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Please make note that Hreors is urban fantasy setting, which means that all of its settlements are entirely modern!


The the hushed whispers of the underground, the words defining the world call it the Game World. There are many variations of this name in all of the living and dead languages within the realm, but the official name it carries comes from the old dead words that no one knows the meaning of. The Realm of Hreors stands suspended within the space and time from the moment such thing as 'time' was even conceived, but its earliest written history is dated to four thousand years ago.

In large, the realm is unexplored. There is no telling how large the sea surrounding the mainland of Hreors is, but there is no need for the knowledge, either. Apart from the few islands which were fragmented from the land itself at the time of its creation, Hreors is no more than a single lone island in the vast world of nothingness. There are only monsters out there in the ocean - and as far as the citizens of Hreors are concerned, those cannot be considered sentient life forms.

The vastness of the mainland is unexplored as well; most sources cite that between 89-91% of the land has never been officially recorded and is hence shrouded in mystery. This has created a centuries-old divide between the upmost levels of the island, known simple as The North, and the southern part which has been divided in several parts.


The driving force of the southern advancement lays within the City State of Kegan. A little over eight centuries old, Kegan is the first large coastal settlement that survived the ruthless waves and the harsh storms oncoming from the sea. Early in its days, the founders of Kegan have managed to fit the city beneath a large, metal dome, which has acted as its protective shell from then on. In the oncoming decades, the city of Kegan managed to prosper - technological discoveries flourished and, even though the southern citizens aren't magically gifted themselves, they were able to harness supernatural energy from the surrounding land, much in the way they do today as well.

Nowadays, however, their ways are a little more sinister - the persecution of Northern citizens and their blood has been an issue within Kegan since the early days of its creation, but they've now become merely the lowest step in Kegan's hierarchy, with only an illusion of rights a citizen of Hreors should have. They are accepted only as long as they are useful, usually for their peculiar abilities.

Do not get indebted to Kegan - their technology can fix even the most gruesome mistakes, heal even the worst ailments, but the payment is served in form of the Kegan's stamp on the body of the indebted and recruitment into their ranks. Unruly agents are sent to The Lonely Islands, an island-prison used to train them into the obedience and remind them that they're owned by the City State itself.

Other Kegan territories include: Bonehollow village, Refist District. The most famous landmarks within city itself are: Batshriek District, Bloodmoon Street.

A little more to the north-east, across the riven that flows in from the Northern pass, lies the city of Alegra. Sovereign for almost two hundred years now, Alegra is a settlement older than Kegan - but weaker, and has hence spent almost six hundred years beneath their strict rule. Alegra is a diverse home to many citizens of different profiles, including those from Kegan, Alegra, neutral lands and the very North itself. Beneath the shiny mask of Alegra, they're still within Kegan's rule; but Kegan doesn't know everything that goes on within its sister city and the citizens speak of revolt in hushed whispers. Yes, beneath their mask Alegrans are run by Kegan even two centuries after gaining sovereignty - but behind all of that, the revolution is brewing.

Scaffold Pass is an old monumental prison, now no more than a museum out in the opens. Alegrans use it as a proof of their direct resistance to Kegan two centuries ago, when they knocked it down to regain their freedom. The rumours surround it even now.

Other Alegran territories include: Shrieking Hills village, Laurel Hills village. The most famous landmarks within city itself are: Needlefade Street, Snowdrift Boulevard, Dreamgate Drive, Dawnbreak District, Magnolia Road.

To the very east, No Man's Land stands as the less progressive part of the southern territory. While modified, only barely-human citizens are normal within Kegan and Alegra, No Man's Land settlements offer peace to those of the more natural character, no matter if they're humans, barely magically gifted or of Northern origin. Closest to Alegra is Tien's Sanctuary, the last stand of the old Northern religion present within the southern territory. Its acolytes offer solace to everyone seeking it and serve as the peacekeepers, protectors of the neutral land from the aggressive south-western giants. 

Only two major towns are prominent - the Jagatval, old mostly-human colony residing on virtue of temperance and tolerance, known for its flowery performances and festivals known all throughout Hreors. Being a little too close to the coast has resulted in the edges of Jagatval being a little rugged, but the city shrunk back far enough into the mainland to remain safe. Completely to the North, bordering on the Northern mountain wreath lays Aglaeron - the largest union of Northern citizens and non-magical humans known to the realm, as well as the only truly sovereign town within the southern territory. It is here where the whispers of old gods rising come from, although they seldom reach any further than the town itself.


In native tongue, The North has been named Nqdrastlr, though the correct pronunciation has never really been certain. It has aptly been named The North by the Kegan eight centuries ago, the last attempt to take away its sovereignty, but it is known that the Northerners call their land something else, that they always will, and despite facing stigma in the south they remain undefeated within their own territory. The North takes up as much as the 89-91% of the realm, but its landscape is not known save for the few rare places that have been visited and explored thanks to the kindness of its citizens. And its citizens? Northerners are bizarre amalgamations of things barely human and the products of both dreams and nightmares. They are more cadavre exquis rather than anything even remotely human-like, but they have been gifted with the inexplicable, magical abilities which grant them fluidity, ability to adapt and change easily, to fit even into the environment that wouldn't naturally be their own.

The only remotely Kegan-run facility near the North is Scream Academy; officially, it bears a name Flutura Academy of Combat and Arcane Art, but since over a century ago a Northern life form claimed the old manor and its grounds as its living space, it had adapted to its far more ominous name. This where all southern citizens, regardless of physical and supernatural fitness, come to train if they so wish - it is a specialised school for Kegan's future agents. It is often haunted and brutalised by other Northern tribes, but it still persists.

The North is separated from the rest of Hreors by a large mountain wreath and connects to the south only via three somewhat-populated areas. The one of the very west is no more than a steep valley looking down onto the Scream Academy and the name it bears isn't any happier - The Devil's Claw pass is home to many plant-like life forms, but very few of them are humanoid, if any at all. More to the east, The Mawbreaker lies. It is pretty lonely - due to being encased in ice at all times of the years and its diluted population, The Mawbreaker was never of much interest to the south and to this day remains untouched. Once upon a lifetime, someone has probably attempted to reach the rest of the North through the Mawbreaker. They have yet to succeed. To the east, connecting to Aglaeron and with open trade ways, The Plains of Unknown are encased in forever-mist, but featured what is considered to be the only Northern territory which will happily accept citizens from the south - but so far, very few have returned. And those who do bring with them whispers of the old gods and of the unseen horrors and miracles that lie behind the harsh mountains.

The only known part of the North is encased beneath the snow at all times of the year. Its citizens who come to live to the south, however, claim that there are parts where the weather is completely different, however. They say that these parts remind of heaven - but what is heaven to creatures so monstrous and unstable such as they are?
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