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BOHEMIAN RAPSODY by RUIZBURGOS BOHEMIAN RAPSODY :iconruizburgos:RUIZBURGOS 174 15 Vampire Widowmaker by logancure Vampire Widowmaker :iconlogancure:logancure 2,334 48 Mei by logancure Mei :iconlogancure:logancure 1,329 18
Into the Spider-Verse. Gwen Stacy x Reader.
Symbiosis refers to two organisms co-existing in perfect harmony. That was the idea behind the so called ‘symbiotes’. However, many times have these symbiotes showed that they cannot live with humans. The symbiotes are an alien race called Klyntar and only express the emotions of its host. When Venom plagued the world, it was because Eddie Brock wanted to kill Spiderman for inadvertently ruining his life. Next, the asexual offspring of Venom the Carnage symbiote bonded with Cletus Kasady a known serial killer and deranged mind. However, these symbiotes can be shown to do good as well. This is the case of Conquest. The silver symbiote had never bonded with a host before and hadn’t been corrupted to neither the side of bad or good. So, when Conquest broke free of containment and bonded with Oscorp scientist (Y/n) Hill the pair didn’t turn out like the others. The first few weeks was full of adjustments and lifestyle changes. Later however, (Y/n) found that his sym
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 82 21
Male Reader x Lucina - Your Blessing
The sun trickles in through the thin fabric of my tent and causes a rather abrupt end to my sleep. As much as I’m very grateful for being a shepherd, waking up at the first showings of sun is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. Nevertheless, the slight shifting of blue hair on top of my chest reminds me of one of the other things I’m eternally grateful for, and that’s Lucina. A few more moments of shifting and Lucina startles herself awake, eyes frantically moving around the room as they widen in shock and horror. She tries to push herself off of me but I wrap my arms around her and try to comfort her.
(Y/n): H-Hey, Lucy, relax. It’s okay, it was just a dream.
At first, my beloved blue haired swordswoman tenses at my hold, though she slowly starts to adjust to her surroundings and calms down. Unfortunately, due to what Lucina had seen in her own timeline she’s been prone to having nightmares, though lately, she’s said it’
:iconcaptainredda:CaptainRedDA 74 32
The Dragoons Love

FFXV: Aranea Highwind x Male Reader
Chapter 1: The Astral Guardian
You were driving along the rode to Hammerhead in your Mustang 69'. The car you and Cindy built together. You were currently paying attention to the rode when the music on your phone changed to (Favorite Song). 
??: Ugh, stop this song!
You turned your head to see the woman in your passenger seat kick her feet up on your dashboard while she was leaning her head a bit outside of the window. The woman you spoke of was 20 years of age , long blond hair, green eyes. She wore simple jeans and combat boots with a blue jacket. Under that jacket was white collared button up shirt. This young woman was your Guardian. 
When you mean Guardian, The 6 Gods , had multiple servants. Ranging from messengers to Guardians. The woman next to you, her name was Saber and she was sent from one of the Six Gods to protect you. She wouldn't reveal who though. You've known Saber since you were a kid
:iconanoraan:Anoraan 52 52
Super Mario Bros: Bowsette x Male Reader.
I'm jumping on the hype train.
If you want another monster girl suggested, be sure to check out my Request Journal :>
Request Journal 3 (press "Request Journal 3" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 

   A New Job
(Female Bowser x M!Reader)
I am someone who Princess Peach allows to hang around her at all times. I guess you
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 123 40
AU by happy-eevee AU :iconhappy-eevee:happy-eevee 50 1
To Love a Fairy Reader X Levy
Another busy summers morning dawns in the town of Magnolia, the sun creeping over the mountain of the kingdom and the fairy tail guild becoming as lively as ever with Team Nastu off on another job hoping this time to bring back some of their hard jewels, Laxus and his thunder tribe enjoying each others company as they sit down to welcome in the morning with a drink and of course  a very special mage to the guild you.
You sit down on a wooden bar stool with a warm white china teacup on the bar in front of you watching the steam slowly rise up before vanishing right before your eye as if by magic. Still what your doing here is waiting for the arrival of team shadow gear's leader, Levy McGarden. You lent her a book about a week ago named 'Improving one's magic' which as the title says is suppose to help a mage improve their magic with a few simple exercises such as the magic wave. You never really got into it being as your magic almost came as a second nature to you, still giving it
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 145 30
Merula by Monochrome00 Merula :iconmonochrome00:Monochrome00 13 0
Mature content
Harry Potter: Merula x Anon: Christmas Break :icongbrio:GBRio 7 0
stars. | lapis lazuli
lapis lazuli x human!reader
Her bare azure toes curled into the sand as she let out a faint, pleasant sigh. Your [e/c] eyes skimmed over her softened blue features, her eyes twinkling in the light of the dazzling stars above.
    “I can see why you like to come out here at night, [Name]. It’s… breathtaking…” Lapis’s voice was wistful and longing, her eyes locked with the view of outer-space… her homeworld.
The air was still and calming, washing the scent of the sea water up your nostrils, tingling with your senses.
You sighed along with her and smiled up at the stars against the canvas of the inky sky. They were like little specks of gold, lighting up the sky and creating a path through the constellations and the depths of the universe.
Times like these, tranquil moments just for you and Lapis Lazuli were the best you had ever known.
    “Yeah, it’s pretty great…” Yo
:iconsleepyheroprince:sleepyheroprince 55 27
Lapis Lazuli x Reader - home
I feel empty inside. My chest aches. Is it okay for me to feel like this... or am I just being selfish? 
Lapis Lazuli has been gone for who knows how long. She told me she was going to visit the Earth to see the ocean. She didn't know how much time she would take, but I told her it was okay. As long as she came back.
She didn't.
Days come and go. I can no longer tell how much time it has been. 
I always keep a diamond communicator by my side. I use it everyday, sometimes more than once a day. I keep my hopes up, even if I never get a response back. Sometimes I lose the motivation to try and reach out. I make myself anyway. That's what you do when you love someone so much.
* * * * *
I stopped caring one day. Although, I did care enough to keep Lapis in my thoughts. I saw her beautiful face when I closed my eyes. Her gentle voice hummed in my ears. I held my own hand at times, pretending it was hers.
I am about to cry. But suddenly I come to a halt. I see something flashing fro
:iconpumpkin-milk:pumpkin-milk 62 14
My Darling

Zero Two x Male Reader 
Image used:
Pitiful... this weakling that I called my partner.. now look where it got me. Bleeding all over the interior of my Franxx!
The door of my Franxx burst open with the stem spewing out as he dropped outside. I heard the audible thud but then I saw another’s eyes. 
His eyes.. they were the same ones back at the small water body in the plantation... now they reminded me so much myself. Alone and Isolated. Could he be.. the one. 
(F/N): “Hey , are you alright?”
Me: “Forgot about him. He’s done for.” 
Worthless partner...
The (h/c) teen stood up and looked st me as I leaned against the door frame to Sterlizia. 
(F/N): “What are you doing?” His Voice was soothing for an odd reason to my ears but his taste .. it was pleasant ,when we met back at t
:iconanoraan:Anoraan 79 18
Fem!Thanos X M!Reader FULL (Marvel)
(Thanos will still be called Thanos but be sometimes referred to as Dione[name chosen by his mother before he was born])
Thanos POV
A long time ago, long before I became known as "The Mad Titaness". I went planet to planet in hopes of filling my soul with the one thing I had been lacking, love. So I set out to destroy the universe; If it didn't love me, then I would destroy everything. I had destroyed many planet and universes in my conquest, but one I could never completely destroy was Earth. I didn't want to admit it aloud, but it had some of the universes' best warriors on it. I had decided to attack Earth once again, this was never an easy fight but I hoped but they weren't expecting me this quickly.
I had begun my assault and the black hand was fighting the Avengers I was looking around, every human was running away from me, save one. I walked up to him, I towered over him. "Aren't you afraid?" I asked the man. "Should I be?" he replied and I smiled. "I'm about to destroy y
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 83 9
Merula Snyde by Ravenemore Merula Snyde :iconravenemore:Ravenemore 91 3



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