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New llama levels and Badge Pages!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 9, 2010, 5:23 PM
:star:  Fellow llama herders!

You may have noticed that today is a momentous day in the field of llamas. Due to their unexpected popularity, we have decided to tweak the llama levels a bit, in order to maximize fun and fairness for every deviant around -- from llama aficionados to those who simply dabble in llamas from time to time.

:star:  What llamas?  Glad you asked!

Behold, the new breakdown of llamas!  (If you dislike spoilers and wish to achieve the levels by pure surprise, then keep scrolling.)

= 1 (Llama)
= 10 (Super Llama)
= 50 (Albino Llama)
= 100 (Super Albino Llama)
= 500 (Ninja Llama)
= 1,000 (Fancy Llama)
= 2,500 (King Llama)
= 5,000 (Spartan Llama)
= 7,500 (Wizard Llama)
= 10,000 (Golden Llama)

There you have it!  So many awesome reasons to stay connected to the community and to search out new and undiscovered deviants.  Share the wealth, my friends.  Share it.  ;)

:star:  Keeping track of llamas and badges couldn't be easier!

Not only have we provided updates to allow for more Llama Lovin', but we've enhanced badges in general.  The enhancements allow you to easily keep track of and organize all the badges you've accumulated and given.

1.  Feature up to 5 badges in the upper-righthand corner of your Profile Page.

2a.  When on your Profile Page, hover over the badges, and click 'View Badges!' to be taken to your new Badges Page.  

2b.  When on a fellow deviant's Profile Page, hover over the badges, and click 'View Badges!' to be taken to their new Badges Page.

3a.  From your Badges Page, you can view all the badges you've accumulated, as well as drag, drop, and arrange your 5 Featured Badges.  How you arrange the Featured Badges on this page is how they will be displayed on your Profile Page.  You can also use this page to view your Badge Activity, which includes information about the badges you've sent and received.

3b.  View the Badges Page of a fellow deviant to check out which badges they've accumulated.  You can also use this page to view their Badge Activity, which includes information about the badges they've sent and received.

4.  Badges cannot be deleted.  However, they can be 'unfeatured' so they only appear on the Badges Page.

:star:  More fun times are on the way!

The llama madness has overtaken our brains and driven us to work on a few more tweaks behind the scenes.  What will they be?  How sleek will they look?  Well, you'll just have to wait and see.  But if you could see our giddy llama-like skipping through the office, you'd know how excited we are about the new developments.

deviantART llamas loves you.  :heart:


P.S. - New 'Legend of the Seeker' this weekend.  The show might not have llamas, but it does have lots of horses and the occasional sheep.  Just sayin'.  :wizardhat:

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