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Standing victorious


A Clan Ghost Bear (Omega Galaxy) KGC-000 2c (I mean, a clan refit) stands over the defeated husks of Clan Steel Viper mechs dared to challenge a roaring bear. I found the Bears' affinity toward assault mechs fascinating so I decided to make the Kingcrab theirs isntead of Falcons...
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5th member of the Viper Star: Ok, they should be out of ammo *peaks mech head out from behind a hill*

King Crab Ghost Bear: *DAKKA-DAKKA*

*Steel Viper mech falls now short a head*

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Ghost Bear (over open comms): "WHO ELSE WANTS SOME?!!!"

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And that is a GARRISON unit Ghost Bear...
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Albeit I am a devote supporter of the Jade Falcons I always tangled by the might of the Ghost Bears. If they would be as aggressive as the bulk of the Clans the Bears could easily rule clan-space near uncontested. Thanksfully, the Bears are rather calm and peaceful (until you mess with them)...

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Draconis Combine learned that the hard way, twice at least I think...

Combine-Dominion War

Eh, technically it was Black Dragons in both Combine/Dominion Wars, and to be quite honest, they are the dumbest Dracs.

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Don't fuck with the bear!

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