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Status Update

Wed Jul 19, 2006, 1:28 PM
Every so often I come back to deviantART to check out new wallpapers, visual styles, etc., or to see if I have any messages in my message center.  Recently I read a note that was sent to me by mattdanna saying that he "caught" me on deviantART (as he noticed that, at the time, I had visited less than 24 hours ago according to my user page).  In the note, mattdanna suggested that I write a journal entry and update the community on what I have been up to.  I thought about his suggestion figured what the heck, I'll take him up on it.

As you might be aware, I have been away from the deviantART community for over two years now at the time of this writing.  I just graduated from college this past June and currently I am in graduate school, studying for my M.Ed. in early childhood education.  The program I'm in is a year-long program and it's packed with a ton of studying and homework.  It will all be worth it in the end though because come May, 2007 I will have not only have my master's degree, but a teaching license as well.

I'd like to add a little something about my emoticons.  Many of you probably know that while I was creating emoticons I was pretty big into the anti-ripping scene.  Without going into great detail, I basically held the stance that emoticons are art just like other medium here in the community, and I didn't really want websites other than deviantART using my emoticons without my permission.  If you're curious as to why, you can read about that here.

Every so often I still receive notes from people asking permission to use my emoticons.  I have not responded to those notes for two reasons.  The first reason is that I had a website button at the top of my user page for a while that, if clicked, contained the answer to those requests.  If people couldn't take the time to click that and read what it linked them to, then that's not my fault.  

The second reason I think can pretty much be summed up by a statement that dygel put in one of his journal entries (slightly edited by me):

"The desire I once had to be noticed in any emoticoning capacity has greatly diminished."

I hope nobody takes that statement the wrong way, but it can also relate to my status in the deviantART community.  I left the emoticoning scene a while ago and when I did that, I meant it.  I certainly had a fun time as an active member here, but I had done everything that I wanted to do.  I made countless emoticons (many of which became official to deviantART...a joy in its own right), expanded my artistic horizons, became an active/giving part in/to the community, attained senior status, and as bonuses, got the Deviousness Award and even held the position of Icons Gallery Director for a period of time.  As I mentioned in my Goodbye Journal Entry though, I had just exhausted myself and needed to step away.

So going back to the emoticons and other websites using them.  After much consideration I have decided on the following:  

I am opening up my emoticon gallery to anyone who wishes to use its contents for their website, message board, etc.  You do NOT have to ask me for permission to use them.  Enjoy.

By holding on to my emoticons for so long and keeping them private to me and to deviantART, I feel like I have been keeping myself somewhat active here.  I mean no disrespect to this community as a whole or its individuals whatsoever, but as I already mentioned by referencing dygel, my desire to be noticed has significantly decreased.  My views on emoticon ripping still stand, however.  I do not look at the act of opening up my emoticons to any website as a "defeat" or "surrender" by any means, but rather as a "goodbye gift" of sorts.  A lot of people have asked me to use them and they all have gotten the same answer.  Now that has changed, so enjoy.  All I ask is that they are not used for any sort of financial profit, or used in any recreations.  By the latter I basically mean do not use or edit my emoticons to make "new" ones.

Thank you to all who have left me messages since I left the community.  I really appreciate the comments, and I apologize for not responding.  I hope you will consider this journal entry as somewhat of a response to all of you.  Take care everyone, and goodbye (again), deviantART.


For any SysStats users out there, I have released a weather widget called Lucid Weather 1.0. It can be found here and here for those who are interested.

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`hprince329 is a true diamond in the rough. Scott has been a real one-man army for the iconist community here at deviantART. He's contributed more emoticons to DA's collection than any deviant since `monaux, and if that weren't enough, he's asserted himself as a real community leader by working with DA administration to get deivantART emoticon creators their due credit. He's been an immensely helpful deviant throughout his time here and is truly worthy of wearing the badge of Deviousness.
-awarded January 2004


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