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mYNeXus - Galaxy Nexus Phone

By hsigmond
This is my take on how the next google nexus phone could look like, we just have to wait and see.

Updated 18 oct:
Added some small changes based on this ad:
Side buttons, shine on bezel etc.
(old image here: [link])

Official name: Galaxy Nexus
4.65-inch 1280×720 px HD Super AMOLED display
1.2GHz OMAP4460 Processor
OS: Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich

source: Android Police [link]
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Great great great thanx :D Used on ALL my futur screen :)
noumi321's avatar
wallpaper link ?
zandog's avatar
lovely as always my friend
Hink-Prod's avatar
where is the ressource ?
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Fixed, now you can download the vector file, go crazy!
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You were quite accurate ;)
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Thanks, it was based on blurry video and images, and FCC for dimensions! the curved screen was way of the original! to bad... would have been cool like that.
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yeah, I would looove if it had that curve, now you cant even see its curved :(
why oh why oh why, is the screen not centered in the vertical plane? why only Apple understands this and the rest place the screen as if it was random?
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For me it's centered, it depends on how you see it... [link]

Not random, that's for sure!
If you ignore the Androind stript with three "menu" icons, yes it seems centered (though I am not 100% sure), but if you have any other screen on, then no, the screen is offset to the bottom of the device's face.

I am new to this site, I guess that hsigmond is the designer, pls can you explain what is the rationale of placing the screen where it is? If it is "not random", then why is it for example, lower than it wud have been if the vertical symmetry line of the screen wud have been the same as that of the front panel as a whole.
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Can you share dock bar icons?
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Here you go [link]
(svg format)
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Thanks! But, do you have separately icons from this bar?
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? they are separately in the svg file(Scalable Vector Graphics). what size and format do you prefer?
(I've changed the background of the preview image to transparent if it helps?)
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i just need centra icon of bar 'apps'
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Thanks, I've added some changes to it.
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Not if you compare the bezel to the FCC pictures... we just have to wait and see next week.

Live:, 10/19/11, 10AM, Hong Kong Time (HKT)
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I hope it has the black bezel like you have rendered it..
Although if the silver bezel is aluminium/metal it might be good to feel as well..
amazing work on the proportions btw! :)
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Thanks! Looks like it will be silver from the ad I linked to. 6 hours until the live event, and we will know for sure.
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I dont know, I still prefer your renders. It looks more polished. Lets see how the actual device turns out tonight :)
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