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too short to reach the cookie jar
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
she's just like a maze where all of the walls continually change

Age: 19
Ethnicity: Filipino and Sri Lankan
Occupation: Being Lazy (& Graphic Designer)
Currently: Asleep
Motto: I'm smart. I just don't like to show it.
Likes: Reading + Sleeping+violin
Dislikes: People who don't know how to shaddup.
Description: short, shy, and optimistic
I was tagged like a month ago by :iconpeiyuu: and never realized it until now xD

so...let's get started:

1. What series (cartoons, books, etc.) defined your childhood?
Gah, too many to choose from! D: But the ones that come to mind immediately: Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, DragonBall Z (lol at 90's anime), Boy Meets World

2. Do you identify with your ethnicity or your nationality more?
Nationality. My parents come from two extremely different countries and so they found middle ground in raising my sisters and I in a neutral way.. So I may not know how to speak the languages of their mother countries and have no idea about either one's customs or culture....but I'm an American and proud of it. Hooray for liberty and freedom (until the internet gets censored that is).

3. Who is your greatest hero/role model and why?
I can't choose between the following three: Emma Watson, Walt Disney, and Coco Rocha. They are complete opposites from one another but they are similar in the fact that they used their own unique skills to help improve the world.

4. Do you consider yourself attractive?
trolololollollololo- nu. /forever alone *iconawkwardhugplz*

5. What is your current obsession?
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I had to read it as an outside reading book for A.P. Literature but it is so. damn. GOOD! My creys! This is really sad to admit but I loved the book so much that I started watching the different movie adaptations of the books. I was halfway through the third movie when I realized that I will never get a date for senior prom but WHATEVAHS. /noregrets. (And just in case you're interested, the best movie adaptation is the 2006 BBC special :] )

6. What made you start taking art seriously?
When I realized it was something I was actually/somewhat talented at :D

7. Are you religious? Why?
I am Catholic but I'm not overly religious, which means that I don't try to convert people and stuff my religious views down their throat. Some of my best friends are atheists and I'm all for Gay Rights. My personal philosophy: as long as you are a good person and treat others with respect, you'll go to heaven, be reincarnated, or whatever you believe. Yeah, not really comfortable discussing religion so moving on...

8. What are your opinions on politics?
same thing as number 7. not really comfortable discussing politics in public.... it's not that I'm clueless about politics. I definitely have my views. It's just that people get easily offended so yeah.....

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
An editor for books (aspiring writers would send me their manuscripts, I would read/proof-read their work and decide whether it was ready for publication) OR an advertisement designer OR a medical administrator. I love secretary work O_O

10. What is your favorite animal, fictional or real?
Dolphins, they never judge you. And I honestly believe I was a dolphin in a past life.....

In other news: sorry I haven't been updating my dA. I still intend to post art work here but you can get more updates, see work in professes, and learn about my daily shenanigans on my Tumblr.



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