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Dragon Quest XI Livestream

Fri Sep 7, 2018, 2:49 PM
ogpreview by dtab428Join RossDraws as he illustrates Dragon Quest XI art live in the theme chosen by the community!  Plus, watch stunning gameplay to level up your own quest!
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Join RossDraws as he creates Dragon Quest XI art live in the theme chosen by the community! Plus, watch stunning gameplay to level up your own quest!

Enjoy exciting gameplay followed by fan art creation!

Meet the Artist


Ross is a character designer and illustrator. He worked on the film Earth to Echo and is currently finalizing his first book: NIMA.

Loot Drop

Are you the biggest Dragon Quest XI FAN of them all?

We have some Dragon Quest swag and we want to give it to you! Comment below to tell us why you’re the hero most deserving of this Elusive swag.  Experience Points will be awarded for creativity, knowledge and passion. Comment by September 14th at 11:59pm PDT to qualify!

ripleys og by symonxThe DeviantArt/RipleyS #UnconventionalArtContest has run its course—check out the keenly creative winners and peruse the rest of the entries!

Unbelievably Awesome Winners!

DeviantArt and Ripley's Believe It or Not! collaborated to challenge you to create awesome, unconventional works of art, breaking out of the artistic box like the pieces found in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odd Is Art book. We're so pleased with all the submissions we received!

It was hard to pick the Semi-Finalists and it was even harder to decide on the winner, but the panel of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Executives & Talent (Brian Relic, VP of Design & Development; Amanda Joiner, Senior Director of Publishing; John Graziano, Cartoonist; Bruce Miller, Lead Artist) has finally made their decision.

Check out the winning pieces below and explore all the other entries!

First Place

"The Wolves Come Out At Night"

queenofeagles will receive:

  • Winning Work displayed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Los Angeles
  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to Los Angeles to view the art in person
  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to be part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Art Department for a day in Orlando, FL.
  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book

Judge's comments:

The thought behind this piece is what makes it incredible. Having one wolf created by light and the other by darkness is an especially nice touch!

Second Place

"A Whole Other Cat"

jodee will receive:

  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to be part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Art Department for a day in Orlando, FL.
  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book
  • Admission for two (2) to any Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium worldwide

Judge's comments:

Jodee's journal entry detailing each step is fascinating! Watching Senor Stevie Nicks come to life step-by-step really makes you appreciate the work put into this truly unconventional piece!

Third Place

"Toothpaste Moon"

rainbow-falls will receive:

  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book
  • Admission for two (2) to any Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium worldwide

Judge's comments:

The texture created by the unique medium and the artist's impasto technique is truly amazing. Without closer inspection, you'd think this moon landing was faked!

Ruby topaz by UszatyArbuzIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

Introducing UszatyArbuz


My name is Aleksandra and I'm an artist from Poland. In what media do I create? It's hard to tell as often times I feel like a jack of all trades. Art is in my life since I remember - in fact, my oldest memory is connected with drawing. In my early teenage years, I was mostly drawing manga using traditional media. When I joined DA I was sharing photography and my first pixel arts. Before - I posted both photography and pixel art here, now - I moved photography to my other social media. I'm a pixel art creator and a big supporter of this community on DA since then, especially with my weekly pixel art feature. A few years ago I got a graphics tablet from my friend, and I decided to try digital illustrations which gave me a lot of fun while I was drawing! My favorite subject is birds, but I also have a little Halloween-related series of illustrations. In the meantime, I was trying a lot of different artisan crafts: from polymer clay charms, trough embroidery to focusing on creating greeting cards and scrapbooking - which currently are uploaded to my other social media as well.

Still, I think I'm most known on DA for my resources and "pimping-up" profiles. As a past student of Applied Computer Science, I gained basic info about HTML and CSS, but to be honest I truly began to use it here on DA. I started with creating journal skins, but then I noticed it's fun to pretty up not only journals but also deviants' profile pages and galleries, making it one whole themed "online business card". I love when someone comes to me with an original idea and it makes me really happy to help people to personalize their page. But most of all I'm happy that so many people got inspired and started to create resources to decorate profiles, for all users regardless of the subscription status. One day I started to ask myself, "Is there a limit on customization on DeviantArt?". I started to explore the possibilities of creating CSS based decorations, and I still learn something new every day. That's what I love about it the most - exploring the possibilities, being resourceful and deepening my practical knowledge. And on the other side - inspiring people to try on their own and helping them to express themselves through making their little DeviantArt home personal and their "own".

Majora's Madness Group Profileby UszatyArbuz
aurig the hyena doorknobby UszatyArbuz
linden profile pimpingby UszatyArbuz
castle room backgroundby UszatyArbuz
The Penny Dreadfuls Gallery skinby UszatyArbuz
Weekly Dose of Coffeeby UszatyArbuz
halloween feastby UszatyArbuz
herbieby UszatyArbuz
profile of a toucanby UszatyArbuz
first snowby UszatyArbuz
pokemon township gallery skinby UszatyArbuz

september 2018

Deviousness Award Winner

If you've spent time interacting within the DeviantArt Community, there's a strong possibility that you have encountered a floating watermelon avatar with cat ears — that whimsical icon belongs to UszatyArbuz! UszatyArbuz is one of those people that just continues to give back. Whether she's sharing amazing ways to customize your DevantArt experience, educating through incredible art tutorials, posting inspiring art features, or just generally being friendly and welcoming, it is very easy to see why she is beloved by many. Beyond this, her gallery is absolutely stunning and spans across a variety of mediums. For all of these reasons it is our absolute honor to award her with Deviousness for September 2018.

Showing some love

Community Quotes


Aleksandra aka UszatyArbuz has been such a good DA friend of mine for years. She is such a wonderful person and is busy, busy, busy on DeviantArt. So busy, I have no idea how she does it all! When I needed help at DevNews I asked her if she could please help out, and she immediately said yes, even though she was already an admin at several other groups. There is a saying that states, 'when you want something done, ask a busy person', and I can attest that is so very true of her. Aleksandra is such a varied artist, but my favorites she does are the painting on craft items, her pixel art and her skins and widget CSSes. She takes commissions, which I've been happily able to take advantage of for Angels-And-Gangstas, but she also creates free skins for the community, including skins for non-core members, which add decoration to a profile page of a Deviant who doesn't currently have a Core membership.If she receives a comment or note Aleksandra will reply. It seems as if I am forever asking her questions or asking for advice and she is right there with her answer and/or her opinion. I listen very carefully to what she has to say. She often posts a variety of feature journals, and when looking through her journal list, it is obvious she enjoys many types of artwork. Many Deviants look forward to her yearly 'Halloween Scavenger Hunt' that is not only fun but has prizes as well. She collects points to be used as 'Hunt' prizes and has the help of many donators. It is a unique experience! If you see a bouncy watermelon avatar, you know you're on the right page for Aleksandra. Many congratulations on receiving Deviousness dear. You are so very deserving.

UszatyArbuz is one of those deviants I'm always happy to see pop up in my message center. To me, she seems like a happy medium between peppy and down to earth. I've always loved the work she does, as she without a doubt has remarkable skill and talent. I've been loving learning more about her on a personal level, through her daily status posts for my 30-day photo challenge, and I look forward to hopefully learning even more about her. I'm certainly very happy to see her receive this honor, and always wish her the best! May she stay on DA for a long time to come.

I became aware of the friendly watermelon kitty soon after I joined DA, and in a way, it was quite daunting to come across this one person in so many places. UszatyArbuz can be found anywhere - participating in charity collaborations, creating fantastic features, making amazing digital works, doing some pixel madness, crazy coding and let's not forget her Halloween, Scavenger Hunt. I'm happy to say she's one of the BIG names that are not at all imposing when you get to know her. With her immense skill set (some closeted because she's *that* multi-talented) and her great and friendly attitude towards anyone she approaches, it's really no surprise at all that she's awarded the Deviousness Award. Thank you for all that you do, Aleksandra; be it in the background of a gallery or journal skin, on the foreground with the other multitude of art you create or taking the center spot with your amazing personality that is 100% you!

She is a very helpful person with a lot of nice resources to support and magnify each deviant's profile page - no matter if core or not. If one needs help or an advice you can always reach her and actually receive help or a solution to your problem. Furthermore, she has a lot of nice designs so that everyone finds something of their liking. I am active in this field as well so for me she is a great inspiration in terms of design and coding. Over only a few months she made massive improvements and I am glad to know her and I will gladly see what comes in future!

Who said watermelon? Ola is one of my favorite deviants, we have a little friendship out of DA too and this helped me know her better as a person, and not only as an artist. Her Monday Pixel Madness project is a great one, she featured a lot of pixel artists on those features, also on Fav Feature another great project that she posted. As an artist, she creates great digital art, journal skins, resources, and is a very talented artisan crafter too. Dear Ola, I'm so happy for your deviousness award, wow, congrats girl, well deserved! Keep being awesome, keep helping deviants, and keep up the good work.

I first met UszatyArbuz when I commissioned her for a journal skin. I had no idea what I was talking about and I was super picky, but Aleksandra stayed super patient with me through it all and the result was something amazing that I still use multiple times every week! Over time, what started as a business relationship, grew into a wonderful friendship. We laugh, we share thoughts, exchange ideas and above all, she's been a great help whenever I get stuck on something. She's a true wizard when it comes to CSS and makes the most adorable pixel art. Dear Watermelon girl, you are an absolutely wonderful person and I value our friendship very much. I am beyond thrilled to see you join the club! Congratulations my dear! .

UszatyArbuz is such an inspiration because of the inclusive nature of all of her work and community efforts. Whether it be her enthusiastic organization of contests and events, her endeavor to bring pizzazz to the profiles and journals of everyone through her numerous resources, or the small but not insignificant show of thoughtfulness in her messages wishing people during festivals, UszatyArbuz is an embodiment of everything DA should be about. Congratulations, Aleksandra! This was definitely a long time coming..

nature child YCH iiiby UszatyArbuz
nature child YCH iby UszatyArbuz
nature child ych IIby UszatyArbuz

@usztyarbuz a deviant deserving of recognition, she is a wonderful part of this community. When I joined this site four years ago, Ola was one of the first deviants that I met. She helped me feel at home within this large database of people. I have never felt more comfortable reaching out to and getting to know someone. She brings a warm feeling to all she meets, and her annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt is always fun to participate in. Ola is a staple to many of us here on DeviantArt, with her award-winning personality, to the imagination she brings to the CSS community. Her seamless Journal, Widget, and Gallery Skins grace many of the profiles on DA (Including Mine). In my opinion, she is the best (and that is my complete and total BIASED opinion)! She is also a skilled Digital Artist, Pixel Artist, and Artisan Crafter. Her gallery is packed full of her special talents. I am honored to consider her among my friends and love our yearly Christmas Card exchange. Congratulations, Ola, enjoy your award, because you deserve it.

This cute "kitten melon" is very hard to miss in the DeviantArt community. So as her avatar icon is amazing, so is she. A wonderful person to be around, always helpful and kind. Anyone who likes to be special and wants to have a custom look for the profile page or any cool page widget, her gallery is the way to go. Are you clueless about coding and pc language, she will translate it for you. She is a team member of many groups and also a true master of 1000 hobbies. I'm so happy to have met you Aleksandra. Congratulations UszatyArbus on your well-deserved Deviousness award!

Aleksandra is devoted to the DeviantArt community and I am not surprised she is finally honored with the Deviousness Award. Her contribution here is truly remarkable. She is an active administrator of many community groups, she writes weekly features, she creates resources to prettify our profiles. She spends so much of her time for others and totally deserves to be recognized. The "Eared Watermelon" is not only an active shining star for our community, she is also a talented digital artist who creates amazingly detailed pixel art, one of many of her passions. She is skilled at making CSS code for DeviantArt profiles, galleries and journals. My personal favorites of her are her bird themed digital paintings. Her work is a must see. Aleksandra is friendly and fun, and I am happy to be among her online friends. She is an inspiration to me and probably to many others as well. It's exciting to see her get the Deviousness Award. Thank you, Aleksandra, for your work and your contribution to our community.

UszatyArbuz is not only a very talented artist but is also the best CSS coder you will find on deviantArt for your personal or group journal skins. She is very professional and will make certain you are completely satisfied with the final product. Her coding rates are especially affordable and are produced promptly for your needs. She also creates awesome pagedolls, icons and more. I have commissioned her for several of the above aforementioned products and have been completely satisfied every time. She is an exemplary deviant on this wonderful art site and is willing to help anyone in any way she is able. If for some reason she is unable to help answer a question for you she will seek out the answer and direct you to the proper deviants who can assist you. She keeps herself involved in many activities and groups and her annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt is always a huge success. If you're looking for anything fun and deviantArt related she is your "go-to" person. She's fabulous and I couldn't say enough great things about her as an artist, coder and a friend! A HUGE asset to deviantArt! Way to go Aleksandra and a great big Congrats on your Deviousness Award! Well earned and deserved!

Ever since I first came across UszatyArbuz's profile, I have been wowed not only by her astounding knowledge of HTML and CSS coding but her friendliness and kindness! I absolutely adore the wonderful resources with which she has provided for the community, and I always look forward to seeing another one of her 'Monday Pixel Madness' features every week! Congratulations, dear Aleksandra!

Whenever I think of the talented Aleksandra, the first thing springing to mind are her remarkable code resources and stunning CSS journal designs. I myself have commissioned from her and each journal is its own distinct work of beauty. Aleksandra has such a brilliant eye for detail and vibrancy. Not only that, she is one the most outgoing, thoughtful people you might hope to meet on DeviantArt - filled to the brim with talent and heart. Her diverse gallery stands as a true testament that with hard work, community spirit, determination, and kindness - one can achieve anything. I greatly admire her personal flair as an artist and treasure her as a friend. To that end, I sincerely hope receiving the prestigious Deviousness Award reminds her of the important role she plays within our growing community. The wonderful UszatyArbuz well deserves this honor for all of her ongoing efforts and I happily offer my heartfelt congratulations to her on Deviousness!

Aleksandra has been very dedicated to helping make DeviantArt a better place! A wonderful friend you can count on whenever you need her, she always has a positive attitude towards everything she does. I've had the pleasure of seeing her in action as a group Admin, and it is such a pleasure having her around! Her coding skills inspire me! I love her special widgets and her non-core journal skins are one of my favorite creations of hers!!! She's skilled in multiple art categories, so visiting her gallery is always rewarding, because you'll always find lots of amazing creations to admire and be inspired by! It is such a JOY seeing such a good person, artist and friend being recognized in this lovely manner <3 CongraSUPERtulations, my dearest Ola!.

From all the things I could list about Ola with this wonderful occasion, the first one which comes to mind is her friendliness! She has a style of interacting in the community which is direct and warm. This, coupled with her hard work and the skills she gained over the years, transformed her account into a reference point on DA! The joy she has in playing with designs, nerding around in CSS and HTML, made the work of many features so much fun and so much easier! The tutorials she wrote over the years, and the continuous help she provides in various groups, together with her constant featuring activities, have inspired and supported so many around DA! She cares deeply for this community, and if you've never taken part in one of the events organized or supported by her - keep an eye for them - they are really fun! Smart, witty, reliable and hardworking - she's really deserving of this award!

Congratulations to UszatyArbuz!

View Profile

Hero-bg by dtab428We were overJOYed to see so many great submissions to the We Happy Few Wellington Wells Postcard Contest and, after much consideration, we have finally found our three winners!
Watch Trailer

We Few, We Happy Few Winners!

DeviantArt, The Bureau of Festivities, Compulsion Games, and Gearbox Publishing thank you for your help in getting the word out about Wellington Wells. We were overJOYed to see so many great pieces and, after much consideration, we have finally found the three winners of the Wellington Wells Postcard Contest!

Chosen by We Happy Few's Whitney Clayton (Art Director), Sarah Hamilton (Concept Artist), and Carylitz Tamez (Environmental Artist), here are our First, Second, and Third Place postcards including some comments from our judges.

"We happy few"


Monanu Will Receive:

$3,000 USD6-Month Core MembershipWe Happy Few Time CapsuleWe Happy Few GameWe Happy Few T-Shirt


Beautiful Illustration. Clean and technical. Great sense of motion. Great use of iconic themes from the game (the rats, butterflies, bunting, fashion). Dynamic, thematic poses. Cool use of depth and perspective. Accurate, interesting symbolism - not sure if the heart/skull between the couple was intentional but regardless it's really cool.



GalooGameLady Will Receive:

$2,000 USD6-Month Core MembershipWe Happy Few Time CapsuleWe Happy Few GameWe Happy Few T-Shirt


Super bold, fun and stylish. Extremely expressive. Thematically fits the world really well (cool clothing, moppy haircuts, shape of the shoes, rendering of the buildings and representation of Joy). Amazing, psychedelic color palette and shapes that references real 1960's psychedelic posters. The cartoonish nature of the characters is very fun.

"Join us"


FsMaverick Will Receive:

$1,000 USD6-Month Core MembershipWe Happy Few GameWe Happy Few T-Shirt


Really nails the “travel poster” theme. Professional, clean style. Great use of themes and symbols from the game (light vs dark, piñata/rat symbolism). Composition really brings your eye around to the piñata/rat - the message in the illustration has a lot of impact and is very clear.

ripleys og by symonxThe DeviantArt/RipleyS #UnconventionalArtContest has run its course—check out the keenly creative winners and peruse the rest of the entries!

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


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WhiskeyDreamer Featured By Owner 35 minutes ago   Writer
I have a question, and I'm not sure where to ask it.  Recently I've noticed that many Group Notifications aren't showing up in the notification bar.  Like when new forum threads are created.  They're no longer included in the notifications icons at the top right.  This is kind of a problem when group leaders now have admin that don't know there are new threads (unless they click on each group on the left in their inbox).

I got that you moved Announcements to group activity (I still wish it were part of Notices just so admin would see it sooner!), but now there's group activity that isn't even recognized as group activity.

Can someone explain why this happened?  I didn't see a journal about it, but maybe I just missed it.

JekyllAndHydeChannel Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Student Filmographer
DeviantArt staff,

Don't listen to :iconzandertube: , :iconzandertube: just made this just to mock me because of my past, you see I recently changed after getting a few complaints about my past, and now I recently changed and am doing better artwork.

:iconzandertube: just made this just to tease me when in reality, I'm doing much better with my art.
ZanderTube Featured By Owner 5 days ago
DeviantArt staff. 

Hello, everyone, it's Zander Tube. I've been wanting to get this off my chest. I wanted to talk about a deviant who is messed up in the head. This deviant :iconJekyllAndHydeChannel: currently calls himself JekyllAndHydeChannel, but he is also known as... the infamous SheriffDoom1. I am going to talk about three things about him. Starting with....
His opinions are atrocious! Ever thought :iconIntrancity: or :iconForceOfNatureAndCorn:'s opinions were bad? Well you haven't seen anything yet! I'm aware that I am supposed to respect other people's opinions, but I cannot bear this guy's. Also, HE PREFERS SCOOBY DOO OVER TRANSFORMERS!! No don't get me wrong, I like Scooby Doo. It's great. But that show paved the way for on
 He claims that I'm making spam deviations which is just freedom of speech. He claims that he's trying real hard to become a good artist when in reality, he's probably not even trying. I am the real hard worker you're looking for. My art may not be the best, but his makes mine look like a masterpiece. I only used his artwork for comparisons which is just like comparing Transformers and GoBots. 
JekyllAndHydeChannel Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Filmographer
DeviantArt staff.

:iconzandertube: is making fun of me because of my past, he made this spam deviation and used my artwork without pressing and made a spam deviation out of it, he claims that my art sucks when in reality, I am trying real hard to become a good artist and when you come to him, he obviously tell that he has no regret making a spam deviation.
Moonbeam13 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
cc. ZanderTube 

I suggest you both block each other and go on with your lives.
JekyllAndHydeChannel Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Filmographer
Don't listen to :iconzandertube:, he's only there to make lies.
ZanderTube Featured By Owner 4 days ago
It was only a satire
JekyllAndHydeChannel Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Student Filmographer
Yes, madam, I understand, also I did block him, my apologies for bothering you.
Laszl Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Dear DeviantArt staff...

I have a question:

Why does my artwork get's mature filtered automatically? I didn't put a mature filter on my newest artwork because it didn't require one but when I submitted it, it automatically had a mature filter on it.
This was the artwork I uploaded and got a mature filter on it automatically:

Mature Content

So Pretty by Laszl

Thank You for your time. Have a nice day!
Moonbeam13 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
There was an issue that has now been resolved :) cc: VictorLincolnPine 
Laszl Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome :)
VictorLincolnPine Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
There is an issue with the mature content filter, it is automatically filtering my work regardless of what I do, and none of the work warrants filtering anyway (Seriously, how the heck is a spinning Mario coin inappropriate?)
VictorLincolnPine Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Respond immediately. 
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I reported this user on 21th of august:…

still no reply from the report section. what is happening?
Laszl Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Does anyone experiencing an issue of when you upload a new artwork the thumbnail of the image won't generate? Because when I uploaded a new artwork I've got some feedback that the image thumbnail is not generating. I've also reconnected my internet and rebooted my PC and when I tried to upload the image again the thumbnail still hasn't generated...
Moonbeam13 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
This does happen occasionally but if you link me to the deviation with the issue I can try and fix it for you.

~ Danie
Laszl Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
This issue has already been fixed, I believe it was only a minor website issue which prevented others from seeing the thumbnail of my deviation which happened last night.

Here are the deviation which had the issue:
Trixie and Starlight by Laszl

And here are some of the comments which stated that the thumbnail of the image wasn't generated:…………
SuperLuigi1025 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I am only here to tell you I blocked a user called Misskitten42 about 2 weeks ago.

So today about almost an hour ago I got this in messages:
Is this a bug by SuperLuigi1025

I think there is a bug on this site where sometimes a blocked person can still tag you and you get the notice about it when you shouldn't due the person being blocked.

So you might want to check that because I am sure no one wants to get a mention by someone they blocked.
Moonbeam13 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there :)

Please report this to the help desk so they can investigate the issue :)

Thank you!
Let me rephrase. Why the Hell are you cretins even getting me involved with this crap?
SerenaYvonneGabena Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018
Because of heygoodnews.
GokuandSonic707 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018
I told him to not get me involved with this shit. Now I'm telling you this. Bare in mind: I do like Serena and respect Amourshipping, but I don't want to be involved.
heygoodnews Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
Don't worry, he/she removed all of us from that list.
Removing them all from the list.
PipsySqueek Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Remove me from this list.
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