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Reaching for the Sky

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you nailed this whole set! i love it! very good work!
nice capture !
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Great ! I like it !
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Love this serie!

This one is my favorite. It looks as if she was trying to grab a "line" to hold or actually jumping off a kind of zip line to a destination of her choice. (I am aware it's a plane trail, no worries)
The color feels right even tho the top 8th of the picture shows a worked shadow. I'm amazed by how much lines and proportion will actually work a brain like that. Love your work! Manipulation is always done right.

Once again I'm curious on the data as to aperture and exposition ^^" I experimented alot and I still can't make anything quite like it.
The processing you did is great too. Motivational for us editing-shy out there :D
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Thanks a lot,
There was nothing special set for aperture or exposure. I might have had the aperture around f10 or so to get a better effect when shooting towards the sun. I also did you use polarizer (always helps when shooting against the sun). What is important is to expose for the background/sky and to keep the foreground already underexposed when taking the picture. Exposing the sun and the background like this works best on a summer sunrise (I got up at 4am for this picture) when sun isn't very bright. Lying very low on the ground also helps :)

But as you see there really isn't much magic about taking the actual picture. The pictures you get can already out of camera look very good and almost like the once I posted. [link] for example has nearly no post processing done.

However selective post processing still is very important to make the pictures just right. I wrote a little tutorial here [link]
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These are amazing great work!
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Sehr schöne atmosphärisches Bild.
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wowww.. fantastic! sehr schoen
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It's a tad late for this notification, but this piece has been featured here! Thanks for sharing your awesome work with all of us!
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Just in case this applies to you:
I did a huge feature for this group, so it was split into two entries. And I gave a few people the wrong links.

So, if you don't find your work in the one entry, it will be in the other:

Part 1
Part 2
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what powerful camera do you have!!!!
and an incredible eye!!!
nice :clap:
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thanks a lot! :)

It's a Nikon D300.
But it's not only the camera, there was some post processing involved [link]
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thanks a lot!
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Ihr seid morgens viel zu fit!!!!!!!!!!
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ich stell mir grad vor, wie das für beobachter ausgesehen haben mag... "los... hü;pf mal vor dem sonnenaufgang 20x auf und ab..." :P

tolle serie!
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Oh ja :D
und immer das gleiche nach jedem Foto:
"gleich nochmal nur jetzt dreh dich noch ein stück zur Sonne" ...
"und nochmal nur jetzt..." ...
"ne das vorher war besser, mach das bitte nochmal"

Für sowas kommt aber der Burst Modus der Kamera mit 5 bis 6 Bildern pro Sekunde sehr praktisch :)
Finger drauf und später aussortieren ;)
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