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From Never Never Taste Death:

From here he could see the huddled homes of his clan. The city of Urwyd had been built at the peak of the next hill, but as the people had multiplied, their domiciles had spread into the vulnerable valley.

Urwyd, may you stand forever, he thought, but a paranoid pang of guilt told him this was blasphemy. Of course it would fall someday, just as everything did now. The cattle would go wild. The apple orchard would be overgrown by wilderness.

Valyar, at least, might live to be old. He might do great things, be elevated above his peers and lauded as a pious man.

His ears twitched. He looked back at the rustling leaves. It hadn’t been a deer or a rabbit, of that he was certain. For the hundred thousandth time he wished he wasn’t a thrall, wished desperately that he’d been permitted to carry a sword or a knife or even a little club to defend himself.

He had no time to make more wishes.

A white wolf exploded from the darkness. With crushing weight, the gargantuan monster’s helmet-sized paws knocked the breath from Valyar’s chest. Without so much as a cry, Valyar went down, slamming hard against a boulder protruding from the grass.

His first instinct was to sink, but he couldn’t move through stone. Hating himself, he reached up to push the wolf’s jaws away from his throat. It snarled as if laughing. It could have killed him twice by now. It could whip him into the air and catch him in its teeth over and over, just as a hound might play with a field mouse.

This was not one of the shy, wild wolves that sometimes ventured into their land. It was a druid.

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PaganPotatoStudent Digital Artist
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Remember that you don't need to do ever individual strand, also it's good to have a fur direction reference open on the side. However it seems that you have the anatomy down so far and I like that. Start thinking about one focus point that the light will shine from, it seems that you have it a lot of the time but when you get to the green in the far back for example, it slips a little. Another good thing to look into is 1/2/3 point perspective examples, it will help put houses into proportion a little. Besides that, this is a lovely piece and you should be proud. c:
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Gojirafan1994 General Artist
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Urwyd, by hrwilliams is a fine piece of art. There are many things he did to make this a very good art piece. One is the night time theme. The night is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Secondly, is the wolf. With its yellow eyes, white fur and tremendous size, it reminds me of wolves featured in Princess Mononoke, an animated movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Third is the human character. The pointed ears bring to mind, a similarity to Link. This art piece appeals to me on an artistic and cultural level. Keep the good work up, hrwilliams!
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First off the lines and the colors in this drawing are phenomenal beyond phenomenal, They help set the mood really well! I also like how you incorporated a town in the background to help set that this guy is just a courier at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I also enjoy the shape you gave him! He is an elf but his proportions are so anatomically correct and realistic it looks like I'm looking at a photo other than a drawing! But I do have some problems with this piece with all the support I'm giving it.

First it's the Wolf, This is the centerstage of the drawing and it's the first thing you look at when you click on the notifications, He looks really bland and almost bored that there is a prey clueless about the dangers of the wolf and is unarmored and unarmed. You should've made him snarling and maybe a little bit of drool from his maw and his eye should've bet a bit more angrier and even eager to see such valuable prey in front of him.

Second it's the grass, In the distance it looks great especially with the moonlight and the water. But up close it looks like a shaggy green carpet. You could've made the grass have a bit more texture, Maybe a few mushrooms or flowers to sell the whole valley concept? It's kind of boring.

Anyways, this drawing is really well done. I'm glad that I got to review it!
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
This is incredibly helpful advice! Thank you so much. :D
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No problem. 

Thumbs up okay 
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VaragkaProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutely Gorgeous !
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GerundiveProfessional Digital Artist
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DakotaHillsStudent Digital Artist
That is so amazing!^^ I love your art already~ I cant what to see more^·^
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looks more like our elf friend here is going to be wolf food. 
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This to a book or comic? :)
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
A book, but I also draw loosely-related free comics. It's an expansive universe but not one you need to be well-versed in to enjoy.
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Sound like good stories! :happybounce:
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Tassji-SHobbyist General Artist
Im from ProjectComment

What a beautiful vision set before me, the image and scenery are amazing, I get a great sense of adventure and finally stumbling upon a village.
The dynamics from foreground to background is amazing and has a great amount of detail.
However, my only critic is the amount of black used in the image, using a tone to your black would, in the end, help your image look brighter and able to see a lot more of the detail. Blues are always a greater shading colour than blacks and greys, even if it is a murky blue-grey it will make a greater difference, as even though it is a night scene it looks and feels too dark.

Overall a great image and I hope you keep up the great work.
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
Thanks for the great advice!
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Tassji-SHobbyist General Artist
no problems
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For a night scene this is surprisingly vibrant.
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
Good? Bad? In all honesty, I have a lot of trouble keeping my color vibrancy under control. :D
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I would say good. Even dark places have a colour gradient.
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CDupreHobbyist Writer
I still need to read this story.  It looks very interesting.  Just bought the first book and I hope to get to it soon!
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
Thank you so much!! I'm hoping it will catch on with fellow weirdos so I can continue to stay home with my kid part time. Regardless of what you think, please post a review somewhere (Facebook, etc) and I'll paint a quick picture for you!
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Rebel-RiderHobbyist General Artist
Sounds interesting. 
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hrwilliamsProfessional Writer
I appreciate that. I really need Amazon reviews, so if you feel like wearing a fancy critic hat, just let me know. :)
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CatluckeyProfessional Traditional Artist
I love the light outline from the moon. Great job with the landscape, wolf, and elf!
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InGodzHandzHobbyist Writer
A druid?
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