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There are very fews rules to list, but please respect them.
0. This goes without saying, but please respect everyone! Keep the drama in-character and separate players from their characters and their characters' choices.
1. Please keep everything PG-13 and follow deviantART's rules!
2. There are no activity rules or activity checks on HREORS. Unless there's a revamp or rehaul going on, we don't archive your character for inactivity. You may post as much as you want to or not at all.
3. There are two types of apps, a visual and a written one. One type is required, the other is optional! You may submit both if you want.
4. There is no limit to how many characters you may have and there are no 'slots' for characters either. There are no ratios and there won't be. Your characters may be of any species, gender, sexuality, alignment and background you want.
Rules are subject to change and more may be added if they are needed!
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