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The Magicians Fan Art Contest

Thu Oct 4, 2018, 2:26 PM

Ogpreview2 by symonxSYFY wants you to create artwork that celebrates @MagiciansSYFY for your chance to win $4,000 and more! #TheMagicians #ItsAFanThing NoPurNec. 14+. See contest page for rules. No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law and 14+. For Rules, visit

Create artwork celebrating The Magicians in anticipation of the Season 4 premiere!

Have you ever wished magic were real?Graduate student Quentin Coldwater did, and his wish came true. But that's just the beginning of the story.


SYFY's The Magicians follows a group of young magicians, who perfected their craft at Brakebills University, as they discover the consequences and dangers of the mythical world they've become a part of.

The first three seasons have been a roller coaster of triumphs, failures, and emotions with more to come in Season 4. To honor the next chapter in this grand saga, SYFY invites you to create artwork that celebrates the story up to this point. Choose anything from beloved characters, key magical moments, and mystical objects or locations.

First, Second, and Third Place winners will be chosen by a panel of judges including The Magicians Executive Producers and Co-Creators, Sera Gamble and John McNamara.

How To Enter

Get inspired by watching the Season 1-3 recaps (or binging the episodes!).

Seasons 1-2Season 3

Choose the focus of your piece and download the asset pack for inspiration.

Asset Pack

Download the template for guidance and create your artwork.


*Remember: Your piece needs to be at least a 3000x4000 JPEG or PNG based on the template above. Do not include the logos/graphics in the template in your final piece.

Enter the contest here!

Rules & Submit

Example Artwork by Miss Tak


$4,000 USD1 Year Core Membership
$2,000 USD6 Month Core Membership
$1,000 USD6 Month Core Membership
2,000 DeviantArt Points3 Month Core Membership


The Magicians Fan Art Contest begins at 12:00:00 PM (PT - Los Angeles Time) on October 4, 2018 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (PT - Los Angeles Time) on November 1, 2018 (The "Promotion Period").

  • Entrant must be at least fourteen (14) years old as of October 4, 2018 to be eligible to enter the Contest.
  • Entrant must submit a completed entry of an original artwork that illustrates fan art based on the SYFY television series, The Magicians.
  • The Work must be at least approximately 3,000 pixels by 4,000 pixels in its shortest height and length based on the template.
  • ARV of all prizing is $7,990.00.


The 25 semi-finalists will be chosen by DeviantArt staff with an independent judge. The First, Second, and Third Place winners will be selected by a panel of judges including The Magicians Executive Producers and Co-Creators, Sera Gamble and John McNamara, with the same independent judge. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Depiction of The Magicians characters in the Work
  • Success in portraying the Contest Theme
  • Originality and Artistic Skill
  • Please read the Official Rules for more details about judging.

Celebrating Deviousness- October 2018

Mon Oct 1, 2018, 12:00 AM
CALYPSO by MichelleHoefenerIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

Introducing MichelleHoefener


My name is Michelle Hoefener and I'm an artist from the United States. Media I often work in is Photoshop, pencil, Copic marker and ink. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, and always knew it would be my career path. A lot of my earliest art was done in pencil, coloured pencil, ink and marker, and often featured horses, unicorns, fairies, dragons, centaurs, elves and original characters for personal comic and book projects. Some of my earliest inspirations came from movies, fantasy novels and comics. I soon began to work in Photoshop, and became inspired by anime, manga and game art, sharing my work online, and joined DeviantArt. I have also grown over the years through studying at the Illinois Institute of Art: Chicago, working at companies including Riot Games and Midway Games and freelancing. I continue to make original characters and fanart, experimenting in both Photoshop, pencil and Copic marker. My favourite subjects to work with are concept art and illustration of original fantasy characters and fanart. I enjoy working with painting techniques, character designs, colour, lighting, line art, and always love experimenting with style. I always love to use creativity in everything from character designs, web design, interior design and have enjoyed designing websites for my artwork and interests.

Some of my first known works shared on DeviantArt are my original character, Iris, and my first mermaid in my mermaid series, Calypso. I have enjoyed sharing my art techniques and commissioned work with the DeviantArt community over the years, and seeing my art inspire others is always exciting! I love to see when other people become inspired and create their own original characters. Working with people through commissions has grown a lot over the years, and getting the opportunity to work with so many people on their original projects is always exciting! It has been awesome to be able to work full time on personal art projects and commissions. I have been very inspired by sharing my work with the DeviantArt community and looking back on how much my art has grown and evolved, and also the work of so many people. I am always inspired by other artists' work from the DeviantArt community, whether it is photography, illustration, concept art, cosplay, jewelry, etc. I am always looking forward to new ways to be inspired, grow and experiment, and to support and inspire the DeviantArt community! 

steampunk harley Quinnby MichelleHoefener
nurse harley quinnby MichelleHoefener
Iridezria Concept Artby MichelleHoefener
ARcade Miss Fortune -  League of Legendsby MichelleHoefener
Wonder Woman - ImagineFXby MichelleHoefener
Jacqueline Heartreaverby MichelleHoefener
commission petr and shektarby MichelleHoefener
lightning farronby MichelleHoefener
The jade dragonessby MichelleHoefener

October 2018

Deviousness Award Winner

To say that MichelleHoefener’s gallery is inspiring, would be an understatement. Contained within is an explosion of colour and dynamic characters! Whether you were drawn into her work through her Mermaid series or her incredible work with companies like Riot Games, you never leave disappointed. A long-time member of DeviantArt, MichelleHoefener never seems to let her fame stop her from being personable and helpful. She has shared her concept work, step-by-step processes, and even offers up line work for others to practice their colouring techniques. It is this type of community spirit that delights us, and we're equally delighted to award her Deviousness for October 2018.

Showing some love

Community Quotes


MichelleHoefener's gallery full of wonderfulness. When you first view her gallery - you see a lot of amazingly juicy, colourful and professional works! Each of her work is unique in that they are performed with a high degree of professionalism and love and you feel this love. If you ask me: What exactly I like most in her works? Then definitely there will be a colorfulness and poses. What can I say, just look at them! They are very dynamic! You can always learn something, watching her creativity and it's very important! Her works always beautiful colours, great proportions and dynamic feed. Congratulation on this well-deserved award, Michelle!

I've been following Michelle for years, there is something engaging about her compositions, there is always a great balance of power, beauty, and feminity. With great contours that are always incredible to look at, there is always something to look at with each new piece. There is no color she is afraid to use, it feels like she is always pushing herself to new limits, rather than following some type of colour palette or specific rules. She's always trying to push herself with a new pose, a new idea or something else to keep you wanting more.

Michelle's gallery has been a long-time source of inspiration and delight, not just to myself, but to all who chance upon her bounteous collection of fantastic work. What a banquet of visual delight resides therein! From the use of rich and vivid color (such masterful juxtaposition of light and dark!) to energetic character poses and thoughtful, vigorously dynamic composition, each piece seems masterfully designed to draw the viewer in, engaging thoughts and feeding emotions as the viewer's eyes linger hungrily upon all the delicious details of each and every piece. Even Michelle's rough sketches are a bounty of inspiration and encouragement to her fellow artists. If you'd like to nourish your own creativity and stoke your artistic hunger, I strongly suggest long, leisurely mental walks through Michelle's brilliant gallery at frequent intervals. If you take the time to thoroughly digest each and every glorious submission, I'm sure you'll discover to your delight that, just like me, you'll be inspired

This is a different sort of view for me, as I typically do not really follow game art, character art, and trading card art. Michelle is simply such a brilliant artist, with obviously a solid grounding in the use of color, perspective, deliberate distortion and putting an emotional content into her works that it is easy for me to be enchanted, and often startled by her talent in her presentations. Many of her works are so full of power, personality and heart that it is easy to forget these are not real people but are characters on a stage. And that I think is the essence of her art, she brings the amazing into focus, and you find yourself developing emotional attachments to the characters

the koi empressby MichelleHoefener
the white pearl of the seaby MichelleHoefener
the sea dragonessby MichelleHoefener

MichelleHoefener's work is great: the sense of movement, composition, light, etc. Everything is so vivid and colorful, it makes you want to be there. In her hands, fantasy art is not a boring gray and dark place but a joyful and lively kingdom, an invitation to enjoy fantasy through colors. I remember back in 2007 or 2008, when I watched her Calypso and Alizarin illustration for the first time, I was really impressed by the quality and character design, I had both illustrations as wallpapers for a long time, because it was so inspiring. Now a decade later it is wonderful to see how her work has evolved in wonderful ways, but still, keeps that sense of awe and wonder. My congratulations to Michelle Hoefener for this deserved Deviousness Award.

Nothing brightens my day quite like finding one of Michelle's colorful works in my messages. From DJ Sonia to D.Va, Michelle brings pop culture's coolest heroes and heroines to life with her dynamic compositions. It's truly a privilege to be able to peruse her gallery, and the DeviantArt community is so enriched by the quality of her work and energy. I am thrilled to see Michelle featured, and look forward to many of my future favorite characters appearing in her portfolio! Congratulations!

MichelleHoefener is an excellently talented artist who has managed to bring out the personalities and elegance of the girls from various video games and comics in her unique style of artwork. Her usage of bright colours is fantastic and her gallery is definitely among one of my favourites due to its diverse range of interesting feminine individuals. I had even mistaken some of her artworks as official game designs when I first discovered her page, to my surprise. The lines, the natural postures, the wonderful colours as well as the stunning details always make me look forward to whatever new art pieces she has in store for the future! Congratulations on your deviousness, MichelleHoefener

Congratulations to MichelleHoefener!

View Profile

Hero-bg by dtab428SYFY teamed up with DeviantArt to take Comic-Con by storm! See how deviants applied their artistic vision to the SYFY logo, which was emblazoned across the swag bags of convention attendees.

DeviantArt artists transformed the SYFY logo, inspired by our favorite genres!

DeviantArt is renowned for having great artists and great fan art. SYFY and SYFY WIRE have been celebrating the passion of fans and their artistic endeavors with their "It's A Fan Thing" campaign.

SYFY partnered with DeviantArt through a series of special projects to shine a spotlight on the fan creator community. It's a perfect match!

The following artwork has been showcased at San Diego Comic-Con (on items like swag bags and water bottles) and will also be showcased as window wraps and convention signage at New York Comic Con. If you're there, take a selfie with the art and share it with us in the comments!

Science Fiction






I like a little dream-logic in my process...

While thinking about Speculative Evolution, I wondered what sort of visual might evoke a sense of wonder. I think remixing forms from nature can create really compelling designs that make us look again at the incredible creatures around us all the time.”


I loved that the topic and guidelines were so open, it allowed me to tackle the piece just like I would for any personal piece.

The process always begins with the story behind the art - in this case I imagined a world where cyborgs are everywhere and I wanted to illustrate a regular doctor visit. I love to mix mundane activities with unusual characters.”


I'm inspired by many artists and works of art, and I'm greatly influenced by Akira of Otomo Katsuhiro.”



I'm inspired by traditional artists a lot, especially James Gurney, whose works I've loved since I was a kid.

So, in my digital works. I’m also trying to achieve texture and a look that resembles traditional paintings.”

This was probably the biggest piece I've done so far...

Every element in the picture had to be drawn, converted into Smart Objects separately, then combined into the final composition... It was definitely a good challenge and learning opportunity and I thank both DA and SYFY for such an opportunity!”


The most important element was for the logo to be interwoven into the art while remaining a prominent focus.

Instead of trying to mash the art with typography, I turned it into a portal which helped not only draw attention to the logo, but fit the art thematically, giving the piece more sense of depth.”


I love how science fiction, while telling a tale from the future, always tells a lot more from its current time.

It's good to have a laugh at the failed predictions from 50 years ago, but at the same time acknowledge how on point some other predictions are.”



I think it's quite easy to fall into a trap of emulation, rather than creation.

So, I think the most underrated aspect of sci-fi/fantasy is the width and breadth of creative freedom available outside the standard design tropes...push beyond the ideas you’re familiar with, and create something new.”

I wanted to give the piece a vibe of wellness, as well as festivity and happiness with a magic twist.

I also wanted to put an aspect of religion and beliefs to make it look like a festival day in the name of some old goddess. I always focus first on sketch concept and proper composition before painting.”


As my theme was Voyage Extraordinaire, I was inspired by Jules Verne novels, so I thought it would be cool to create a piece on a research expedition of the lost city of Atlantis.”


I had a great time painting this piece...

I tried to go for a more painterly style in order to escape the current trend of using photos and textures. I also think this 'painterly roughness' goes well with the Future Noir theme, since it usually has a very dystopian and rough view of the future.”


SYFY requested that ToolKitten create a piece based on the sub-genre of Time Travel. Running water, a classic symbol of time itself, serves as the center of the past, present, and future simultaneously.

I spent an hour with my good friends dressing up in bathrobes and brandishing fire-pokers to get in the mindset and take some reference photos for this piece!

Never underestimate a good session of goofing around before getting to work.”


I'm self taught, so everything I know I learnt on the internet. Growing up, primarily Naruto and anime in general were huge inspirations for my style.

These days I'm also very influenced by the work of Alan Lee, Zeen Chin, and games like World of Warcraft and The Witcher.”


Every encounter and interaction shapes a bit of one's personality and, with that, the style of an artist.

Interaction teaches us what schools can’t: that every mind can be endlessly colourful and inspirational.”


The sense of community which unites creators and fans is one of the best aspects of genre art and fiction.

Social media provides a platform where ideas can be freely exchanged, so there's a constant dialogue which helps the aesthetics of the genre evolve and keeps the topics approached fresh and relevant.”


I started taking art seriously when I was in my late teens, and it was actually thanks to DeviantArt and the anthropomorphic art community here.

Anthro art was my first exposure to regular, approachable people being genuinely skilled artists, and it made me realize I could do it too!”


My mother says I’ve been drawing before I could even walk!

From self study to college fine arts, I’ve always been learning. I grew up drawing Disney, Warner Brothers, and even Garfield! Later I’d be inspired by Jhonen Vasquez, Indy comics, anime, Alphonse Mucha, Egon Schiele, and abstract paintings.”


I always liked that 'what if' aspect in fiction that allows us to explore questions of humanity and scrutinize aspects of our world, history, or different points of view without being overly burdened by real-life baggage.

You know, Star Trek TNG, or Martian Chronicles style.”



Genre art...has been sort of maligned as 'pulp' or novelty, but in recent years there's been a rise of viewing it as fine art.

You're seeing more of it in galleries and published in high-end anthologies, showing that people are taking it more seriously and not treating it as some throw away niche market.”

SYFY requested that Algido create a piece based on the sub-genre of Ghosts/Supernatural Horror. These three entities are as foreboding as they are intriguing as they wait for an unsuspecting traveler to arrive.

With fantasy as the topic of this project, I wanted to work with the image of classic RPG character tropes.

That meant fingerless gloves, shoulder armor, swords, and a lot of buckles. I thought of the logo as red gemstones that would be recognizable as treasure for the protagonists to reach out for.”



Since my theme was superheroes, I really wanted to make something unique and interesting to look at.

I figured since there was so much space, it would be a waste to just draw one or two characters -- might as well make it lively -- so I decided to create 12 characters based on the Chinese zodiac, each with their own animal persona. That idea gave me all the necessary tools to create the perfect superheroes.”

Answer in the comments below.

  • What has had the biggest impact on your art and/or style?
  • What inspires you to create fan art?
  • What is something you believe is underrated about genre art and fiction?

Dragon Quest XI Livestream

Fri Sep 7, 2018, 2:49 PM
ogpreview by dtab428Join RossDraws as he illustrates Dragon Quest XI art live in the theme chosen by the community!  Plus, watch stunning gameplay to level up your own quest!
  • Sponsored Content

Join RossDraws as he creates Dragon Quest XI art live in the theme chosen by the community! Plus, watch stunning gameplay to level up your own quest!

Enjoy exciting gameplay followed by fan art creation!

Meet the Artist


Ross is a character designer and illustrator. He worked on the film Earth to Echo and is currently finalizing his first book: NIMA.

Loot Drop

Are you the biggest Dragon Quest XI FAN of them all?

We have some Dragon Quest swag and we want to give it to you! Comment below to tell us why you’re the hero most deserving of this Elusive swag.  Experience Points will be awarded for creativity, knowledge and passion. Comment by September 14th at 11:59pm PDT to qualify!

ripleys og by symonxThe DeviantArt/RipleyS #UnconventionalArtContest has run its course—check out the keenly creative winners and peruse the rest of the entries!

Unbelievably Awesome Winners!

DeviantArt and Ripley's Believe It or Not! collaborated to challenge you to create awesome, unconventional works of art, breaking out of the artistic box like the pieces found in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odd Is Art book. We're so pleased with all the submissions we received!

It was hard to pick the Semi-Finalists and it was even harder to decide on the winner, but the panel of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Executives & Talent (Brian Relic, VP of Design & Development; Amanda Joiner, Senior Director of Publishing; John Graziano, Cartoonist; Bruce Miller, Lead Artist) has finally made their decision.

Check out the winning pieces below and explore all the other entries!

First Place

"The Wolves Come Out At Night"

queenofeagles will receive:

  • Winning Work displayed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium in Los Angeles
  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to Los Angeles to view the art in person
  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to be part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Art Department for a day in Orlando, FL.
  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book

Judge's comments:

The thought behind this piece is what makes it incredible. Having one wolf created by light and the other by darkness is an especially nice touch!

Second Place

"A Whole Other Cat"

jodee will receive:

  • An all-expenses paid trip for 2 (two) to be part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Art Department for a day in Orlando, FL.
  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book
  • Admission for two (2) to any Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium worldwide

Judge's comments:

Jodee's journal entry detailing each step is fascinating! Watching Senor Stevie Nicks come to life step-by-step really makes you appreciate the work put into this truly unconventional piece!

Third Place

"Toothpaste Moon"

rainbow-falls will receive:

  • Winning Work will be featured in an upcoming Ripley’s publication
  • A single copy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odd is Art book
  • Admission for two (2) to any Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium worldwide

Judge's comments:

The texture created by the unique medium and the artist's impasto technique is truly amazing. Without closer inspection, you'd think this moon landing was faked!

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


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