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Here are some more ideas that'll perhaps help you create a character that lives with the Realm of Hreors! Remember to read Character Creation journal for some fine details and go wild!


Kegan is the city of dust and blood, where muscle and metal intertwine and become one and the same. Poetically said, the city strives on mystery. Speaking more realistically, it sits on the bloodied shoulders of its soldiers, seeking weak all over the realm and offering them solace, redemption and selfless hand when nobody else would. Kegan condemns everyone who feeds on human essence, be it blood, flesh or soul, but they’re the ones who sustain on lives. One mistake and you’ve signed your freedom away to the heaviest prison there is. One mistake after that and they’ll send you to their own to die.

Contrary to what they want you to believe, there is life after Kegan.

Some desert. If Kegan has people to spare, agents are sent out and the deserter, if caught, publically executed. The safest route is towards the North – it is most commonly believed that often Northerners will get to you before Kegan does, so they don’t bother at all. Some die. Some survive and lead new lives.

Some, however, are let go. The ruined goods, the birds that got broken in their spiky cage, are let go without much fuss. Very rarely do they choose to remain in Kegan. No matter your background, the city is ruthless. Most choose to go Alegra instead, where former Kegan-owned agents form groups and societies with the goal to help others overcome the traumas and habits that service within Kegan has ingrained with the goal of normal, common life in mind. Sometimes, even the agents who have been only temporarily dismissed join these groups too and usually these gatherings attract even some of Alegra’s citizens who stand in solidarity and help as much as they came. There are others, too. They aren’t dismissed for their lack of use but for their disobedience, sent to the Lonely Islands first and then, after serving their time in Kegan-constructed hell, let go to fend for themselves. They adapt harder, but appreciate the help equally, as they’re the ones who need it most.


Kegan is known for its ability to replace almost all organs and conduct almost all surgeries, save for brain replacement and species change surgery. However, many don’t have to be indebted to Kegan and pay with their lives, so instead they resort to other sources. It’s easy enough to find a surgeon in Kegan who will do your bidding for actual money and little other attachments, but how do you find replacement parts? It’s not an exaggeration to say that black market is flourishing on the outskirts of the city. Apart from many assorted organs, the black market also offers a lot of other things, mostly used in medications and potions.

Kegan laboratories are a story of their own, although they can be summed up pretty nicely. Just saying “everything” covers it nicely. Kegan’s laboratories specialise in everything and anything, from mixing potions with modern-day medicine to testing things on live beings. The most common (and yet the most hidden) form of business, however, is testing things on live Northern citizens, seeking their abilities and limits. This is what happens when a citizen of North is mistaken for a parasitic form and taken in - and sometimes, it's no mistake at all.


Alegra has always been noted as the calmest city, the oasis to Kegan's chaotic nature that waits to tip over into the disaster and apocalypse. To an untrained eye, this seems to be the truth, but it's a fact that behind closed doors, things are very different in Alegra then they appear to be.

Many agents of Kegan are stationed in Alegra under the disguise of normal working citizens and their primary goals are taking back agents who have deserted and disbanding the societies that seek to help recovering Kegan agents. It is in Kegan's interest that nothing gets out, but they release people they couldn't get use of because they want to keep some semblance of fairness and avoid disdain of citizens who see their wrongdoings. Many of these agents are never uncovered, so don't be surprised if few of your neighbours just up and disappear the very same day.

On the other side, there are revolutionaries, people who threaten the integrity of both Kegan and Alegra because they see them for what they are - Kegan, as the scarred, still burning face and Alegra as shiny, crystallised mask - and they're ready to do anything to overturn the current system, but the roots of rebellion are shallow and revolutionaries are so effectively cleaned out that it's hard to keep the entire thing up. They exist, however, and they're preparing to strike. For now, however, they bide their time, scatter among other territories and listen to the ghastly howls from The North: something's watching.


A trend that has managed to spread like wildfire through no man's land and neutral territories is helping others. Kegan often discharges (a term loosely meaning "discards") agents from their service. These people are left jobless, often with disadvantages since their Kegan-forged reputation prevents them from finding a job and they may have other various problems and disabilities Kegan wasn't willing to fix. Dropped agents very often suffer drawbacks. E.g. if they were taken in for drug addiction, they may relapse, or if organs were replaced they might start failing after several years. Sometimes this process is long and spans over several decades, which is individual depending on quality of procedure, type of drawback and agent's other modifications.

Neutral lands organise many camps and small residences for recovering people. Under the guise of their religion, they take these former agents in and groom them back into health or, if that's not possible, help them adjust to common life to the best of their ability. It's not often easy - it's almost never easy at all - but they soothe them, often with illegal medicine and potions until their withdrawal symptoms subside.

There's more to that, though. Sometimes, the agents defect. If they run to the North, no one goes after them, but many are reluctant to leave their beloved ones behind. The laws of neutral land protects them and so do the followers of Dieter and Tien.


Due to its position and history, as well as the residing Northern being within it, Academy has never been the safest place within the realm. The Voice, as the mysterious leech is known, is an entity of unknown origin listen among Kegan’s Top Twenty Creatures You Should Fear, but so far no one has made the effort to remove it. Academy encompasses and North, Alegra and Kegan and while it is far from the neutral space (Northerners are only formally safe here, but they suffer misconducts in the Academy as much as in any other place). Voice will, occasionally, attack students, and although there are records of over two hundred attacks within the past century, it has never once attacked a student with Northern heritage. Nearly twenty percent of the victims survive, proving that death isn’t imminent.

In more recent times, the Voice has gone quiet save for the few scribblings along the walls and cryptic threads. It seems to be believe – if an entity such as itself is able to believe – that Academy is being haunted from the outside and is determined to protect its resting place and the students within it, whom it seems to consider no more than common pests infesting its home. There's something outside, the Voice claims. Something that's always watching, even when it's silent. Especially when it's silent.

Students, however, are another story. Just as the Voice had gone silent and made hallways more or less accessible again, students have found new ways to entertain and endanger themselves. In mock imitation of Dieter and Tien cults, they have started recreating old-age rituals and worshipping faceless, unknown gods, more amused by the ominous whispers coming from Devil's Claw Pass than anything else. Nothing really comes out of it. So far, nobody has managed to see anything harmful caused by them. The fact stands, although it cannot be connected to their foolish passtime, that the disappearance of students within the Academy has tripled and that no traces of them have been found within the Academy itself.

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