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Do you think there is too much nude subject matter on deviantART or is it a non-issue for you?

It is a non issue for me but I do think it should be an art site and not a stash for pornographic material. Sex sells and it is one of the things that makes deviantART one of the biggest art sites on the internet. The bigger question for me is "Is porn art?" "Is anything well drawn art even if it is of a pornographic nature?" "When do photographs start and stop being art?"

How much do you think your gender or sexual preferences might influence your answer?

The way the question is worded my answer would be none. I know people of both genders that have no problem with nudity and others that have great issues with any nudity for any reason, even educational. The opinion is based more on individual development for what is acceptable.

When is censorship of art permissible?

We get back to the question of "What is art?". I don't think art should ever be censored, but I don't agree with everyone's opinion of what is art.

Where would you draw the line?

What rational rule could you offer as a practical guideline?

I would not draw a line but I do see the need for a rating as a guide for others to decide if they wanted to see what was behind the door so to say and it would need to be a broad rating. Nudity doesn't mean sexual content in my opinion but others would not agree. Some Muslims have a serious problem with any depiction of Mohamed. Look what happened in France. Some artist do mean to shock the viewer to make a point and I think that is acceptable but I do believe the viewer may deserve a little warning.

Have you ever had a work of art you created censored or banned in any way?

No, but I am not a professional.

If an artist really believes in what he or she has created, how should the artist respond to censorship of that art?

As a repression of freedom of expression.

Have you been made aware of an instance of “art suppression” via the Internet?

It happens so fast it's hard to find and harder to prove after the fact.

Would you ever suggest to another artist that he or she should tone a work of art down or agree to the censorship of an art object in a specific situation?