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"When he saw his father, he blanched. But his look was not a penitent one."
- Never Taste Death

All profits for A World Awaits benefited the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation until the end of 2015. You can get it here. Profits for Never Taste Death will go to the until the end of 2016. You can get your copy here.

Many thanks to everyone who offered feedback! This is a much better piece because of you guys. It's also one of those times where I don't really like my art skills. :P

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Ngah, so beautiful! I love the perspective!
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the texture looks incredibly nice. i can't help but wonder about the technique you're using
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It's not a very impressive technique. I take some stock photoraphy, paint on it a little, and make it transparent over the background I've created. Then I paint on it a little bit more, sometimes less than I should.
Bardo-No's avatar
= ) very nice! its fun and accurate so it is still an impressive technique to me!
o_o because i see you can achieve an impressive look with it!.. 
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I love how you set the mood in this piece.  I don't even know the backstory (I hope to read it over the summer when I actually have the time), but I can feel the dreariness emanating from the scenery.  This image is certainly worth more than 1000 words.  :)
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If you do have time to read it, I would so appreciate that! I need more honest Amazon reviews (the more the better, whatever they say). The money I raise from selling the book will go to charity until 2017, so there's plenty of time. In any event, I'm very thankful for the comment!
CDupre's avatar
The book does look quite intriguing!  I'll definitely try to leave a well thought out review.
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Excellent~ There is a massive feeling of loneliness here, which I am sure is what you were going for!

Darkmoose84's avatar
You have such a great level of detail. I very much like both the coloring and the body language of the subject. They really capture the mood of the piece. It makes me wonder how long this character has been stuck in his situation, and I'm probably thinking the same thing he is in if he is ever going to get out of his cell.

You're such a great artist. I know it's been awhile since we last spoke, but I really should start commenting on your work more often.
hrwilliams's avatar
I always love your comments, but we all seem too busy for dA these days, so I understand. I should comment more on your work as well!
pin100's avatar
Love emotions on this picture 
CheshireCat1992's avatar
I love the shadows it gives me the feeling of hopelessness and lonlinesss, it is really good.
WhiteHorseStudio's avatar
A very emotive piece... The texture, color palette, and lighting help tell the story.. Beautiful work!!
Ovvkoz's avatar
man, wish I had the gumption to finally publish my works 0_o

nice piece by way :la:
hrwilliams's avatar
Thanks! For me it became a matter of feeling as if I was wasting my youth/time. I wanted to get started on my dreams already. I haven't been wildly successful, but that's okay!
Ovvkoz's avatar
heck! you got it out there, that more than what most have ^-^
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Nice!  Love the emotion and the story in this. :D
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I've waited a day or so to write this, because I wanted to ponder on it. It is not the chains nor the chamber pot, but the look of a man alone. This figure in the cell knows that he is alone, a prisoner in a packed jail he might be but in that cell, they might as well be on the dark side of Pluto. You've instilled a story into a static piece of art that even sans title would speak volumes.

If I get a say in who I'd commission to work on the cover art of my book, my search would be short lived.
hrwilliams's avatar
Aww, that is too kind! (Definitely don't choose me, I'm terrible with commissions!) I really appreciate that you took extra time to come up with a comment. That's stellar of you!
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You put the time into the art, it's only fair if we take the time to give it due consideration. There is nothing I hate more than a gold star. "OH! Somewone fav'd my work! I wonder if it was because of the plot? Or a character? Or a clever play on words?...I'm sure they'll comment any second now and tell me..."
hrwilliams's avatar
Haha exactly. That's why I'm always hopping over to other people's pages after they leave a comment. THEY DESERVE ONE TOO
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very impressive job.  I like the lighting and shading values you did, helps convoy the theme of isolation
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