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The Falcon Shogunate

This is an alt-universe stuff where the invasion corridors were traded and switched by the Falcons and Jaguars. I thought I may make a PDF in 2021 about this whole stuffs (if you want such a PDF, leave a comment!)...
The PDF - if would be - could be find there around 2021's february:…

The Falcon Shogunate borned from the bloody victory over the DCMS forces defended Luthien. The Jade Falcons captured the capital and successfully captured the Coordinator Kurita Takashi, his son Kurita Theodore and the not really important Kurita Minoru (Kurita Hohiro and Kurita Omiko successfully escaped from the world).
Since both the Jade Falcons and the Draconis Combine based heavily upon the japanese bushido-code the Falcons see the immense possibilities to unite the two factions. After this swift unification they rechristened themselves as the Falcon Shogunate but difficulties of social reorganisations and re-rally of troops prevented the Falcons to exploit the Battle of Tukayyid and thus they earned a mere draw.
The coming 15-years peace were used well by the Falcons and within two more years they governed a Shogunate what easily rivaled with other IS-states in terms of power and economy. But this also dragged the unwanted curiousity of other Clans, namely the Steel Vipers whom tried to seize planets from the Shogunate but a mistake finally led them into a conflict with the Ghost Bears instead of the Falcons...
The Shogunate is as class-based as the original Combine or Falcon clan were: Warriors stay on the top while other castes ranges below them. The Coordinator, and his heir Theodore, nominated as the figurehead of the state, "Tenno" or emperor (have no real power just ceremonial and very limited political) while the Falcon khans nominated as "Tai-shogun" and "Shogun" (bear the true power and act as the true leaders of the state). This system created a balanced state what still served the Falcons' interests better.

Territory holdings in the Clan space:
- Barcella (38 percent) - taken from Ice Hellions
- Dagda (9 percent)
- Eden (25 percent) - taken by Wolves
- Gatekeeper (100 percent)
- Glory (45 percent)
- Huntress (2 percent) - taken by Smoke Jaguars
- Ironhold (100 percent)
- Marshall (25 percent) - taken from Steel Vipers
- Tokasha (100 percent)
- Hector (20 percent) - taken from Ice Hellions
- Circe (70 percent) - taken from Snow Ravens

Territory holdings in the Inner Sphere:
The whole Pesth military district (literally the northern half of the Draconis Combine) except:
Charity, Monywa, Thimphu, Soul, Huaide, Abagnar, Hongor, Kokpekty and Land's End

From the Benjamin military district:
- Kiamba
- Constance
- Tinaca
- Marawi
- Krenice
- Alshain
- Dumering
- Babuyan
- Kanowit
- Xinyang
- Braunton
- Bicester
- Omagh
- Dyfed
- Dover
- Leiston
- Corsica Nueva

From the Galedon military district:
- Midway
- Isesaki
- Worrel
- Sighisoara
- Miyada
- New Samarkand
- Chirala

From the Rasalhague Republic:
- Halesowen
- Maule

Shared with the Steel Vipers:
- Thessalonika
- Kaesong
- Sheliak
- Soverzene

Clusters: 85
WarShips: 31

The Thug 2c in the PDF based upon the concept art of


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Hi I would like a copy of that pdf

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The PDF now up to download on my GPortal's Battletech session! See the link in my previous reply!

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Could help me a bit and share my free stuffs (PDF) on my page? A little fame or audience may never hurt :)

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Thanks! If there would be, it would be find here toward the end of february:

I think I will need to think about some new mechs converted by the Falcons from the DCMS's armoury :S