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Arrival of the Fists

So, about the end of May I had an opportunity to make some shoots of miniatures. Some were base-painted by me and finished by someone else (yes, I awful with details because hand tremors) but the bulk were just shooted by me (+ granted the right and permission to use the photos as I wish in exchange of a few artworks based on them). It took me about almost two months to clean up my messy photos and create some pieces based on them because I took the liberty and expanded the models with extra details or changed features or parts on them. While shooted miniatures could be bases for art there are way to much trouble with them because of size and resolution matters so vast overpainting and effects were used to create the following artworks.
In all cases I used TerraGen 4.0 to render the backgrounds and applied filters on them to bend with the rest of the elements. Other pieces are cut-outs from my nature themed photos, like rocks or trees. Some other elements are edited obj-file renders. For painting the details I used PhotoShop 7.0 while for some effects I used GIMP 2.0 albeit I hate GIMP. Final touches and compilation (+ add signo) done again in PhotoShop.

As for the picture it comes from Ian Watson's Harlequin novel where the Imperial Fists enter the eldar webway and arrive onto a sealed chaos world. Not remembered fully but I tried to made it to a slaaneshi world.
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