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Quite a while since the last update ;-)
I have been very busy with many other things than photography but am still trying to get down to taking or editing pictures from time to time. In the mean time I have created a new website called PTWE (Prography, Travel, the world - and everything else) were you can follow my activities. On the website I have also reposted and updated many of my previous Travel Articles with more supporting informations and many more photographs.

I'm also planning on writing and publishing more Travel Articles soon, so stay tuned!
And of course I'm hoping that I can find some time to upload new photographs to Deviantart at some point! :-)

A different kind of update

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 6:44 AM
It has been quite some time since I have been really active on Deviantart. Reason for this simply is that I am just way too busy with other things lately so that I only barely I have time for photography. But I am not giving up, still planning on taking and uploading new pictures every now and then! Just not sure when this will be, so please don't give up on me and be patient :-)

In the mean time you can play around with another passion of mine besides photography, which is programming. The limited free time I have I did lately spend on developing my first android app, which is a simple and funny arcade game. It is available on the play store and even supports global high scores - so feel free to challenge me :-)

You can find it here:…
Any feedback is of course highly appreciated :-)

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Now on Google+

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 5:26 AM
Hey everyone, I have started to create a Google+ page for my photography. If you are on Google+ and want to follow me there take a look at… . I have only uploaded a hand full of photographys for now but I will be posting more of my work soon. I have decided to go with Google+ instead of Facebook or Flicker since Google+ has a in my opinion the better user interface (not only for viewing photographs but also in general). It's just very nice to look at and integrates so well with all of the other Google products. So if you are interested, check out my gallery there…

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Photography Articles

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 6, 2012, 7:28 AM
I really like taking pictures and sharing them  online for other people to see and enjoy. In my opinion looking not at one single picture but at a set of pictures grouped together around one theme is one of the best ways to present photographs. Since this sadly can't be easily done on Deviant-Art I have created a section on my website featuring several photography articles. On the article page you can find one page dedicated to each location which shows a set of images with a short comment below explaining each image.

Some time ago I had already posted an article about our hiking trip through the Swedish National Park Sarek. Now three more articles are online for you to read and enjoy. The first one is from a road trip through the Western National Parks of the USA. The second article is from our very recent hiking adventure through the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. Last but not least another article from our Greenland trip shows the famous Kangia Icefjord near Ilulissat.

If you like the images I have posted on Deviant-Art then make sure to check out the articles too. Many more photographs can be seen there. Enjoy!

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Copyright and the Internet

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 5:28 AM
Lately it has become more and more disturbing how the majority of people doesn't seem to care at all about copyright, especially when it comes down to photographs, wallpapers or any kind of picture. This has been an issue for some time now but lately the situation seems to be become worse with every day.

As a photographer who not only invests a lot of time in taking pictures but also in processing them and posting them online I always love to see when my work is appreciated and shared. It is great when people like my work so much that they are sharing it with friends or that they are posting it on their own websites and blogs. What I find, however, very bewildering is that only a fraction of all people who are sharing photographs online seem to care about giving proper credit. Only very rarely the author of an image or at least the authors website is given. Nearly every time just the image is copied but not it's origin. What makes the issue even worse is that most people don't even know or feel that they should credit the author when copying images, for many people I have spoken to it's absolutely normal to just use what they find online, if it's online - it's free!

Why is this bad? Shouldn't I be just happy that people like and share my work?
Of course I'm grateful that some of my photographs are so popular. However, what's the use of creating popular pictures if in the end no one knows who created the picture? No one can check out more of my pictures or my website because no where the authors name or website is given. I see my work online on websites receiving thousands of views and downloads, even receiving comments of people who appreciate my work. But all this goes on behind my back without me noticing.

For those who might think that I'm maybe exaggerating, let me give an example:
Jena Paradies by hquer
I have uploaded this image to my gallery at Deviant-Art in 2009. Since then it has received about 7200 views and 26 comments. However, alone from the Deviant-Art page it was downloaded more than 195000 times. Why the difference between views and downloads? Because lots of external web sites link directly to the image and not the gallery page of the image. If I do an image search for that image on google it turns out over 81000 hits of websites where the image is posted or used. Only a fraction of those website give credit or even link back to my website or gallery. Among those websites are countless private and commercial website which are using the image as background or header. No one cares where the image is from, no one gives credit, everyone just happily shares and reuses the image - and nothing of it falls back to me, the original author. This situation has happened for over a dozen of my pictures. Recently I found (by accident) a YouTube video where one of my images is used as a background image. The video to date has over 1.4 million views and only after a lengthy and heated debate with the author credit was given to my image (I actually had to threaten with a take down of the video).

Outside of Deviant-Art my work is used and viewed countless times with figures in the millions, yet, no one knows that it's my work.
And that, to be honest, really isn't a big motivation to keep on going because I have no idea what to do about it...

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Big Print Update

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 10:52 AM
Realizing that my work has been viewed over 350000 times I did spend the day uploading 20 high resolution print versions of some of my most liked pictures. If you are interested in hanging prints at your walls or in sending nice to look at post- or greeting cards you can check out my prints section here on Deviantart . For those of you who can't or don't want to order prints from Deviantart I have also uploaded many pictures to an off-site high quality art print supplier, you c an check out my prints at Artflakes… . The advantage of ordering from Artflakes is that the site also handles wide angle prints with unusual crops which sadly aren't supported here on Deviantart.

Below a few of my deviations which are now available as print,
compared to the deviations all prints are available without any water mark or signature.
Mixing by hquer Dance into the Morning 2 by hquer In the Middle by hquer Sarek V - Rapadalen by hquer Sunrise by hquer Goodbye Autumn by hquer Rothenstein by hquer

If you have any requests for other prints from my gallery let me know and I will see if I can find and upload a high resolution version of the requested picture.

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Sarek National Park Gallery

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2011, 9:43 AM
I have already posted many pictures from our trip through the Swedish national Park Sarek here on Deviantart. One thing missing so far is a single gallery/article to summarize all images together with some comments about the pictures and the national park in general. I have now created such a gallery on my website, showing the best 18 photographs (some are not uploaded on DA).

You can find the article here:…

I hope you will enjoy this little picture tour through the Sarek. Don't forget to share it with your friends if you like it!

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Sarek 2011

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 6:46 AM
After getting some experience with hiking on a beginners trail last year we decided that it's now time for something more serious. This year our summer hiking trip lead us far north above the polar circle into the Swedish Fjäll. We spend 12 days walking from Ritsem through the Sarek National Park to Aktse, following the Kungsleden from there to Saltoluokta. During this time we spend 8 days within the Sarek, which means no civilization at all. No cell phone reception, cabins, bridges or settlements. Just us and a few other crazy wanderers and the untouched nature of Sweden.

Now we are back and it's hard to describe what we experience during the trip. The beauty of the nature up there is breathtaking, being alone with it, surrounded, for several days intensifies this even more. Having to cross rivers withouts bridges, take along all necessary food and enduring all the different weather moods was a completely new experience for us. It feels strange getting back into the normal world after such an adventure.

For me now also the hard work starts. I was crazy enough to carry my big camera around all the time and now I have 16 GB of pictures to go through. A few are already online (see below) and more will follow during the coming days and weeks. I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Sarek V - Rapadalen by hquer Sarek III - Ruohtesvagge by hquer Sarek IV - Ahkka by hquer Sarek II - Bielloriehppe by hquer Saltoluokta by hquer Night at the Kungsleden by hquer Sarek I - Rapaselet by hquer

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Nikon Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 19, 2011, 12:35 PM
Nikon German/Austria is having a big photography contest where you get to design your own Nikon advertisement with the slogan "Ich bin..." ("I'm ..."). It's a pretty nice idea and you can find some great pieces and ideas in the gallery. Adding the slogan to your images is also really easy.

Of course there are also a lot of prices for the best entries.
I decided to add one of my popular sunrise images to the contest and I would appreciate any vote :)
To vote simply click the link below and on the nikon website click the yellow "vote" button.…

If you have also added a piece to the contest feel free to post a link as comment to spread the word :)

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Everything Changes...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 4, 2011, 2:41 PM
...well, not everything :D

Life after graduating didn't really get easier as I was hoping. As a result I totally missed this years autumn due to all the work related things I had to take care off. Since the one week of holiday I had after finishing university I didn't pick up the camera a single time for over a month...

...but finally things are getting better :)
The strong winter this year (and some serious ass kicking by riiaaa) simply forced me to grab the camera and go outside. I really like the result of the two short winter walks I did and doing so really motivated me again. I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback of those images. A few more pictures can be found on my website

Dazzling White by hquer Snow Path by hquer Winter Walk by hquer Frozen Life by hquer Struggling to Survive by hquer

Next thing on my list to do photography related is getting a little into studio and portrait photography. Reading a book about it at the moment and trying out some very basic lighting setups with my little SB-600. But you have to start somewhere... Hopefully I will be able to extend this in the future since this is a topic that really interests me a lot.

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 9, 2010, 3:22 PM
All my previous projects for creating a website pretty much failed at some point. The DA portfolio is too limited and the photography blog which I did set up some time ago died pretty quickly because I haven't had the time to post new things regularly.

I still would have really liked to have some kind of own website outside of DA so it got me thinking what it was that I really wanted. The conclusion I came to is that all I really wanted is a nice way to show my artwork. Some kind of easy to view gallery because DA isn't the best for just displaying pictures (especially if you want to show your work to people who aren't that much into computers).

The result can now be viewed at my new and final website :)
It's just a simple gallery which splits up all my different work into easy to browse sub galleries.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work in such an organized way, any comments and of course also critique is as always very appreciated!

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 5, 2010, 12:25 AM
Finally it is done, last week I handed in my diploma thesis :)
Now I'm just waiting for the results and for a talk I have to give to defend the thesis. But the most stressful times are behind me for now!

Two days ago was also my birthday (yay). Got two photography books, one about infrared photography and another one about using a flash for portrait photography. Both very interesting books and things I want to explore more in the future.

So now, it's time again - time for taking new pictures or at least for editing and posting old pictures :)

To end this post, some random pictures from my recent favorites:
waiting for the one and only by burningBernd A Post Nuclear Photo XXXV by Leon13th sadness again by boko Join Me_ 2nd version by Augenlicht :thumb121406982: :thumb97720830:

Mature Content

Pandora by DaveMc
A way to freedom... by MatiForever :thumb83124308: To the ends of the earth by Travis-Anderson

Mature Content

6124-JS Energy Work - by artonline

Mature Content

Caravan by eugenebuzuk
wallpaper: Sunbeam Dance by Batmaaaaan Into The Mist by sirgerg

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Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 12, 2010, 7:00 AM
This morning I received my second daily deviation :)
Abandoned Factory by hquer
Just wanted to say "thank you" to all my watchers and the people who supported me. Without your support, comments and critique I wouldn't have come so far. One year ago I wouldn't have even thought of the possibility of receiving a daily deviation.
So again, thank you!

Now I can actually create a list of daily deviations I received ;)
Abandoned Factory by hquer Ready To Go by hquer

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Features III - Dark Nature

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 17, 2010, 2:28 PM
You might have noticed that with my last two deviations I tried out new things regarding nature photography. Why must nature pictures always be colorful and be like what we would describe as beautiful?

I'm talking about those two pictures:
War Against Nature by hquer Into the Fog by hquer

What about something like "dark nature" pictures? Picture which have more of a dark artistic touch trying to evoke feelings and a kind of tension. Do you like those pictures? Can such pictures work or are they just against what we want to see as nature pictures?

Decide for yourself (features from my favs):
:thumb151226398: Autumn feelings no.7 by naturetimescape otherworld dreams III by arbebuk otherworld dreams II by arbebuk hidden muse by mikrobi808 GUN BATIMI by excalibur38 Alone... by SHA-1 Between Breaths by drkshp Dead zone by zardo Forest Rays II by l8 Into The Mist by sirgerg
Snow in Porec... by Kaarmen .: Beautiful Crazy :. by oguzceng Sour times by DrumsOfWar inside silence by SevimDalan Waterscape by Chris-Lamprianidis 05 by Irk-in Stroll in forest... by julie-rc BG 545 by Gektograf Wolves are Withering by andyp89 Incandescent red by julie-rc
Binary by Fritzchen-26 Echoes by BrandonRechten Nebel by Fritzchen-26 Dawn of a new Day by pkritiotis

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Back from Sweden

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 4, 2010, 2:35 PM
We are back from our hiking trip through the Höga Kusten area in Sweden. We walked the Höga Kustenleden - or High Coast Trail - from Hornöberget to Ullånger, alltogether about 65km in 4 1/2 days. It was a very awesome adventure for us and it was really hard to go back home after experiencing such great nature and the quietness of it. Next year we are for sure going on another hiking trip through Sweden, but then we will go far more north.

Now I'm back and that's about it with holiday and photography for now, the deadline for my diploma thesis is in 2 months. So I have to fully concentrate on this until October.

But not everything is lost since I brought many many pictures back from Sweden. Enough to keep uploading new stuff to DA for a while :)
Here is the first set of pictures from Sweden:
Magic Forest IR by hquer Bad Weather by hquer Arlanda Express by hquer Forest Path by hquer Hoega Kusten - The High Coast by hquer

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Hiking in Sweden

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 6, 2010, 3:59 AM
Long time since I last wrote a new journal, main reason is that I'm very busy right now working on my diploma thesis (only 3 months left... ). So life is pretty crazy at the moment, which also means that I have nearly no time for taking new pictures.

Even though I did upload some new pictures lately I'm not really happy with them since they where mostly just snap shots from the few moments where I actually had my camera around. So still no time to do the things which I actually wanted to do this summer - some more creative and planned work.

But not everything is lost!
In two weeks I will be going on a one week hiking trip through Sweden with riiaaa. Of course I will take my camera and some basic photo equipment with me, so hopefully this trip will give me the opportunity to get some nice landscape and nature shots :). I'm also planning on taking my little infrared camera with me!
The trip will be my first outdoor experience and I'm really looking forward to being away from civilization for whole 5 days (no internet and checking DA for updates like a maniac! ;) ).

To get some inspiration here are some recent nature pictures from my favorites which really inspire me:
the Fabulous Fall by Alexander-Osika Here... by WojciechDziadosz A Pony Named Wildfire by nine9nine9 :thumb151226398: Shattered Solitary Tree by i-am-JENius   Portrait of a Dream by kkeman :thumb127058345:   Serenity Copy by AdrianAmeno :thumb97792595: :thumb130349453: Moment of Silence by SvenMueller Heaven And Earth. by no-soap-was-harmed

Mature Content

Tricky Angel by MiraNedyalkova
:thumb145165544: I see trees of green by theaudioslave :thumb161367642: :thumb133820624: freeling by arayo :thumb163351454:

Mature Content

August by eugenebuzuk

Mature Content

towards by draechlein
m xx 127s by metindemiralay

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Taking Pictures Again

Journal Entry: Wed May 26, 2010, 4:14 AM
The good news is, I'm taking pictures again! :)
The bad news is, I'm so busy with university work and life that I only barely have time to process them :(
But still, better than not taking pictures at all!

3 Weeks ago I was visiting Dresden. Sadly I was only there a single day, but it still was amazing. The weather was perfect to just walk around this beautiful city. Photography related I tried to take pictures going more into the architecture direction (the panorama shots of the city I still have to process). The results so far are:
Follow the Path by hquer Frauenkirche by hquer :thumb163232305:
I'm not entirely happy with how the pictures turned out so far, still something missing to give them a more unique touch. Will have to continue to play around with more creative post processing techniques.

The other thing I tried out recently was shooting creative outdoor portrait/people pictures. This time I was trying to use my 70-300mm Nikkor lens for getting a nice background DOF. And again the lovely riiaaa modelled for me. Results so far are:
In the Meadow by hquer Enjoying Spring... by hquer
With those pictures I'm really happy how they turned out. The colors and the DOF turned out great, giving the image a unique fealing. This is something that I definitely will try out again.

Hopefully I will have the time to process and upload more of the pictures I took soon.
If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments feel free to comment.

The next "new" thing which I want to try are very bright or high key pictures. Meaning pictures which have blown out areas and are very bright in general. I would be really grateful for any suggestions how to take such pictures, so if you have any experience to share - please comment. It would be interesting to discuss how much of the effect is post processing and how much it relates to how the pictures is taken (flash, sunlight,...) .
Here are some examples from my favourites:
Natalie. by 6Artificial6 Eyes by eugenebuzuk HighTu by cynop :thumb153802366: in the middle of emptiness by PaLiAnCHo Of Body and Light No.4 by existentialdefiance Remembering his Touch by my-bohemian-spirit :thumb124589604: Silence by 666BlackRose

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Some Random Thoughts

Journal Entry: Tue May 4, 2010, 1:59 AM
The good news is that I'm starting to take pictures again :)
Mostly just random shots while travelling and nothing really special or planned, but still some good shots - so expect some new uploads soon!

There is one thing though that is troubling me lately. And that is that I'm sick of just randomly walking around with my camera, hoping to be at the right place at the right time. Hoping to find the perfect landscape/tree/nature scene and then being there with the camera while having the perfect light and clouds - to take the perfect nature shot. (that also is the reason why there are only few and unusual nature pictures from me lately).

I feel like I want to do something more, something creative and something which depends on more than just being somewhere at the right time. But I don't really know where to start. I tried macro and high speed photography, but there I'm out of ideas what else to shoot (always doing the water drop thing gets pretty boring) and my simple equipment is a limiting factor too. I tried shooting people and portraits, but again the lack of real studio equipment and experience doesn't really produce any satisfying results. I tried so many different things (with mixed results) that I'm not sure what to try next. Am I stuck with just playing around and trying out many many different things over and over again until something new comes out of it - or is there another way to get going into a more creative direction?

I want to end this little rant with some creative portraits from my favourites.
(I chose people/portraits because often those pictures really involve more than just taking a pictures)

Mature Content

lazy summer sunday by clayman-deviant
:thumb161367642: :thumb146225269: Linn 01 by D4D1

Mature Content

double fluo by ABrito

Mature Content

pokusa by BudhaBar
:thumb133820624: La La Land by littlemewhatever For Any Spirit to Haunt by existentialdefiance

Mature Content

Pipe dreams by bubs84
:thumb149512677: m xx 127s by metindemiralay

Mature Content

i'm worth a million in prizes by scottchurch

Mature Content

Wave by Transposure

Mature Content

Morning Dreams by AndiKunar

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Artist Feature: LeMSC

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 15, 2010, 9:23 AM
Still no time for taking new pictures, everything I had planned for the past two weeks was pretty much killed by me getting sick and spending most of the time in bed... :(

But enough about me! Time for a big feature :)
I was going through my favourites and decided to share the works of some brilliant photographers and artists.

Today the start will make LeMSC
I find myself looking at his gallery again and again, always finding more pictures which totally blow me away.
LeMSC really has a talent for creating unique and very emotional photographs.
Please take just a few minutes and take a look at his gallery,
Agoraphobia by SHA-1 Children are cruel by SHA-1 End of Innocence by SHA-1
Under The Bed I by SHA-1 Under the bed II by SHA-1 Alone... by SHA-1
Ready to Die by SHA-1 Exist in various sizes by SHA-1 Oops by SHA-1
Behind the door by SHA-1 Bathroom by SHA-1 I await Don Quichotte by SHA-1

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My First Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 1:54 AM
This morning something totally unexpected happened,
I noticed that one of my older pictures out of nothing got several favs... so I took a look and noticed that the picture was featured as a daily deviation :)

The picture is part of my sunrise series from last year:
Ready To Go by hquer

It's my first daily deviation and I didn't expect this to happen at all :)
This is pretty motivating to take the camera into my hand again as soon as possible!

Last thing I want to say is: Thanks!
Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.
Without all your great comments and your support this wouldn't have been possible.

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