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The Achiyalabopa, also called a Tlanuwa , is one of a variety of Rainbow Birds known throughout the world. This particular bird is incredibly large, with razor sharp plumage that appears to refract the light in a rainbow of colors. Because of their durability and naturally sharp edges, their feathers are often used in the production of local weapons including spear tips and arrowheads. They are also used for cooking knives, razors, and many other tools that need a blade.

Harvesting the feathers themselves is relatively simple, as the Achiyalabopa sheds regularly and will carefully remove any stray feathers from their nests. They must be extra cautious as they could accidentally cut their chicks before their own mature feathers come in. They choose extra soft materials to keep their chicks safe, and have taken to pilfering textiles left outside in nearby towns and cities to compensate for their lack of soft down. They may also use moss, cotton plucked from the plant, as well as the shed feathers and fur of other creatures to line their nests.


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