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Tempura and HmmXP-Tempura

By hsn
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Tempura and HmmXP-Tempura mod

Tempura [link] is s GTK theme by Lokheed [link] .
I did an additional Orange version and an Alternative Taskbar Edition.

The HmmXP-Tempura Visual Style is a mixture of the two themes HmmXP [link] by Fugacious [link] and Tempura [link] by Lokheed [link] .
I did this for personal use but the requests forced me to ask these talented authors for permission to release it publically.
So here it is!

It contains 6 substyles:
2 for the green colorscheme with compact and normal Startpanel
1 for the green colorscheme with dark Taskbar and normal Startpanel
2 for the blue colorscheme with compact and normal Startpanel
1 for the blue colorscheme with dark Taskbar and normal Startpanel

Every substyle has the following Font options:
Normal = HaxrCorp 4088 + Corbel (8)
Large = Calibri (9)
Extra Large = Segoe UI (9)

It was not a big effort to put this theme together because most of the work has been done by the original theme authors.
Therefore all credits go to Fugacious and Lokheed.

Special thanks to Heylove [link] because her "non-visible" area o4 [link] Shellstyle is in use.

Modificaions and redistributions of this theme are not allowed as long as permissions are not granted by the authors who are involved in this theme.


Green one: [link] (first column, fourth from bottom, but I changed hue and saturation)
Blue one: [link]
© 2006 - 2020 hsn
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Hey, I like this theme very! I'm using it since 2 years!
Now I'd like to use the icon pack too. Can you give me a link for the icon pack, which are example the back/forward button, the folder icons as on the screenshot.
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for the icon pack.
works on xp only.
have fun.
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Yes I could download it just fine. Big ups on this theme! Looks great with this wallpaper. :)
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NokadotaProfessional General Artist
Pretty slick man. :+fav:
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sahwarHobbyist General Artist
I love this VS, the Tango project rocks as well! :+favlove:
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nice as always~
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CristianDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot, this works wonderfully.
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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that's beautiful and i love :heart: it but i can't install i don't know why... :c

sorry for my english...
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you have to patch your uxtheme file to use Visual Styles.
If you have not patched it, download the UXTheme patcher from here:


if you have executed the patcher from above place the Visual Style folder in:
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thank you so much, now i can use tempura :heart:

hah, sorry for my english one more time
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it's quite good ;)
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my favorite visual style, clean and simple
when will there be an update for this?
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i had updated it recently changing the startbutton and a few minor bug fixes.
don't expect more since it is a finished project (port)
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zordmajka Writer
hey hey hey, what a superb skin. Thanks a lot for this!
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good work! keep on!
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When I saw this, I was like, ZOMG, I is the have to change VS now!

But then, I was disappointed that there is no orange version of the pretty white bar with windows logo box. I really want that one.

Great work though. :+fav:
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superb skin...thanks..one qs, what program do u use for the clock? i want to have that clock too..Wow!
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no programm in use.
it's changed due to font change
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Hi! It's great theme, very nice and minimalistic :)

But I think it will be greater when you make tempura orange version with dark Taskbar and normal Startpanel (dark taskbar looks awesome!), with logo on Start button from tempura HmmXP (square, not gentoo)

and last think- why left side panel in my folders doesn't work? can you make style with them?
It's useful (my webcam and bluetooth manager work bad without them :( )
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nicoamgHobbyist General Artist
great visual style! can you send a link for the wall, on the right up ?
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