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Well..  its 2012 now.
I'm working on expanding serviana icon's.
But this time i need your contribution.
it's quiet simple, just tell me what icons i should made.
for all of you who want your application icons are included
please write the name of your application below,
but icon request will limit only 5 pieces / Request.
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anybody! please help me!
i don't know what happen! but my desktop turn to something like this!
The button going bigger than normal!
and it can't resize!
Please check this…
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Hi everybody,...
Add me on G+, at…
Best Regards!! :la:
I get my 7 back after:threaten: warranty battle with "POWERComputer":turbopoke:!!
at the first time they :lonely: didn't want to fulfill:slap: my claim,..
but finally,..
yesterday they just give me a call for that problems..
of course it make me feel so :woohoo: happy!
coz i can use my savings for another purpose!
Thanks "POWERComputer" for your best services...:)
promise to buying your product always!!:hug:
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Do not be a friend that runs like a scissors,
even walking straight but separating what has been fused.
But become best friends like needles, though piercing and painful,
but brings together what had been separate.
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