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The Katana began its existence when the Draconis Combine was given several downgraded Crockett BattleMechs by ComStar as part of Operation Rosebud. During negotiations in 3035 Primus Myndo Waterly gave the Combine the Blankenburg Technologies storage facility on Soul as a gesture of good faith. The facility was handed over to Independence Weaponry (although for appearance's sake it was "leased" from Blankenburg) which, beyond a treasure trove of lostech weapons, also contained a number of Crocketts. IW went about reverse-engineering the weapons so they could produce copies at a nearby facility for sale to other Combine manufacturers and closely examined the Crocketts for several months. After making minor modifications these 'Mechs were renamed Katanas and used to replace Chargers in several DCMS units.

The Katana quickly become a mainstay in many of the heavier mobile line units, especially after the invention of the C3 Computer. Recognizing the value in this new technology, IW quickly developed several new Katana variants which could effectively operate as part of C3 lances. When the "lease" expired and the Soul facility was returned to Blankenburg, the company hired on the entire IW Katana engineering team and entered into a technology-sharing agreement to continue production of new Katanas.

Katana in MWO-style, background parts (all three) rendered in TerraGens...

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