Know when to Replace Your HP Power Supplies

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If no error messages, no light indications, no sound and movements are observed from your HP printer when you turn on the power button, it does not always mean that your HP printer is wrecked or damaged. Before calling any technician, you should check your HP power supply to save your time, money as well as efforts. The power supply is an essential component which distributes an adequate amount of power in different parts of HP Printer to function efficiently. Sometimes, owing to the inadequate power supply or temperature distortion, HP printers start creating problems. Keep in mind, not all HP printers utilize the same power supplies. Depending on your HP printer model, your HP power supply might include a power module just inside the printer or a power module that is located outside the HP printer. You must have a good knowledge of HP power supplies if you are going to handle the problem by yourself.

No matter, whether your HP Printer uses internal power supplies or external power supplies, you must check out if the power cord, power module and wall outlet are working appropriately to ensure the smooth functionality and efficiency of your printer. Continue reading to know how you can fix this problem by yourself without calling an expert professional?

Is your printer connected to the wall outlet through a surge protector, power strip or extensible cable? If yes, you should unplug the power cord from the secondary power source and then plug it directly into the wall outlet to make sure that the power source is functioning properly. If the problem still persists, you should test the outlet. For this, you should unplug your printer from the wall outlet and plug another appliance. Once you are done, turn on the wall outlet to know whether the wall outlet is faulty or not. If the outlet works properly then you have to follow these steps depending on what types of printers you have.

If your printer supports external power module you must check whether the power module is compatible with your printer or not. For this, you should check the voltage and amperage specifications printed on the power model and compare it with the voltage and amperage specification of the printer. If both are same, you should check the connector on the external module's cord to ensure that the color and shape is same as the connector on the HP printer. If the HP power supply is not compatible with the HP printer, you should replace it with a power supply which is compatible with your HP printer.

If the power supply is compatible with your HP printer, but still your printer is creating problems, you should reset the power supply and carefully check the power button of your printer. Have you already tried all these tricks but found no results? Well, then you should replace the power module with a new one to bring your printer back to action.

Hope, this blog helps you in resolving your problem easily and quickly. You should approach a reliable printer parts supplier to buy the best HP power supplies at the most reasonable prices.
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