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Iberodactylus andreui
Let me to introduce you to Iberodactylus andreui, the new species of pterosaur that I've had the luck to reconstruct and that I can finally show.

It is a new species of pterosaur found in the Iberian Peninsula, where the fossil record is rather scarce for this group 
(and the largest to date found there, with an estimated wingspan of 4 meters) .
Iberodactylus dwelled in what today is Teruel (Aragón, Spain) about 125 mya (Barremian stage of the Cretaceous), back then a coastal area bathed by a shallow sea.
Iberodactylus has been described from a single fossil corresponding to the rostral region of the skull (the snout), where it showed a relatively large maxillary crest akin to that of the asian pterosaur Hamipterus tianshanensis. 

On the scene, a group of Iberodactylus is descending upon the water surface to steal lunch (fish) from a group of plesiosaurs.

The paper describing Iberodactylus has been published in Scientific Reports:…

Dawn at Las Hoyas

This scene takes place at Las Hoyas Wetland (Cuenca, Spain, Lower Cretaceous, Barremian stage, 129-125 m.y.) and depicts two specimens of the basal ornithomimosaur Pelecanimimus polyodon, focusing on a putative sexual dimorphism of this species. Sexually dimorphic features include not only the color and morphology of the cover of protofeathers, but mainly on the size and color of the gular pouch. This structure has been proposed for this species, based on the integumentary impressions found on the holotype fossil. In addition to Pelecanimimus, the scene shows some more plant and animal species: the tree fern Weichselia reticulata (background), the conifer Frenelopsis ugnaensis, the albanerpetontid amphibian Celtedens ibericus (captured by the female Pelecanimimus) and several enanthiornitid birds (Eoalulavis hoyasi and Concornis lacustris) The latter are taking flight apparently for the same reason that has startled the male Pelecanimimus in the foreground, perhaps a disturbing sound, or an approaching predator?



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