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Gallery Folders

Homage to Stan Lee by RedGeOrb
Fire Emblem Eliwood x Ninian by Eldervi
Don Henley by Yankeestyle94
League of Legends - Zyra by Eldervi
Bloody Tears - Castlevania by Teradiam
Excelsior! by Thecoldtrojan
Pontiff Sulyvahn by Yacrical
Sunrise RX-78 by Sefikichi
--All CROSSOVER Fan-art--
Lara vs Predator by DemonLeon3D
Dark Soul 3 x Bioshock Boss design by Jcinc1
Disney meets Warcraft - Tiana by LiberLibelula
Disney meets Warcraft - Snow White by LiberLibelula
--All MATURE Fan-Art--
FE Eirika NSFW by Eldervi

Mature Content

Sierra Rune by PemaMendez

Mature Content

Misty Boudoir by PemaMendez
Ladies of the Night by Candra
Jasmine by joyamelie
Jasmine by RaidesArt
Battle Jasmine by GDBee
Jasmine by Krista-Dunaway
Alien Predator
Alien Xenomorph. by Artistic-Imagery
Predator's smile by daRoz
Predator by Naitho
Assassin's Creed
Eagle of Firenze by Teradiam
It's up to me now by itbreaksilence
Ezio Auditore by MassoArt
Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin's Creed II by ArtbyCharlotte
Attack on Titan
The Armored Titan Appears by IIYametaII
Eren Jaeger by itbreaksilence
Levi Ackerman by saltypomelo
Avatar The Last Airbender
Appa and Aang by ArtGutierrez
Zuko by Picolo-kun
Toph Beifong by Keyade
Avatar The Legend of Korra
Raava the White Force by mangamie
Korra by Krista-Dunaway
Chief Beifong the first by Artipelago
Tomb Raider Reborn with Korra II by SolKorra
Bioshock Series
Bioshock: Warsaw - contest entry by FrogMakesArt
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad / Heisenberg Speed drawing + Video by KevinFiloniArt
Dark Souls
darksoulsfini R3 by Clooms
She Lives In You by Sefikichi
Deus Ex Series
Deus Ex - The Fall by I-GUYJIN-I
Devil May Cry
Dante Devil May Cry 5 by SonnizzleArt
Dexter's Laboratory
Monkey by fubango
Nova Blast Party! by mangamie
Queen of pain by ANG-angg
Dr. Who
Thirteenth Doctor by Sefikichi
Dracula Untold
Dracula Untold by JoshCalloway
Goku Super Saiyan Blue 2 by BardockSonic
Dragon's Crown
Dragon's Crown Sorceress by magion02
Dragon Age
Fenris by ynorka
Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied Watercolor Version by riccardobacci
Asuka speedpaint by TychyTamara
Fairy Tail
Erza Scarlet - Fire Empress Armor by Suagob
Fate Series
Saber~ by GUWEIZ
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy VII - Aerith House by Jcinc1
Snow Queen by joyamelie
Fullmetal Alchemist
This pain is too much real by MishimaHaiku
Game of Thrones
Jon Snow Fan art - Speed Painting by RedGeOrb
birdwatching - gatchaman fanart by Entropician
Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka
Sharo's Roses by dorekimi
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy by PatrickBrown
Harry Potter
Emma Watson by TychyTamara
Hellboy by Az-I-Am
Bitten by Hellsing-Order
Heroes of the Storm
Edited-Hero Contest submission by KeiferSanchez
How To Train Your Dragon
Warrior | Astrid by RaidesArt
Howl's Moving Castle
Howl x Sophie fanart by Samscrapbook
Inside Out
Inside Out: Anger by Hellsing-Order
Journey by Ullbors
Hirasawa Yui [Fanart] by AbdurMpower
Kill La Kill
Kill La Kill- Ryuko Matoi by ChubyMi
Kingdom Hearts
Riku by Nijuuni
King Of Fighters
Daimon fanart by Samscrapbook
Kung Fu Panda
Po in Moscow by nik159
Kuroko No Basket
Midorima Midorimummy by modrawmanga
Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp (Personified) by Samscrapbook
League of Legends
League of Legends - Nami by Eldervi
Lilo and Stitch
Endless Summer by Ribera
Mad Max
Imperator Furiosa - Mad Max Fury Road by Naitho
Mario Mania by Az-I-Am
The Valkyrie by Sefikichi
Mass Effect
Vetra by Yacrical
Maleficent Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS
Sir dan by Entropician
Super Metroid by juhoham
Monster Hunter
Poogie : Visual kei singer by Sa-chan1603
Mortal Kombat
Johnny Cage by DemonLeon3D
Mulan by PedroMA26
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Jenny Rocks by 14-bis
My Little Pony
The Witching Hour by AbbyStarling
My Neighbor Totoro
Sketchalistic  Big Totoro by azuh
Boruto 12: Harem no Jutsu Rebirth by IIYametaII
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Asuka Langley by Namwhan-K
One Piece
Ben Beckman by IIYametaII
Chibi mercy by raulovsky
Owari No Seraph
Does it turn you on~? by Kazenokaze
Parks and Recreation
Ron Swanson - Parks and Recreation by BenMaud
Anne Takamaki by actrrrr
Pirates of the Caribean
jack sparrow by kodapops
Pocahontas by LeoNeal-CP
Eevee OWO by FigoFox
Powerpuff Girls
Mojo Jojo by AtheistNation
Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke: Mother Wolf by raikoart
Rapunzel fan art (Genre bend) by Samscrapbook
Real People
The Colour In Anything. by IndyMan33
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars by Avistic
Sherlock BBC
Dr. John Watson by shaynaJreddick
Snow White
Snow White by DarioJart
Sonic the Hedgehog
Take my Hand by Ranisa
Soul Calibur
Taki SCII by WarrenLouw
Star Fox
Fox McCloud by Haychel
Star Trek
Saavik by Sefikichi
Star Wars
Leia Organa by thire-sia
Street Fighter
Strongest Woman in the World by ArtNinjaTX
Super Meat Boy
Day 804# Super Meat (and Tofu) Boy by Cryptid-Creations
Super Smash Bros.
Bound to Smash by angelicshine
Super Sonico
Super Sonico! by Zoahra
Sword Art Online
Yuuki Asuna by dalex12
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Swordsman Kamina by OverlordJC
Jin VS Hwoarang by Bluedragon85
The Binding of Isaac
The Duke of Flies by straewefin
The Elder Scrolls
The Dragon-born, Skyrim Sketches by MadArt23
The Hobbit
Bard the bowman by AStoKo
The Hunger Games
The Mockingjay by thire-sia
The Legend of Zelda
Skull Kid by Jcinc1
The Little Mermaid
Ariel by RaidesArt
The Lord of the Rings
Eowyn by thire-sia
The Nightmare Before Christmas
What's This ? by NanoMortis
The Order 1886
Sir Galahad by Kuvshinov-Ilya
The Witcher
Yennefer\Ash by WitcheressWoxy
Pumyra -- Thundercats by Az-I-Am
Tokyo Ghoul
A Tokyo Ghoul by Arasteia
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider Reborn by Mineworker
Ohayou Gozaimasu! - Toradora Tag by TheIzaya
True Detective
The Taxman by aqueous-transmission
Undertaker by jaslikeschocolate
Ragnar Lothbrok - Vikings by BenMaud
Superbia by RedLadyMercenary
Sketchalistic Lonely Wall-e. by azuh
Winnie The Pooh
Happy day! by azuh
World of Warcraft
Who's Next? by Kuzinskiy
The door of darkness has opened by anocurry
Basically this is what you need to know..

For us:
- High quality is mostly based on what we think of as high quality. This includes comparing it to the source material but also the general execution and objective qualities of the work.
- All styles are welcome, we try to judge by composition, values, lighting, craftmanship, etc. Relatively objective standards.
- We may at any time remove something from the group if we feel it no longer lives up to our standards.
- We accept all types of fan art, games, anime, movies, shows in most (if not, all) forms, traditional, digital, photography, etc.
- We'll be categorizing art by their show, movie, general label belonging to the source material.
- We know the gallery will have a 'lot' of folders, so for the sake of convenience we will do our best to organize them alphabetically, a-z.

For you:
- Daily limits on submissions to the gallery may change based on actual activity.
-- Currently: Anyone can submit 2 deviations per day
-- Currently: Members can submit 6 deviations per day
-- Currently: Contributors can submit unlimited deviations per day

- Anyone can submit to the '--Unsorted--' folder.
- Members/contributors can submit everything to the appropriate folder, .
-- Should the right folder not exist or you don't want to search for it, submit to the '--Unsorted--' folder.
- If we don't know what it's from we might ask you, once you respond we can look it up and see if it meets our standards.
- The group's favorites gallery will be for all high quality original art.
- Invite your friends and fellow artists, let's make this a great group!

We may edit this over time as more points may need to be addressed or changed.
Last edit Sep 27, 2018.

Questions? Please comment or note. :)
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