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Request: In Another World with My Cat Faunus (1/2)
A/n: A request by my dude BraveVesperia1, I'm pretty sure I've found someone who likes Blake as much as me.
Image is not mine 
Blake Belladonna stared at the remains of a machine, and cursed under her breath. She couldn't believe that the nut job she and the rest of team RWBY were sent to apprehend actually built a device capable of teleporting people to unknown places. 
Blake shook her head, and gathered her bearings. She took out her scroll and found that there was no signal, not one bar. Blake tried a different approach this time, she glanced at the sun and using the training from her days in the White Fang she determined which way was north.
She set off in the direction of Vale, her weapon was on her back as a precaution in case any Grimm came along. Blake hiked for what seemed like hours, and soon found herself smack-dab in the middle of a city but it wasn't Vale. People were around, and so were cars but she didn't recognize any of them.
Blake: Okay...I'm definitely
:iconstrikes2018:Strikes2018 43 39
Mass Effect: Jane Shepard x Male Reader (1)

Hey Everyoooooone! It's Nehpets here. Right! New Series! This one's been really going in my mind for quite a while now, and I've already planned it all for safe measures. Please also note that this is a completely different story from the other one that I have planned. Also, this is a complete one-time series, meaning I won't probably make the stories for the other two games.
And just to make things crystal clear:
This part is inspired from here

Mass Effect belongs to EA

Hope you fellas enjoy!

I stepped into the awe-inspiring human-turian marvel of a ship, with a small bag in hand and an open mouth. Not only was I joining the crew of the SSV Normandy, I was doing it the day before my 27th birthday. Apparen
:iconnehpetssanders:NehpetsSanders 47 11
You, but softer by JolyneJiyuu You, but softer :iconjolynejiyuu:JolyneJiyuu 1 0
Mass Effect Seven Minutes In Heaven ~ Liara
"Okay, Glyph, I'm all set." You state with a smile as you raise your Omni Tool, "Hit me with a name."
"Understood, Lieutenant (L/n)." Glyph replies as a small pulse of turquoise light comes from his floating, holographic form. Your Omni Tool flashes and a spinning circle appears on the back of your hand. You tap it and a screen appears above your arm, a name displayed there. A name that makes you smile and your heart rate rise subtly.
The name reads...
Doctor Liara T'soni.
"You're up, Doc." James says as he turns to the lovely Asari in question, who is stood between Tali and Garrus. She smiles shyly as she steps towards the two of you. Her big blue jewel-like eyes drifting over to you and then to your Omni Tool's screen.
"So I see." Liara remarks with her soothing voice, her smile still present as she looks at you, "Good evening, Lieutenant (L/n)."
"You too, Doctor T'soni." You reply with a smile that emanates warmth.
"By the way, Glyph, why did you add my doctorate to my name?"
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 20 19
Merula Snyde by Galakushi Merula Snyde :icongalakushi:Galakushi 154 3
Sadayo Kawakami x Rich Male Reader: Masters heart
In this story it is you who discovers Kawakami’s secret job not Akira/Ren
Kawakami Pov
It was just another morning same as any other. I was exhausted. Between my day job and my night job I was constantly running low on energy. I need to make money badly though. Ever since Takase-Kun had died I would send his Uncle and aunt money every week. After all it had been my fault he had died. I will never forget the look of sadness on his face once I had told him I could no longer tutor him. In the beginning the money was not so much an issue but over time the two would constantly increase the sum. I walked into the classroom and the students took seats. In the seat by the corner of the room I could see Y/n L/n once again not paying attention. Instead he was looking out the window. I sighed and shook my head to tired to care at this point.
Y/n Pov
Just another shitty day… I think as I stare out the window. I had given up with things like school a while ago. Why? Well there was no ne
:iconrspbliterature:RSPBLiterature 33 5
Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 2 by RWBY-stories Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 2 :iconrwby-stories:RWBY-stories 9 0 Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 1 by RWBY-stories Bunny Love - A Velvet X Reader Story - Chapter 1 :iconrwby-stories:RWBY-stories 26 1 Vampire Widowmaker by logancure Vampire Widowmaker :iconlogancure:logancure 3,229 54 Mei by logancure Mei :iconlogancure:logancure 1,477 18
Into the Spider-Verse. Gwen Stacy x Reader.
Symbiosis refers to two organisms co-existing in perfect harmony. That was the idea behind the so called ‘symbiotes’. However, many times have these symbiotes showed that they cannot live with humans. The symbiotes are an alien race called Klyntar and only express the emotions of its host. When Venom plagued the world, it was because Eddie Brock wanted to kill Spiderman for inadvertently ruining his life. Next, the asexual offspring of Venom the Carnage symbiote bonded with Cletus Kasady a known serial killer and deranged mind. However, these symbiotes can be shown to do good as well. This is the case of Conquest. The silver symbiote had never bonded with a host before and hadn’t been corrupted to neither the side of bad or good. So, when Conquest broke free of containment and bonded with Oscorp scientist (Y/n) Hill the pair didn’t turn out like the others. The first few weeks was full of adjustments and lifestyle changes. Later however, (Y/n) found that his sym
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 154 23
Male Reader x Lucina - Your Blessing
The sun trickles in through the thin fabric of my tent and causes a rather abrupt end to my sleep. As much as I’m very grateful for being a shepherd, waking up at the first showings of sun is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. Nevertheless, the slight shifting of blue hair on top of my chest reminds me of one of the other things I’m eternally grateful for, and that’s Lucina. A few more moments of shifting and Lucina startles herself awake, eyes frantically moving around the room as they widen in shock and horror. She tries to push herself off of me but I wrap my arms around her and try to comfort her.
(Y/n): H-Hey, Lucy, relax. It’s okay, it was just a dream.
At first, my beloved blue haired swordswoman tenses at my hold, though she slowly starts to adjust to her surroundings and calms down. Unfortunately, due to what Lucina had seen in her own timeline she’s been prone to having nightmares, though lately, she’s said it’
:iconcaptainredda:CaptainRedDA 92 35
The Dragoons Love

FFXV: Aranea Highwind x Male Reader
Chapter 1: The Astral Guardian
You were driving along the rode to Hammerhead in your Mustang 69'. The car you and Cindy built together. You were currently paying attention to the rode when the music on your phone changed to (Favorite Song). 
??: Ugh, stop this song!
You turned your head to see the woman in your passenger seat kick her feet up on your dashboard while she was leaning her head a bit outside of the window. The woman you spoke of was 20 years of age , long blond hair, green eyes. She wore simple jeans and combat boots with a blue jacket. Under that jacket was white collared button up shirt. This young woman was your Guardian. 
When you mean Guardian, The 6 Gods , had multiple servants. Ranging from messengers to Guardians. The woman next to you, her name was Saber and she was sent from one of the Six Gods to protect you. She wouldn't reveal who though. You've known Saber since you were a kid
:iconanoraan:Anoraan 51 52
Super Mario Bros: Bowsette x Male Reader.
I'm jumping on the hype train.
If you want another monster girl suggested, be sure to check out my Request Journal :>
Request Journal 3 (press "Request Journal 3" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 

   A New Job
(Female Bowser x M!Reader)
I am someone who Princess Peach allows to hang around her at all times. I guess you
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 148 42
AU by happy-eevee AU :iconhappy-eevee:happy-eevee 64 2
To Love a Fairy Reader X Levy
Another busy summers morning dawns in the town of Magnolia, the sun creeping over the mountain of the kingdom and the fairy tail guild becoming as lively as ever with Team Nastu off on another job hoping this time to bring back some of their hard jewels, Laxus and his thunder tribe enjoying each others company as they sit down to welcome in the morning with a drink and of course  a very special mage to the guild you.
You sit down on a wooden bar stool with a warm white china teacup on the bar in front of you watching the steam slowly rise up before vanishing right before your eye as if by magic. Still what your doing here is waiting for the arrival of team shadow gear's leader, Levy McGarden. You lent her a book about a week ago named 'Improving one's magic' which as the title says is suppose to help a mage improve their magic with a few simple exercises such as the magic wave. You never really got into it being as your magic almost came as a second nature to you, still giving it
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 148 30



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