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Chrome Leopard

Chrome Leopard
as well as in any way possible

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My chrome now feels and looks smooth :D
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Just what is was looking for!
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I meant just what I was looking for...
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I love it. thanks =)
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It's good. Thanks :)
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Hey, I downloaded your theme for Chrome on my Mac and I find it preferable to the default theme by Google. Very nicely done!
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Best theme EVER!!!
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Theme changes but Close etc. buttons won't change.
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they can't be changed.
it's a drawback of the chrome theme engine.
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modify the contents of chrome.dll and they can be changed
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cool, thanks!
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wow awesome :D
awesome ^^
thanks alot :)
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how can I get my browser looks like on your screenshot inside the window? my buttons looks like crap [link]
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the screenshot inside the window is the default look of chromium in macOS.

if you are using Windows my skin is the closest attempt to get a similar look.
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You could do that on linux too, by using a Mac like theme and selecting the option to use system borders.

Btw, great work :)
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muy bueno, debería venir así por defecto.
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Oh i'm totally using this! good job!
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Your theme is very nice, I love this grey and it's more integrate in KDE SC 4.4 than the blue one. I read the tuto for making a theme and look how to put a gradient frame as the oxygen theme for firefox. Maybe with this I will come back to chromium ^^
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what about aero compactibel version ? :( So want it.
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give me your mail and i'll send it to you
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nice skin..thanks for sharing :D
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