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Creatura Grimoire - Abere



    The Abere is a marsh creature with mossy dermal plants that allow them to blend into their ecosystem. They usually live in groups, with a queen who is the primary hunter, and 2-10 additional pride members. Abere are ambush predators, luring their prey into the bogs where they dwell and trapping them in the natural foliage before consuming them. In this scenario, the queen acts as the lure, while her pride takes down the target.

   Abere do have human-like intelligence but rarely integrate with society since human males tend to be their meal of choice. However, it does happen on occassion and Abere queens have been known to open women's shelters as a means of blending in with their communities. They become protective of the human women that move in, which makes these shelters very desirable for those fleeing abusive spouses and families. These particular Abere prides have adapted to more subtle carnivorous diets including livestock and seafood.

    It is assumed by many that Abere are capable of taking on both male and female reproductive traits as needed in order to maintain their population. They do not reproduce with other humanoids and nobody has seen a male-presenting Abere since their discovery. Despite this their populations appear to be steady with visably younger members.
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