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In the wastes



Okay, this is an idea I had for an alternate ending of "A sitch in time", where instead of ending up in present day Middleton, Kim is accidentally transported into another space/time continuum, and while she does end up in Middleton, she ends up in the year 2141, only this time the history is different - this time she ends up in the "Fallout" universe, where the entire planet was ravaged by a nuclear war in October 2077....

Since this is a alternate-reality pic, I've changed some things, like the MHS logo colors.

What do you think, should I continue this as a series or no?

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I think alt-reality middleton would be more art deco since Fallout diverged from the early 1960s and i can imagine fallout middleton bearing little resemblance to it's nrmal counterpart.

And apparently middleton is part of the tri-city wasteland supposedly