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I think I'm getting better at texturing :D (Big Grin)
Looks a bit like a commercial-picture :D (Big Grin)

Made completely in Blender
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Good start. 

I think Terrance covered most of the constructive criticism. I do think that you have subdivided the model, as the edges are rounded. I think you could loosen the peaks and troughs on the handles ergonomics. Also, the cleaver seems a little too thick. I know cleavers are typically thicker than most other knives, due to the different materials they have to contend with, but, I feel this is a little too thick. 

With regards to the noticeable seam on the outside of the chopping board; just mark the seam on the bottom edge. This should hide it away nicely. I also think the whole scene could do with being a bit brighter, but, that is always down to the artists choice. 

Good start though. 
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pleas don't kill me Hrschmitt I'll get the money I owe you next week Nuu. great work - the handle :) (Smile) 
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Did I hear money? :D
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well if bad jokes and procrastination count as money then yes La la la la 
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It would be awesome if it would count :D
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  First off: Looks great!  You nailed the material under the board, and I absolutely love the extra detail on the knife.  Now, I have to give the critics point of view.  The handle of the knife needs to be subdivided, the sharp edges can be smoothed down that way.  The bump on the circular board looks just a bit too high.  Finally, try to find a way to hide the seam.  I hope that helped.:D
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Thanks :) Actually the handle is subdivided ^^ And the seam ... yeah that sucks, I tried and tried but it was there ;D
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No problem.:)  Ah, okay, it just looks a little jagged.  Maybe you could rotate the bottom UV part a little, that would make it less obvious.
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