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WOW! j-scott campells works are ALWAYS sexy and incredibly awesome.
then, j-skipper did some cool inking work, and YOU sir, you did a VERY GOOD colouring work on this!

i really like the colours that you have added in this, such as the nice soft green colours that you have added to her ''fish'' parts, and the cool skin colours that you have added into the human parts of her anatomy...
also the hair colour and the water/sky background colours were very good, with nice colour choises and some good shading in them.

have you coloured the moon/ship as well? if so, good work!

overall, j-scott campell created a masterpiece, but you showed us its true colours, so you are also a great artist as well.
keep up the good work!
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I glad you like my color selection.By the time i got to the moon/ship i got lazy :lazy:  also they weren't hot :ILIKEHOTGIRLS:  as Ariel so...Thanks for the big comment,i don't get many of those which makes you rare and vauleble,pokeball GoPokeball Go!.
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well, you do nice stuff! this is some epic colouring skills you've got there, brother! ;)

aha, i see.

also no problem, i like writing detailed and helpful reviews, have a nice day, and keep making art!
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Thank you Felipe!:D (Big Grin) 
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Interesting in this she looks far more Siren like luring sailors to their death, than innocent mermaid. I also really like the more grown up look for her. Well done.
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Yep j-Scott-campell did a bunch of these for a calender,you should check them out :iconj-scott-campbell:
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Ariel is my favorite.
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uh, isn't this piece specifically by j scott Campbell?
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He made it,yes but he allowed it to be inked and colored by others,as long as no profits are made.
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Glad you like it!:D (Big Grin) 
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My god, this is absolutely awesome.
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Thank you!:) (Smile) 
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