How to Reset Brother DR420 Drum Counter?

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Laser printers comprise several parts like feeder, fuser, drum unit, toner cartridges and so on. Among all, drum unit is one of the most unfamiliar parts. Earlier, some printer toner cartridges have built-in drum unit. But, today almost all types of laser printers comprise separate drum unit. This is mainly because the toner cartridges have a smaller life than the drum unit. A single drum unit typically last 3-4 toner cartridges. But after the consumable service life, the drum unit of any laser printer requires replacement to maintain the efficiency and performance of the printer. One of the drum units which is widely used in laser printer these days are Brother drum unit DR420. The role of the Brother drum unit is to provide an electrical static charge to the paper allowing the toner to stick properly onto the paper. If the drum unit gets wrecked or damaged, you need to replace it with a new one to ensure the longevity and performance of the laser printer.

If your printer still telling to replace the Brother drum unit with new one although you had already replaced it with a new one, don’t worry. This is a very common problem which most of the printer owners face while installing a new drum unit in Brother Printer. This happens because there is no any electronic chip integrated into the Brother drum unit DR420, so sometimes it becomes tough for the printer to identify whether you replace the old or damaged drum unit or not. You can simply get rid of this problem by simply resetting the drum counter for the Brother drum unit DR420.

  • Once you replace the existing drum unit with new drum wait for it to replace the drum error.
  • Now open the front cover of the printer as like you do for changing the toner cartridge.
  • Try to find out the press or clear or just find the clear option.
  • Press the 1 button and turn the printer off for few seconds.
  • After few seconds restart your printer.

By following these simple tips you can easily bring back your printer on the track. Hope these tricks and tweaks will help you in resolving the Brother drum unit error. If you are also planning to replace your Brother drum unit DR420, you must approach reliable and renowned printer parts suppliers in order to fetch the best available deal. Fortunately, there are several big companies and brands available today from where you can buy superior quality drum units at the most reasonable prices. By doing a simple online research you will surely find an online supplier that offer great deals on Brother drum units within your budget.
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