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Borg discriminator

The discriminator is an early Borg design preceed the appearance of such iconic vessels like the spheres or cubes. Originally designed to search new races and decide if those are worthy to assimilation the discriminator is essentially a scientific-explorer design worked with 3-5 assimilators. When the collective created more compact and deadly crafts the discriminators faded out of production around the wake of the century and only a few working examples remained as garrison forces. A few got destroyed by the Species 8472, a few got integrated into Unimatrixes but a few still in active service.
The discriminator is smaller and slower than a sphere (measure 275x230x180 metres in size) and devoit the most iconic borg techs like adaptive shields. A discriminator have two common shield emitters overlaps each others, six phaser arrays and primitive EMP-warhead torpedoes to paralyse their targets in combat. A discriminator features a crew of 340 borgs and have the ability to got two assimilator vessels attached on it's side pilons.

It is not use any 3D models for the discriminator but if someone wants to create it I may draw the schematics...
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