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Whaddyathink 7 Release - Beta

before this one would turn to a neverending story I decided to release something functional.
there are still untouched default Aero visual style graphics but I think the visual style still looks good in this state.
take it as a subtile Aero mod for now :P
i will update the visual style whenever i find the time to work on it.

permission was given by "mail" from Neowin.
he did an inspiring mockup way back and i tried my best to port it.

visit his website and support him:


the Explorer.exe file is for Windows 7 32 bit


Wallpaper: Gr33n by :icond5r:
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can i hav non-beta version, plzz
can you release 64 bit explorer.exe file please? i have been waiting for so long
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64 bit version????
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the theme is for both 32 and 64 bit.
only the explorer.exe (to change the startbutton) was for 32 only.
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Hey, hsn I recently downloaded this theme however I only get the same windows 7 theme and nothing changes at all, I have double checked that I patched my system files to enable custom themes, however it stays the same. Help?
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did you extract the zip content (*.theme & theme folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

if yes, right click on desktop and select "Personalize"

chosse the theme from there under "Installed Themes"
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Many Thanks.
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Looks amazing <3 using it now ^^
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I tried them both , and both have the ugly windows 7 standard theme on the topside of the windows. maybe i am doing something wrong.
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did you patch your system files to enable custom themes?
download and apply this patcher:

then extract content (*.theme & theme folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
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is the Aero verson avalable yet? i can't find it, i only see top and bottom versons inside the ZIP.
The taskbar and the explorer doesn't match.
No rounded taskbar please...
The effect on the taskbar icons are not good enough.
I would like to secound everything ~raoulteigneux has said. Also, I would rather a red glow for the close button & ,aybe a slightly off-white for the window title.
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Great theme! Can you give me the link to get the icons please?
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Thx for this very nice VS, the best so far on windows 7! Stylish, dark & sober: nearly perfect 2 me. I'm using it for a couple of months and i'm wondering if there will be one day a final version?

And if u do so one day, may i do some suggestions as a daily user:
1. The windows background could be less white. A color like a light gray would be more comfortable for the eyes than the actual black & white.
2. The buttons on the taskbar always stay with the green color & lighted, regardless if the window is active or not. It's a bit confusing
3. The windows borders and the taskbar could be a little bit more transparent...

By the way, i'm using it on seven 64bits with the explorer.exe-x64 posted in the comments here and it works perfectly 2 have the small start button.

Thx for sharing your work, and i'm looking forward the next final version (i hope so...)
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Looks awesome.... how do i change all my system icons?
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why is it i can neevr download anything... i can never open any dll or mui or any friggin file
nothing to say, it's beautiful.
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All the icons on my taskbar are lit green as if they all had notifications. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.
I made a 64bit explorer.exe [link] enjoy..
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I did a second video on the best Windows 7 themes. Your theme is on the list. If you want to watch it then click the link.


To see the previous video then click this link

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