the game! Elise kissing Sonic. Why hate it? Elise actually SAVED Sonic. Okay, Sonic was dead, and kissing someone corpse is kinda wrong. People call Elise a "whore", "bitch" ect., buy people! Elise didn't RAPE sonic Sonic, okay? But hey, at last his body was not rotted or something. And his soul or something was still alive, but maybe that doesn't really make him "alive". And I think they only needed the Chaos Emeralds to save Sonic. But what if the Chaos Emeralds didn't work? Have you guys ever thought of that? But if Elise kissed failed or the Chaos Emerald didn't really do a damn, Sonic would still be DEAD!

So yeah, I guess that's all. I am very sick and tired of people complaining about Sonic 06/Next-Gen! No matter how much you complain, Sonic 06/Next-Gen would not disappear! It's still in the Sonic history. The game is not the worst Sonic game, there are more games that are even worst than Sonic 06/Next-Gen! Plus, This game doesn't deserve the hate. I think it's hated enough! And the game was rushed and released UNFINISHED! So blame SEGA for this, not the game!

This stamp is free also to use(DeviantArt only please!)

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fortunekid28904|Professional Digital Artist
I'm ok with Bubsy 3D, Sonic '06 and Hotel Mario
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AngryScottishBurd|Hobbyist Photographer
I actually liked Sonic 06. Yeah, I understand the issues, but it still has it's good points. Personally, I think the soundtrack is probably one of the best out of all the games. Silver became one of my favourite characters and I'm happy he's sticking around. 

But I will say this;

The last part of Dusty Desert in Silver's story belongs in a special place in video game hell. FUCK. THAT. LEVEL. and the speed up part of Kingdom Valley in Sonic's story can FUCK RIGHT OFF as well!

Okay, I'm done.
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No game is perfect, I will not deny that, but Sonic 06 does have many flaws.

That said, here are some of my responses from complaints:

"The Sonic/Shadow/Silver story sucks" - Like I said, no game is perfect, but what do you exactly mean by "suck." Silver's story was good, and it instills headcanons on his backstory (such as his parents); Shadow's story was not too bad, either, in fact, it is good to see him work as a GUN agent; I have mixed feelings about Sonic's story, though (I concur on the rescue-the-princess part, since you would think Elise would try to escape all by herself once in a while).

"The title is unoriginal" - So what? The upcoming live-action film has the same title as the first game, the OVA, the Archie and IDW comics, and the 2006 game. Why don't I hear complaints about that? Also, the Transformers kept the same title in many works, as well, so what is exactly the point of this? Do people really expect franchises and merchandises to have completely different titles, or something?

"Princess Elise" - Yes, I can see your point; Elise is not a very well-developed character; she constantly gets kidnapped and has to be rescued by Sonic without trying to rescue herself once in a while, and she lacks personality and character. And besides, just because a character is a princess does not mean they are helpless, I mean, look at Sally Acorn, and even Sera from the OVA fought off a few enemies sometimes. I do wish Elise was better developed, though.

"The loading times" - It depends on what technology you have, how old it is, and how many GB's of RAM you have.

"Sonic is too tall" - What do you mean by "too tall?" Sonic is 15 years old, and Elise is taller because she is a human. This complaint might come from fans who played the very first games, in which Sonic is short, but I wouldn't know.

"Bugs/Glitches/Slowdown/Bad controls/etc." - Again, it depends on what technology you have, how old it is, and how many GB's of RAM you have. It could be your technology that causes it, and not the game itself.

"The graffics sucks" - Really? What about Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 when they debuted in SEGA Dreamcast? Or, how about the graphics in later games, since they suck even more, especially on how they designed humans. And the promo art looks just fine; I don't see what is all the fuss about regarding graphics.

"Sonic and Elise bonding" - As friends, that is perfectly fine; nothing wrong with humans making friends with anthropomorphic [extraterrestrial] creatures. And besides, Sonic and Chris Thorndyke are friends, and I see nothing wrong with that. And many outside series like the Transformers have sentient giant Mecha robots making friends with humans (mostly Autobots), or even enemies with them (mostly Decepticons); I don't see complaints about that (except for maybe some ungrateful misanthropists). The only problem I have with humans and humanoids of different species bonding is if they are shipped as lovers (I mentioned earlier that it is bestiality, in which I do not support).

"The main villain(Mephiles)is a recolor" - Really? Mephiles The Dark is a recolor? He has two different forms: one looks like Shadow with blue instead of red (and no mouth), and the other is more brilliant in blues and purples. So, he looks like another character, so what? And why stop there? You could say Scourge is a recolor of Sonic, since they look alike, with the exception of fur color and accessories. You want to see a real recolor? Look no further than Coldsteel The Hedgehog.

"Sonic giving the young Elise a Chaos Emerald" - I don't have any refuting claims on that; this may or may not be canon...

"Cheap deaths" - Sonic X has real deaths, go check them out. And besides, American Sonic is aimed for young children, so of course deaths are cheap.

"Voice acting" - Well, you may have a point; 4Kids was not good with voices, but at least Shadow The Hedgehog and this 2006 game had better English-speaking voices than the later games starting with Sonic Free Riders. Then again, the original Japanese voice acting is better.

"Sonic dying" - Not very common to see main characters die, but I have no problem with that trope. However, there is no need to complain about death in games or franchises that originally had death in it. Have you seen the original Sonic X?

"Elise kissed Sonic" - I don't support kissing different species, I agree. But, suppose she and Sonic are the same species: it wouldn't be very common for females to give males the kiss of life like in many kids fairy tales. But, regardless of gender, I don't support kissing dead or unconscious people, because usually that would make them call "rape" because you were not given consent (and necrophilia is a sickening mental illness, so I do not support that).

Overall, the 2006 game was not too bad. I play this in Japanese with English subtitles when I am with my cousin, but I like playing Shadow The Hedgehog better, since it has a more coherent story, and you can choose to use tools along with powers (and the karma meters for Hero or Dark intents).

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Powerstar2038|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i agree and hey i had alot of fun playing sonic 06 its not the best game ever but certainly not the worst also why do people hate sonicxelise but not shadowxmaria shes younger then shadow and elise is around the same age as sonic wtf also why do people complain about the glitchs and long load times alot of sonic games or games in general have that
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NTSEFAN|Hobbyist General Artist
Had the game been given another year to be worked on, I think it would have been received better.   
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I really couldn't agree with this stamp more. Hating on this game is liking flogging a dead horse; it needs to STOP. I get that everybody hates this game, but you just shut up about it and focus on playing the games that you DO like instead. And yes, I do like this game; it was my guilty pleasure when I was much younger. So respect my opinion and deal with it, you whiny fanbrats. 
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Kooshmeister|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've always wondered, how does one make and use DA stamps...?
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I've been wondering how to make a DA stamp myself...
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"People just hate her because she's a princess, in a Sonic game." actually, they hate her because she (a human) is in love with sonic (a hedgehog)
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Powerstar2038|Hobbyist Digital Artist
well i guess all you guys would hate me then cuz im not into humans im into weird creatcures like sonic ren hoek then again i never get along with you stupid humans so what do i expect
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daffydanazi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beastiality man
pretty epic
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I actually have plans to play the game and form my own opinion on it.
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EnderSpear10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I admit it! I like the game! Sure it has a shit load of glitches and long loading screens but hey! Who said a video game had to be perfect?and those guys who say "It's been 10 years get over it already" we won't, because Sonic 0'6 taught us all something: always look back to your past mistakes and you will find the answer to your problems
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people can say what they want about the game. you have no right to tell them to keep there mouths shut. besides, the real reason you made this stamp is because you cant handle it when people talk shit about a game you like. i mean you're clearly a sonicfag afterall
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EnderSpear10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So what if they can't handle it? It's annoying and frustrating seeing a good fan base get screwed with by people like you. And so what is we are SonicFags?We all like something don't we?
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if you can't handle it then you're stupid, people like me don't upset when people bash my favorite video games, i just simply ignore them, something you sonic fanboys can't even do. and so what if you sonic fanboys get screwed with? get over it.
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EnderSpear10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's hard to get over it if your making someone triggered
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MarizaMissa|Student Digital Artist
I am actually one of the only one's who actually enjoy it (Except for Elise). Sonic Boom was WAY worse. 
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TheMaskedQuilava|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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GreenDingo777|Hobbyist Photographer
hey um, is that version really good?
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EnderSpear10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It has less glitches I have it
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GreenDingo777Edited |Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, then if people play that version, no body will get pissed off about the gameplay (along with Silver's boss fight) anymore!
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TEAMPVZGT|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I play sonic 06 its good
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