Project Feature: She and Her Favourite Dress

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Project Feature
is a project to help artists gain exposure.
I will feature 50 piece related to a theme. Anyone can suggest pieces related to the theme, and each suggestor will receive a feature in the contributors' journal at the end of the month.
You can vote for the theme you prefer on this poll:…

Our theme was

<da:thumb id="312775122"/><da:thumb id="312521388"/> Pandora saint seiya by GuderianRei whilst I was sleeping_45 by Elandria Girl in the Forest by Masahiro-IHARA honey by photoflake Dagnez by Alrunis The Rooftop IV by CrowsReign Dress by NeonRainbowGirl blue 1850s gown by Abigial709b<da:thumb id="211396435"/><da:thumb id="372317403"/>
<da:thumb id="391214475"/> Assassin's Creed Photoshoot 11 by lpfaintgirl Dress Laguna, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica elemental spirit by Jeanette9a Meru meets Plume by Songes-et-crayons<da:thumb id="381229561"/>

Spring by hsybbed Who said the Queen of Hearts is evil? by hsybbed In memoriam a distand lover by ThroughMyThoughts<da:thumb id="208543688"/> Edwardian Rose Gown by Yosephyne canaletto by melusineistross Colored For Vallia (see description) by Yaoi-Huntress-Earth As Radiant As The Sun by LethielArt Rosalie by ThroughMyThoughts<da:thumb id="388492011"/> Rainbow Garden by mochatchi Elf-Princess-Lineart-Colored by TrixieTheTrickster women with... by Jonahsockes CE Rachel by snowfake Tokisaki Kurumi by Vyllains<da:thumb id="387789654"/> Jorinde by tinca2<da:thumb id="389294086"/> Undecided by galerius61 Eriu by Tricia-Danby Madoka Magica - Goddess Madoka by TimeThatFlysBy<da:thumb id="381169368"/><da:thumb id="387452473"/> Spy Beat Extra 46 Eng by AlisTori<da:thumb id="390967344"/> Oh how much I love butterflies by Joa-Moon
<da:thumb id="369046377"/> Sketch-a-day 26-07-13: Girl with a Goat by ThroughMyThoughts
Sketch-a-Day 07-06-13: Seven Dames by ThroughMyThoughts Sketch-a-Day 07-06-13: Seven Dames by ThroughMyThoughts Sketch-a-Day 07-06-13: Seven Dames by ThroughMyThoughts


Next theme will be People and Pets

If you have any related piece in your gallery or fave collections feel free to link them to me.
Any contribution will be credit of course!

PROJECT FEATURE collections:
Black & White | Children | Cityscapes | Colorful Deviations | Cuteness | Felines | Green | Handsome Men | Long Soft Hair

The journal featuring contributor's will be now published once a month and it will include some great deviations by those wonderful artists who helped me collecting pieces for my PF

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IMG 3579klein by Blende1-2 Roses Lullaby by Annie-Bertram Saber by ofSkySociety Gaze  Zapatrzenie by longest13 Conformity by Yobtaf<da:thumb id="347406491"/> My Bizarre Habit by Rubelle Sweet Pandemonium by Kristhania Mirror Mirror by BrianWoodwardArt Alice Baskerville - Lost in blue by sophie-art Unstable by MichaelMagin
Culture Dress of Croatia V by Inguan Dancer by caitlin-may Levitate by sweetcaffeine-stocks<da:thumb id="325063937"/>

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CrowsReign's avatar
wow!!!!thank you for featuring me!!!it's an honor!!!
PrincessAndDragon's avatar
I'm flattered! Thank you!
hsybbed's avatar
it's a pleasure :)
By the way.. Is it a Keats quote in your username? He's one of my favourite poets!
LethielArt's avatar
I saw some lovely pieces up there :) SO nice of you Deb to help us get some exposure <3
sesam-is-open's avatar
Very beautiful dresses and features.:heart:
hsybbed's avatar
So glad you like them!!
tinca2's avatar
Thank you sooo much my dear :heart:
hsybbed's avatar
you're welcome!
Sieskja's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :hug:
hsybbed's avatar
It's a pleasure^^
hsybbed's avatar
I'm sorry but current theme is "people and pets"
If you have any picture related to that theme I would be really happy to add it to my next collection :)
you can also suggest pictures by other deviants.. in this case you'll obtain a feature of one of your own deviations in a special journal every 2 suggestions ^-^
I hope you will search for something :la:
HerrLinde's avatar
*.* lovely dresses
hsybbed's avatar
yeeeeeeeeeessss! *-*
snowfake's avatar
Thank you for featuring my work, and I'll definitely take a look at the others, there are some that look amazing even in thumbnails <3
hsybbed's avatar
I'm glad you feel so!
Songes-et-crayons's avatar
Thank you ! Wonderful features :D !
hsybbed's avatar
Thank you for taking some time to check the journal!
Songes-et-crayons's avatar
Oh no problem, it's a pleasure :D
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