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Img-04 X by symonxIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award!

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

Introducing lora-vysotskaya


My name is Lora Vysotskaya, I was born and live in Ukraine. When I was a child, I loved to draw. I didn't learn drawing, but I loved to copy illustrations from books and photos from magazines about cinema. After that short period in my youth, I didn't do anything creative until accidentally stepped into the world of photo manipulation -- 4.5 years ago. It happened when my husband asked me to make a couple of collages for his work. At that time I had an iPad mini, and I used Bazaart (a pretty simple app for IOS) to make those collages. This process so captivated me, that I can't stop to this day. My first manips were quite simple, but my imagination just gushed, I could create 4-5 manips for a day! Sometimes I miss that time. Well, that's how I became an artist. Except for a short period last year, when I tried to make friends with Photoshop, I've created all manipulations on my iPad 9.7” just with my fingers. By the way, it is very convenient, because I can take my tablet anywhere, as an album for drawing. Now I use Affinity Photo for iPad, a fantastic app, almost as good as Photoshop. I heard that Adobe is going to release a full version of Photoshop for iPad in 2019, then probably I will use it if it will be not too expensive :wink: I'm an engineer and a logistician, and I think my profession is reflected in my creativity. As a logistician, I love order and logic, I don't like to clutter up space with extra details, almost every element in my manipulations must speak and strengthen a general idea.

I don't use a lot of textures and effects if it isn't necessary. You will not find any piece in a-girl-in-a-forest style among my works :wink: I put meaning in every artwork and I love to come up with interesting ironic titles for them, especially if they sound like a play on words. I'm not a master of landscapes but models are almost in every my work. People are most interesting for me as an object for creativity. Their emotions, thoughts and actions. And I always aim to create beautiful things and to avoid any unpleasing details, even if it's something dark. I think art must give just positive emotions and a sense of beauty. People say I have own recognizable style, hope it's true. Although I try to be varied to stay interesting for my dear viewers. I'm a visual by perception type, and most often I get ideas from something seen. I can see a model and immediately come up with a story for her/him. I read a lot, love good movies, and they are also a great source of inspiration for me. Sometimes, when I lack ideas, I look through the art of other artists hoping to get a push for my brain. Another way is contests on DeviantArt, often their themes also perfectly stimulate the imagination. Btw, I posted my first work on DeviantArt 3 years ago, in November 2015. And this place became some kind of virtual reality for me (and for the most part of artists I think), a little world where we live in parallel with our real life. We get inspiration from each other and have a great ability to share our art (read: our souls) with a lot of people. Besides creating photo manipulations, I have another hobby - coming with contests and organizing them. This is not less interesting than participating in them so I do it in my two groups and enjoy this.

December 2018

Deviousness Award Winner

Lora-Vysotskaya is a self-taught artist whose creative imagination has populated her gallery with whimsical scenarios and fascinating characters. What is more remarkable is that she does all this on a tablet with her finger, proof that true artistry doesn't rely on access to the best equipment. She's also a beacon within our photomanipulation community, regularly highlighting other members work and hosting community contests. She consistently inspires and supports others through her work with Stewed-Tomatoes, CRPhotomanipulation and DA-LOVERS. Her love and support for the DeviantArt community has not gone unnoticed and we are thrilled to award Lora-Vysotskaya with Deviousness for December 2018.

Showing some love

Community Quotes

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Lora is one of the most loyal, friendly and talented artists I know from Deviantart. I've known her since I joined DA and she has always been so helpful and kind, always giving her honest opinion about my artworks, even though she's much more talented and experienced than I am. I'm always amazed at her creativity and unique artworks. Each of them has a bit of her soul and its own story. I wish her all the best and many more years filled with unique artworks that makes us fans of her, more amazed. And lastly congratulations on her well-deserved award!

I have known Lora since 2016, back when she came to participate in the second art contest I ever hosted and we’ve been friends ever since. She impressed me with her creative and elegant work. Lora has become a successful artist within a few years because she is not only a skillful artist, creating all her artworks with just fingers on a small iPad, but also a very kind and supportive person. I do much admire her devotion that is shown through many activities in this great art community, and I'm happy that she finally received the Deviousness Award, which she well deserves. Congratulations, Lora!

Visiting Lora's gallery is an incredible voyage to fantasy, creativity, colour and amazement. Lora is a master, she doesn't create simple photomanips, she creates new worlds. Her attention to details, in the concept and composition along with flawless execution, provides a perfect result in the final piece. Not only she is a great artist, but she is also attentive to others and does an amazing work in her groups. Lora is kind and helpful and I'm a great fan, always waiting for her next work with much enthusiasm. I'm sure that if you visit her gallery you'll become a fan too. This award is very well deserved.

Lora-Vysotskaya is certainly belonging to this very seldom category of fully accomplished artists. Her immense talent and stunning imagination guide Lora in creating very powerful pieces of art, each and everyone remarkable and memorable in itself. What is most impressive is the whole world generated by the totality of her work, a world that possesses its independent life and consolidates a firm artistic vision. I could hardly think of someone else deserving more than Lora the Deviousness Award. Congrats and hugs dear Lora.

Lora is simply one of the best deviants, and digital artists DeviantArt has to offer us! And she’s never too busy to offer a kind word or helping hand to those in need. Simply put, she - and her artworks, are like a light to a moth at night. People are simply drawn to Lora. Inspiring on every level; she leaves us wanting her friendship, and grateful to have it. She is the ‘friend’ in friendship. If anyone is deserving of this reward, it’s Lora-Vysotskaya.LindArtz

Lora is a great artist and a very kind person. I'm fortunate to have her as a judge in my Wallpaper Contests! Her unique art-style is so enchanting! Lora, congrats on your Deviousness award, you really deserve it and I'm happy for you!

Lora is a wonderful person and artist. I love her work very much, she is very creative, and her artistic work amazes me time and again. Lora has more than earned the Deviousness Award and I am very happy for her... Many Hugs Lora!)

Lora-Vysotskaya is not only an excellent artist but also an asset to the community. As founder of two groups and admin of 5 more, she finds the time to awe us every month with a jam-packed newsletter. She also promotes contests from other groups by bringing us, the Photo Manipulation community, a regularly updated journal of contests and challenges on DeviantArt. Lora has added a uniqueness to her art. Some of you may not know this, but she uses her fingers and iPad to create her awesome deviations. I remember when she told me that she and Photoshop were not friends, so she found Affinity Photo. I was in awe when I saw the first creation she did with this new app - she was born to create. In September she was one of the 3 winners of Angels Without Wings and I believe she truly deserves this Deviousness award, too. Congratulations, my friend.

Lora is a very talented artist, thoroughly dedicated and selflessly devoting her time for DA community despite many responsibilities. I have had the privilege of knowing her for quite a few years. She is not only a kind person but always supporting and encouraging many lesser artists to achieve work of extraordinary quality. Describing Lora’s art, it’s akin to revisiting renaissance period/age. It has a touch of classiness which transports us to the old era of minimalistic details. It surely contains a combination of past and present vision, highlighting her creative mind. Her gallery is full of individuality and is therefore full of deep significance. She‘s a versatile artist who has a knack for working on different themes; her work is a fairytale story. This fairytale exists only in our dreams which she paints into reality through her art, engaging in the relationship between fantasy and surrealism. This she does with an incredible sense of humour incorporating love, nature and animals. I absolutely love it. Thanks to my friend for always been kind to your fellow artists. Congratulations on your deviousness award, you truly deserve it. I’m so happy for you!

Lora-Vysotskaya is a very talented artist, with unique works. A great supporter of our Photomanipulation community. She always very kind in support our members! Congratulations on your Deviousness award.

Lora is a great artist, and the great things that I really admire from her is what she has done with the photomanipulation community, She likes a mother to our community always trying to take care and support all artists within it. I appreciate all of her efforts to keep the photomanip community going and she always inspires us with her efforts. One of the strongest women I've known, she really deserves this honour, and I'm so glad for her! Congratulations Lora.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Lora on receiving this award. I am really proud of you, my talented friend. Lora is a very imaginative and inventive artist, in my opinion. She has her own unique style of art, and her artworks are always well thought out and inspirational to behold. She is a very creative and artistic person, whose works are continually spellbinding and stunning. I absolutely love her artworks. I also admire her flair for composition and lighting of the subject matter. Secondly, she is an inspiration to other artists and has a real professional outlook to the industry. I always appreciate her feedback, which she gives to other aspiring artists, as well.

Congratulations to Lora-Vysotskaya!

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The Magicians Fan Art Contest Winners

Thu Nov 15, 2018, 12:22 PM

Og-winners by symonxThe winners of @MagiciansSYFY Fan Art Contest have been chosen! See who the judges picked and browse the other entries. #TheMagicians #ItsAFanThing

And the winners are...

After reviewing all the wonderful submissions to The Magicians Fan Art Contest, celebrating key moments through the series in anticipation of its Season 4 premiere, a panel of judges (including The Magicians Executive Producers and Co-Creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara) have determined our winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered and don’t miss new episodes of The Magicians starting January 23, 2019 on SYFY!


"The Magicians Contest - Entanglement"


Judges' Comments

It is a fresh approach to creating a group shot in a unique arrangement and POV. The execution and rendering style are very well done.

"High Queen Margo - The Magicians"


Judges' Comments

This is a stunning rendition of the character. The artist captured the quintessential moment of Queen Margo.

Judges' Comments

This portrait is a beautiful character rendering that captures the character of Julia.

Receives: $4,000 USD1 Year Core Membership
Receives: $2,000 USD6 Month Core Membership
Receives: $1,000 USD6 Month Core Membership

Holiday Card Project 2018!

Fri Nov 9, 2018, 1:02 PM

The DeviantArt #HolidayCardProject is back to spread some holiday cheer once again!

Now on its 11th year, the Holiday Card Project aims to bring that cheer to patients in hospitals both in the United States and around the world during the holiday season, connecting artists everywhere and applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating meaningful, uplifting greeting cards.

Since it first started in 2004, the project has received nearly 28,000 cards sent in by thousands of deviants from over 60 different countries/political regions. Cards are then distributed by DeviantArt members and staff to different hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles area, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for DeviantArt volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.

The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: to do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will be given a free one-month Core Membership as a thank you for sharing your skills with those less fortunate than us.

Read below to see how you can be part of the holiday cheer, and we look forward to you joining us this year!

Holidays What is the DeviantArt Holiday Card Project?The purpose of the Holiday Card Project is to have deviants create physical holiday cards for people who are hospitalized during the holiday season, helping to bring a smile to the faces of those who may need some holiday cheer.

Holidays Who receives the cards?Cards will be distributed to both U.S. and international hospitals. Some cards will be delivered in-person by select deviants in the areas of the respective hospitals, while other cards will be distributed by hospital staff members. Patients who receive the cards range in age from children to seniors, and have illnesses or injuries that vary from mild to terminal.

Holidays What should I write in a card?Be as creative as you'd like, but remember, the degree of illness for patients will vary from mild to terminal, so it's important that what you write stays cheerful and positive. Some suggested greetings include, "Best wishes," "Thinking of you," or "Have a nice day." Stay away from phrases like "Get well soon" and "Hope you're feeling better," as it might not be appropriate for all patients. Be sure to include a message of "Happy Holidays" as the cards will be distributed for the holidays!

Please refrain from using any religious quotes or references. 

Holidays Can I make a card myself?Of course! An 8.5" x 11" (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm) sheet of paper folded 2 ways to a total size of 4.25" x 5.5" (11.43 cm x 12.7 cm) works nicely. However, there is no "set" size for cards, so use your best judgment. You can personally design and decorate cards by drawing, coloring, or painting. Using construction paper, cardboard, markers, crayons, colored pencils, ribbon, etc., are all great ways to help make your card as special as possible.

Holidays Can I use cards purchased from a store?Absolutely. Store-bought cards are great, but be sure to add some artistic flair and pizzazz by drawing on the inside of the card or including a few doodles. Use color to brighten up the presentation; be creative!

Holidays How much is postage for sending a card?If you live in the U.S. and are sending an average-sized card, it will probably cost one first-class stamp ($0.50). If you live in a country other than the U.S., the best thing to do is to check with your local postal agency for rates.

Holidays Can I send more than one card?Please do. You can even put more than one card in the same envelope or package to save on postage. However, quality is better than quantity. Sending one quality card that you put time and effort into is better than sending two cards that were thrown together.

Holidays Can I share my cards on DeviantArt?That's part of the fun! The cards we receive are often so impressive that we want to share them with the world. When you're finished with your creation, upload a photo or scan of the card and submit it to DeviantArt using the #HolidayCardProject2018 tag. Sharing your inspirational artworks with others online also helps spread the word about the Holiday Card Project, which then leads to more cards being created and shared!

Holidays Will patients know who made their cards?The only way a patient will know who made a card is if you sign your name, which you are welcome to do. While we previously allowed you to include your email address, hospitals are now requesting that email addresses are left out of cards due to security concerns.  If you wish to send a card anonymously, you may.

Holidays Can non-deviants participate in the Project?Definitely. The Holiday Card Project accepts cards from all participants who are willing to contribute to a good cause. The Project is a great way for schools, clubs, church groups, or family and friends to get together and work on a positive activity. No DeviantArt affiliation is necessary.

Holidays What do I get out of this?The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is to try and bring a little cheer to those undergoing a hospital stay. The patients and their families are deeply touched by the kindness and caring from those who take time to create and send cards..

Additionally, once the Holiday Card Project has been completed, all registered DeviantArt members will be given a free one-month Core Membership just for sending in a card. In order to be awarded a Core Membership, please include your username on a piece of paper separate from the card. Core Memberships will be distributed no later than January 31, 2019.

Holidays When is the deadline for the Holiday Card Project?All cards should be received by December 17, 2018.

Holidays Where do I send a card?Please use the following address:
DeviantArt, Inc.
Holiday Card Project
7095 Hollywood Blvd., #788
Hollywood, CA 90028

Please remember to include your DeviantArt username on a separate piece of paper when mailing in your card. To ensure that you successfully receive your free Core Membership, it is vitally important that your username be written legibly!

Stare Rules and TermsLimit one one-month Core Membership per participant. DeviantArt reserves the right to deem any card contributed to the Project as unacceptable and therefore ineligible for a Core Membership.

Megaphone Spread the WordShare your #HolidayCardProject2018 involvement across the Internet!  Write a Journal or Status Update, or post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram! We can't do this without you and getting the word out helps this great cause get boosted to more people — resulting in more holiday cheer! Thank you in advance.

Note Past Projects

Holiday Card Project by madizzlee
Holiday card project 1 by silverlakephotos

IMG 2131 copy by madizzlee

Untitled by madizzlee
Img 0361-2 by madizzlee
Untitled by madizzlee

Holidays Where do I direct questions and concerns?Please note that many common concerns have already been addressed in the above questions and answers. Take care when reading the Project's description because there's a good chance it already contains an answer to your question. For any remaining issues, please leave a comment in this journal.

Og-winners by symonxThe winners of @MagiciansSYFY Fan Art Contest have been chosen! See who the judges picked and browse the other entries. #TheMagicians #ItsAFanThing

The 25 Semi-Finalists revealed!

We're celebrating the first three seasons of The Magicians with a Fan Art Contest! You were challenged to create artwork based on the triumphs, failures, and emotions of the magical students of Brakebills University... and you delivered!

We loved looking through all the submissions and, while it was very difficult to narrow down, we finally came up with the 25 Semi-Finalists.

These 25 entries will now be viewed by a panel of judges, including The Magicians Executive Producers and Co-Creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara, who will pick the First, Second, and Third Place winners.

Stay tuned!

OTIS Livestream

Mon Nov 5, 2018, 3:32 PM
Og by symonxDeviantArt and @otiscollege want to help you #FindYour100 with two great panels at The 100% Festival! #100percentLA #otiscollege
PanelsNavigating Social Media as an Artist1:30 PM PSTBuilding to 1002:30 PM PST
joins forces with Otis College of Art and Design to inspire you to
"Find Your 100"

Otis College of Art and Design is marking its centennial with a year-long celebration and rallying cry for artists and designers everywhere to "Find Your 100." DeviantArt understands and supports the journey creatives take to achieve their "100%", which makes this a perfect partnership.

DeviantArt will be hosting two back-to-back panels on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at Otis College's 100% Festival in Los Angeles, a two-day event full of speakers, workshops, live art opportunities, and more. The panels feature prominent deviants and Otis College alumni discussing online presence management in "Navigating Social Media as an Artist" (1:30PM PDT) and their paths to success in "Building to 100" (2:30PM PDT).

Check Out Our Interviews

Meet the panelists below!

Want to attend in person?

We'll reserve a seat for the first 50 people who RSVP to the panels in the comments! 100% Festival is free and open to the public -- all workshops and panels are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Catch the panels live, back-to-back, starting at 1:30PM PDT on November 10, 2018!

Panel HostJustin Maller

Justin Maller is an Australian digital artist. Residing in Los Angeles, he has produced illustrations and strategy for brands all around the world over the last 15 years. Known for his work on the Facets and Depthcore Collective projects, Justin recently made the leap from long-time DeviantArt community member to Chief Creative Officer.

Navigating Social MediaDevin Elle Kurtz

Devin is a concept artist, illustrator, and painter from Santa Cruz, California, with over six years of experience. She attends an extensive number of conventions yearly, promoting her work and brand. She currently works full-time as a background painter for Rough Draft Studios and freelances nights and weekends.

Navigating Social MediaAtey Majeed Ghailan

Atey Ghailan has been a concept artist and an illustrator since 2012. He's worked on titles such as Injustice: Gods Among Us, Star Citizen, and League of Legends. He currently works as a senior illustrator at Riot Games and has for over four years. He spends his free time working on a personal project and will be launching a mobile game with characters from his own IP later this year.

Getting to 100Fatima Dominguez

Fatima is a mobile game artist who has worked on titles at Playstudios, Osmo, and Glu Mobile. She has showcased art and work processes for rendering software like Adobe Capture CC, and her personal illustrations have been featured by Juxtapoz. She is passionate about character design and strives to inject a strong narrative into every work.

firefly-pathGetting to 100JoEllen Elam

For more than ten years, JoEllen Elam has been bringing bridal dress fantasies to life. Combining fashion and fairy tales, the designer creates gowns that reflect her clients' dreams. JoEllen is also a pattern designer for Simplicity Patterns, sharing her designs for crafty people around the world. JoEllen's work has been featured on the cover of Faerie Magazine, Cosplay Culture Magazine, and on Syfy's My Big Fat Geek Wedding.

Navigating Social MediaDarel Carey

Otis College alum Darel Carey is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. He served in the US Air Force as a language analyst before separating in 2012 to pursue an art career (BFA '16). His current work includes abstract line drawings, paintings, and optical tape installations. Visual and spatial perception are his main focus, using lines to shape and bend the perceived dimensions of a surface or a space.

Getting to 100Melanie Abrantes

Otis College alum Melanie Abrantes (BFA Product Design ‘12) believes that, in order to create something beautiful, you have to get your hands dirty. She founded Melanie Abrantes Designs in 2013, a Bay Area-based producer of handcrafted, heirloom objects, after recognizing the growing American market for handmade goods. Working with various unique materials, Melanie strives to create high-quality products that are equally beautiful and functional.

Navigating Social MediaPaul Keng

Paul  Keng  is  an  assistant  professor  in  the  Fashion  Design  department  at  Otis  College  of  Art  and  Design,  where  he  teaches  Fashion  Illustration.  He  has  worked  as  a  professional  fashion  illustrator  many  companies  such  as  Skechers,  Kenny  McCoulough,  Cynthia  Vincent,  W  Hotels,  POESIA,  and  E  Entertainment  Television  among  many  others.  Keng  has  taught  workshops  domestically  and  abroad.

Getting to 100Billy Hicks

Otis College alum Billy Hicks (BFA Digital Media ’02) has worked in creative marketing for FOX Sports and as a staff writer and producer for Disney Channels. His work as a producer includes cable marketing campaigns for LEGO, Marvel, and Disney’s animated series Big Hero 6. In April of 2017, he received an Emmy Award for the three-minute interstitial Disney’s Timeless Heroes / Clinton 12.

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


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