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A.S.BECK/Shred your service contract by Hrodulf A.S.BECK/Shred your service contract :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 1 Untitled by Hrodulf Untitled :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 2 0 Untitled by Hrodulf Untitled :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 0 Two Views of a Clown by Hrodulf Two Views of a Clown :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 0 Guitar I by Hrodulf Guitar I :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 3 0 Truck by Hrodulf Truck :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 1 0 Ginko by Hrodulf Ginko :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 1 0 Dandelion Clock with Grass by Hrodulf Dandelion Clock with Grass :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 2 3 Composition II by Hrodulf Composition II :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 2 Composition I by Hrodulf Composition I :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 0 Lt by Hrodulf Lt :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 1 1 A Toynbee Tile by Hrodulf A Toynbee Tile :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 0 Composition with Headless Clown by Hrodulf Composition with Headless Clown :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 1 Death by Hrodulf Death :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 1 0 New London Rag Score by Hrodulf New London Rag Score :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 0 0 Tuxedo Vegas Score by Hrodulf Tuxedo Vegas Score :iconhrodulf:Hrodulf 1 0



All Ragtime, All The Time
United States
Tuxedo Vegas played by the Raspberry Jam Band:…

I've decided to work on photography now, the rags will stay but I will be doing some photos around town.

If you can't find Ronald in the newest gallery entry check out this blowup in my scraps:…

Here's a conte crayon drawing I did of Ronald McDonald back in 2006:…

That's it for now, later!


Links to midi files of all my rags (if you care to leave comments or favorites you may do so in the "Piano Rags" folder in my gallery):

1)New London Rag 2)New Year's Rag 3)Winter Heart Rag 4)The Ringmaster
5)The Ragman Cometh 6)Lost Rags 7)Inauguration Rag 8)Summer Heart Rag
9)Diapason Rag 10)The Newport Rambler 11)The Laughing Rag 12)Lowbrow Rag
13)Sunset Rag 14)Sostenuto Rag 15)Coffin House Rag 16)Cosmopolitan Rag 17)Sooner Rag
18)Sepia Rag 19)Socialite Rag 20)Roulette Rag 21)Spuyten Duyvil Rag 22)Saturnian Rag
23)Braintree Street Rag 24)Red Light Rag 25)Magenta Rag 26)Gray Sky Rag
27)No Name Key Rag 28)Waikiki Rag 29)Mahogany Rag 30)Moonstone Rag 31)Dragonfly Rag
32)Robber Fly Rag 33)Rush Hour Rag 34)Coffee Rag 35)Turpentine Rag 36)Clowns
37)Fairground Rag 38)Yonkers Rag 39)End Street Rag 40)Soundview Rag 41)Longshot Rag
42)Morrigan's Cakewalk 43)Kerosene Rag 44)Black Cat Rag 45)Lincoln Square Rag
46)The Shortstop 47)Lobster Rag 48)Wolf Spider Rag 49)Prussia White 50)Spumoni Rag
51)Ambassador Rag 52)Tuxedo Vegas 53)Wonderland Rag 54)Harbor Street Rag
55)Eggplant Rag 56)Golden Apple Rag 57)Deadeye Rag 58)Theatrical Rag  
59)A Ragtime Thunderstorm 60)Dark Lantern Rag 61)Vertigo Rag 62)Mustard Rag
63)King Cake Rag 64)Steeplejack Rag 65)The Adroit Imposter 66)Pie in the Sky Rag
67)An Amazin' Mess 68)Half Moon Rag 69)Old Washboard Rag 70)Bumblebee Rag
71)Blueberry Rag 72)Halcyon Rag 73)Valencia Rag 74)Sarsaparilla Rag 75)Grapefruit Rag
76)Umbrella Rag 77)Shadow Rag 78)Poison Rag 79)Home Run Rag 80)Walnut Rag
81)Radiation Rag 82)Artichoke Rag 83)Brain Rag 84)Lye Rag 85)Pocket Rag
86)Scissor Rag 87)Red Glasses 88)Bob-Tail Rag 89)Cardboard Rag 90)Saki Rag
91)Whore of Babylon 92)Taupe Rag 93)Carbon Rag 94)Martini Rag 95)Funhouse Rag
96)Hotel Rag 97)Peacock Rag 98)Vinegar Rag  99)Antifreeze Rag 100)Mermaid Rag
101)Ice Wine Rag 102)Smokehouse Rag 103)Entropy Rag 104)Limeade Rag
105)Gargoyle Rag 106)Saguaro Rag 107)Cinnamon Rag 108)Talisman Rag
109)Butterscotch Rag 110)Skulduggery Rag 111)Breadfruit Rag 112)Cantaloupe Rag
113)Olive Rag 114)Cyclops Rag 115)Cornucopia Rag 116)Mouse Trap Rag 117)Graffiti Rag
118)The Continental 119)Everglades Rag 120)Ivy Rag

Note: On my computer, I can't get the midi links to work unless I right click and download them, so if you can't get them to play, try doing that.

I made the (lengthy) rag list more browser-friendly although it took some time to get right.  Hope you find it an improvement!

Here are what I consider to be among my best rags:

Vinegar Rag

Fairground Rag

Sooner Rag

Inauguration Rag

Here are ten newly formatted scores of some of my rags:

New Scores

Additional scores:

Tuxedo Vegas score

New London Rag score

Here are my ten most recent rags:

111)Breadfruit Rag
112)Cantaloupe Rag
113)Olive Rag
114)Cyclops Rag
115)Cornucopia Rag
116)Mouse Trap Rag
117)Graffiti Rag
118)The Continental
119)Everglades Rag
120)Ivy Rag

If you can't get the midi links to work, try right clicking, saving what you want to listen to to your computer, and play them using a media player, and if that doesn't work, try decoding the midi file using Noteworthy Composer 2 or some other scorewriter software that has midi-reading capability.  

One thing you can try is, if you have Windows XP, and can't play midi files, go to control panel --> sounds, speech and audio devices --> Sounds and audio devices --> click the audio tab, and set the default MIDI music playback device to "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth"  If you do not have this option, contact Microsoft for help.  This works for Windows XP, other versions of Windows may require different instructions.


Youtube performances of a selection of my rags:

Inauguration Rag

New London Rag (Played by Tom Brier)

Tuxedo Vegas (Played by Tom Brier)

Winter Heart Rag

New London Rag

The Newport Rambler

Sooner Rag

Sepia Rag


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