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Weather: The steel city covered in reflective metal dome, the rain thudding against its protection. Eastern city swamped in puddles and mud, rain battering against the eastern settlements. To the far North, only mist.

Mood: Eyes in places they shouldn't be. A nosebleed. Wet boots against wetter cobblestone. A smouldering leather coat. Burning red halo against the grey of the sky. Silence between the lightning and the thunder.

F2U EYECU by Adorelee


[ urban fantasy | supernatural | casual ]


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Hreors is a realm outside of the human plane of understanding, a lone continent surrounded by its fragmented islands and floating within the endless sea. For the most part, Hreors is an unknown colossal horror encased in ice and covered with snow. For the smallest part, it is a world on the verge of structural collapse.

On the western coast of Hreors, a concrete giant ominously looms - the city state of Kegan controls a little over a half of the southern territory. Under its influence, a much more open city of Alegra prospers under Kegan's watchful eye, words of rebellion snuffed out before they left their safe lairs.

To the east, a homage to the old gods persists - the last stand of a northern religion lays in Tien's sanctuary, bordering both the doubtful Alegran territory and the neutral world, known as No Man's Land.

And to the north? Only the biggest Hreorsan region, separated from the rest by a mountain wreath and its elusive citizens. There's nothing in the North, the Kegan says. Nothing except for its broken, inhuman people and their whispers, echoing all the way to the south - something's watching.


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