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This is the works of some of my favorite deviants here. Check 'em out!


This is very well done! You managed to make Erza look lovely in Edo Tensei while still being terrifying! Win-win all around! I only wis...

This picture is as cute, if not cuter than the Alita one. You say she's more aware than Alita, but I don't see that. Anyway, this pictu...

The design of Alita is very adorable! She looks as though she will absolutely enjoy dancing for her unknown, unnamed master, however, o...

by G-U-R-O

It honestly represents what love can mean. A heart is a common symbol of love, isn't it? Well, that is captured perfectly in this devai...



They said Joker would be released for Smash Ultimate today. The problem is, they didn’t specify the TIME he would be released, and that’s REALLY irking me!
Hey, everyone. I’m...not in a great mood. On Facebook, there’s a profile named Tiki - The Dragon Princess. All around good profile, and I recommend you check them out. But some drama started because I chose my phrasing poorly in the context of the character, and it all escalated to a Chrom profile threatening to cut my character with Falchion and a Lissa profile threatening that same character of mine with her axe! So, suffice to say, I am NOT exactly on the longest of fuses, so PLEASE, don’t try to start any drama, okay? Thank you...
I would like to know why :iconhypnokimberly: blocked me, or why I’m unable to see her stuff. I’m honestly just getting fed up with being blocked by so many people who I respect and have RPed with. Can somebody ask her please? I just want to not be blocked...
I can’t seem to find Volume 6 of RWBY on YouTube. Can anyone help with that?

Edit: Never Mind, I found it. It’s apparently only on RoosterTeeth’s website. I wonder why?
Welp. No Duma for me, unfortunately. I at least still have the pleasure of using him in Rival Domains... got Jaffar. Is it THE Colorless Hero I wanted? No. Is it A Colorless Hero I wanted. Yes. Am I going to complain? No, though I wish this game would take the hint already...I’m worried I won’t be able to try for Duma again in the near future, if at all...
Well, seems that, according to many sources, the #KickVic movement is starting to fall apart now that Vic Mignogna has taken legal action and gotten a lawyer. Many of those who accused him are now wanting to make amends and want to stop the movement, despite everything they tried to do to him with their allegations and accusations. I hope Monical Rials has an apology ready, because once this enters the courtroom, the false accusations won’t hold up, and the evidence in Vic’s defense will be overwhelming. I won’t say that she should be fired, because then we’d be robbed of someone who I believe is a fantastic voice actress. However, I WILL say that falsely accusing someone of sexual assault will not be taken lightly, especially if your side ends up losing. As for my stance? Well, I believe in the goodness within everyone, so #IStandWithVic. What about you guys?
I mean...the free summon I pulled is Legendary Azura, which is by no means BAD, but I WANTED Duma, dammit! At least the banner doesn’t disappear for another six days, so I can at least TRY to get him again...
Not a single goddamn beast unit AGAIN! I’m SO livid! GAH, I’m displeased! MM! PROPER mad!
Slightly stupid question: I bought the Fighter’s Pass for Smash Bros Ultimate, so does that mean that, when Joker comes out before the end of April, I’ll get him for free? :?
Why is my luck so inconsistent?! I’m unable to get Duma on his banner, but I get Valentine’s Soren on Day One Of Greil’s Devoted?! What is my luck?!
...*sigh*...I’m so frustrated right now.

I think I missed Vanji Lost, an Arte Raven needs if he wants Stop Flow, all because I missed ONE DAMN SIDEQUEST!

Word Of advice, everyone...never go into a Tales Of game blind. EVER.
I am very confused...

Since :icondavaba19: seems to know more than I do about Vesperia, maybe he can help. I cleared 200-Man Melee so far with Yuri, Flynn, And Rita. According to various guides, I’m supposed to get accessories such as Dhaos’ Cape, Barbatos’ Ring, Shizel’s Necklace, and Arredoval, Kratos Aurion’s Shield. But I have yet to receive them. Am I missing something here?
I cast my first vote for Choose Your Legends: around 3!

My vote is for Delthea. I want to get her brainwashed self as an alt-plus, Delthea desperately needs an alt anyway.
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition spoilers in 3...2...1...

That one-on-one Boss Battle vs. Estelle...the music...the fact that Yuri doesn’t say anything when he goes into Over Limit...the dialogue between the two...the fact that Estelle takes Damage every time she hits’s all so emotional! I CAN’T HANLDE THIS MUCH EMOTION!!!! 😭
So, I’m on Heracles in Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, and I gotta say, and I implore you all to pardon my language here. Also, SPOILER ALERT...

Commandant Alexei is a DICK! 
Another unpopular opinion:

I think the rival in Let’s Go, Eevee and Let’s Go, Pikachu is great!

”B-But he sucks! He’s a friendly rival, and all friendly rivals suck!”

WRONG! All of you haters are wrong!
Incoming unpopular opinion:

I actually prefer how they handled capturing Pokémon in Let’s Go Eevee And Let’s Go Pikachu. Yeah, they can run away, but at least you don’t have to worry about accidentally fainting a Pokémon you want to catch!

Oddly enough, completed Soul Melter EX on my second try.


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Welcome, one and all! I'm a bit new here, so make sure to let me know if you want to chat or something. All zombie fanboys and fangirls are welcome here! "Tonight! We dine...on...BRAAAAAAAAAINS!" (That's a quote from a Roosterteeth video.) (I may not be a zombie...but feel free to ask me zombie related questions, within reason, of course!


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