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Hiki-Furisode ex Machina

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Hiki-Furisode(Hem drag, long-sleeved kimono)

It is the gorgeous kimono of the formal dress which an unmarried woman wears in a fete and a ceremonious scene.
...Possibly she may be the bride of the nuptial ceremony which is the last opportunity that can wear a long-sleeved kimono.
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craziness awesome
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bokukurokuroStudent General Artist
amazingggg <_<'''''
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I love the outfit
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ferdicamachoHobbyist Traditional Artist
You see, my brother's a musician... And once he told me that... When he listened to Paul Gilbert's version/cover of The Beatles' While my guitar gently weeps for the first few times he cried at the solo bit - so beautiful it was it touched him in a different way.
I'm a supposed "artist" who hasn't been doing much art lately... And when I saw your paintings today I felt like crying too. It's simply amazing...
I've seen incredible paintings before that made me fall in love too and that I felt this amazing connection with and that inspired me. But your art made me want to cry. Why the hell was that?
Well, thank you for giving me this. =] It was awesome.
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HR-FMProfessional Digital Artist
I wanted to express an instant of the serious decision in the life of the lady.
It may be marriage, and may be something which is more abstracts.
kimono is always symbolic clothes worn in an important scene.
It may have let you feel something.
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ferdicamachoHobbyist Traditional Artist
how sweet of you to answer me, I noticed you don't usually do that.
thank you... but I don't just mean this particular painting, I meant all of them. specially the ones with the airplanes and buildings. and the one with the hands reaching out to each other.
it's just lovely... really.
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HR-FMProfessional Digital Artist
Ah, I will be happy with it all the more. My coherent theme is "Everything is transient" . By seeing a mere shell of future-fossil,
"Reaffirm now living in of own, and Let's treasure instant of the current fleeting life"
It is a message from me.
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ModangProfessional Traditional Artist
very beautiful work !
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Great site. This piece amazing detail.
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Relentless013Hobbyist General Artist
Phenominal balance and composition. great choice in pallet as well. Really a great work.
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Beautiful, I can't get over how well all the colors are together....
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BluesigmaStudent Artist
just epic
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It's absolutely gorgeous... I did not know that the bride's wedding was the last chance to wear the long sleeves. Is that true? I would feel so sad...
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This is really gorgeous! :thumbsup:
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jyoshi917Professional Traditional Artist
fabulous, your details are intricate. I'm really impressed at your attention to the little things. The mix of the traditional pattern with your mix of modern/hip/machine like design makes this quite an eye candy.
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I love it
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JamesBousema Digital Artist
I keep looking at your art and wonder "how was this made?" Are you just using the pen tool or something????
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HR-FMProfessional Digital Artist
A pencil tool, a pen tool of the Photoshop
(no anti-aliasing)
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FarencoreStudent Artisan Crafter
So complicated... also very gorgeous
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beautiful! just breathtaking :)
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on one hand my eys hurts when I look on the picture but on the other hand it had something that I must contiou on looking on it
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This is gorgeous! D: I love the vivid colors. <3
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quite beautiful. the detailing is so interesting... how do you decide on what to add?
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