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Hey guys. So I only really post completed work on here. So I realized you might want other places to find updates.
I've left my most recent retail job for several dozen reasons, and I am going to be trying to do this full time. So any support is welcome.

For Art, public WIPs, etc I am in the following places:

[b]Tumblr (most updated and definitely with the most content): [/b] hsuits.tumblr.com/
[b]Facebook:[/b] www.facebook.com/HSuitsProduct…
[b]Twitter:[/b] twitter.com/Hailey_Suits
[b]website:[/b] haileyrae1717.wix.com/hsuitsar…

For exclusives, I would be extremely happy if you'd consider pledging to my patreon.


[b]All Patrons have Access to All Content[/b]

Tiers are now used for people that want to support me so much they want discounts on commissions.

You can also get my book through a few avenues! They come in paperback and ebook forms
I will say: On amazon, when you purchase the paperback new through amazon, you get the ebook edition free.
So I highly recommend that version if you are wanting to build a dual format library.

If you are more of an artist supporter, I get to keep a better amount of royalties from Createspace sales,

B&N: www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shift…
Amazon: www.amazon.com/Shifter-Becomin…
Createspace: www.createspace.com/4919225

Book two should be out this Summer.
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