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Jain Zar, the Storm of Silence

Jain Zar (roughly translated as "Storm of Silence") is the eldar phoenix lady of the Howling Banshhe shrine.
She armed with a special mask (far more terrible and powerfull than normal banshee mask), a tri-blade (essentially a 3-bladed boomerang) and a power blade (which is described in Harlequin as a lance when she killed Ey'Lindi). I furthermore give her a standard power blade and a, well, power dagger (or shortsword?).
She also depicted as slender than normal banshees (not wear such bulky armour than they).

The only weak point of this picture is her hair which is coloured by my sister (afterall this hair-style was her idea I wanted simple white...).
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Are you gona made other phoenix lords?

And jep simple white woud have been good.
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Maybe. I rarely draw 40k nevertheless I like it. But I planned a Karandras sometimes for sure (maybe in black&white?)...
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Karandras one of my faworet