Sarek 2011
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Published: August 7, 2011
After getting some experience with hiking on a beginners trail last year we decided that it's now time for something more serious. This year our summer hiking trip lead us far north above the polar circle into the Swedish Fjäll. We spend 12 days walking from Ritsem through the Sarek National Park to Aktse, following the Kungsleden from there to Saltoluokta. During this time we spend 8 days within the Sarek, which means no civilization at all. No cell phone reception, cabins, bridges or settlements. Just us and a few other crazy wanderers and the untouched nature of Sweden.

Now we are back and it's hard to describe what we experience during the trip. The beauty of the nature up there is breathtaking, being alone with it, surrounded, for several days intensifies this even more. Having to cross rivers withouts bridges, take along all necessary food and enduring all the different weather moods was a completely new experience for us. It feels strange getting back into the normal world after such an adventure.

For me now also the hard work starts. I was crazy enough to carry my big camera around all the time and now I have 16 GB of pictures to go through. A few are already online (see below) and more will follow during the coming days and weeks. I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Sarek V - Rapadalen by hquer Sarek III - Ruohtesvagge by hquer Sarek IV - Ahkka by hquer Sarek II - Bielloriehppe by hquer Saltoluokta by hquer Night at the Kungsleden by hquer Sarek I - Rapaselet by hquer

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